Success Rebellion’s 100th Post: Thank You!


What's Rebels?

​Ray Kingsman back kicking ass and taking names. The usual. You know how we roll. 

This post will be pretty short. 

Today, is a day to celebrate! This marks Success Rebellion's 100th post!

Im honestly shocked we have made it this far. Seriously?

It has been a long journey! And a fun one! 

Like every journey, it has it's ups and downs. 

Life comes at us hard at times.

It can suck or it can be fabulous.

It just depends on the day and we feel. 

That is what makes life so fucking awesome and worth living. 

It is so unpredictable. Mine definitely has been in the last year. 

I have had my share of rough patches and gloomy days.

However, I always felt that this place has always been the one place where I could be 100% honest with myself and you guys.

This website is a 100% personification of who I am. 

Whether people like it or not? That is in the eyes of the beholder. 

Frankly, it is something that I do not worry about too much. 

You either like it or do not. 

The ones who do will stay and the ones who don't will leave!

It is that simple. 

But for those of you who decided to stay, I want to say one thing!

​Thank You So Much!

​I mean that from the bottom of my heart. 

You guys are as big apart of this community as I am. 

Everything from your engagement, positive vibes, helpful comments, and willingness to take my advice.

I appreciate all of you.

Please keep making this community great by working on yourselves and sharing your results with us!

How We Got Here!

I started Success Rebellion just over year ago!

I wanted to document my journey with weight loss, penis enhancement, and building online business. 

Most importantly, I wanted to use it as an outlet for my thoughts and feelings.

It was more for me than anyone else. This community really helped clear my head in dark times.

I just started writing one day while I was watching basketball. Just writing down my thoughts. 

I always had the idea that "no one will read this so I will say whatever I want."

I think that is one of the reasons why people love this community so much.

Mainly because I do not hold back. 

I also do not offer mainstream bullshit propaganda that has been poisoning young men (and the greater society) like us for years. 

With this "I don't give a fuck" attitude, I shared a lot of my personal experiences. 

I was also able to share all the experience I had gained through using SARMs, designer steroids, PE products, etc.

Then Success Rebellion slowly took on a life of its own. In that sense, this has really worked for everyone.   

Where We Are Going

For the foreseeable future, we are going to provided more information on PEDs and penis enhancement.

This is because I know that is information more guys want to see and read.

I have plenty of experience in these two areas and do not mind sharing more information with you guys about this stuff.  

I plan on making more posts about T3, MK 677, Cardarine, SR 9009, S 23, more Bathmate techniques and routines, personal logs, etc.

I am also working building an online business. I am about to launch an a store Amazon through their FBA program. 

I plan on sharing the whole process with your guys and providing a log of my results. 

I am not sure whether I want to put that on here or on Lifestyle. I am not sure which website is the better fit. 

I also want to build out the "Rebel Posts" section. I love talking about my views of the world to you guys. 

Mainly of you understand where I am coming from.

More importantly, many of us are learning how to fight back against mediocrity.  

More importantly, you need to know how the world works so you can not only be aware but learn how to use it your advantage. 

We all need a reminder of what we are up against sometimes.

We also a reminder that not taking the mainstream way (and going your own path) is always the best course of action. 

Shit your eyes to the propaganda. Ignore naysayers and keep it moving. 

You have not time to waste. 

Time is our scarcest resource. Use it wisely. 

That is all the updates for now. Any other updates on what is ahead, I will update you on as they come up. 

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Rebel Posts

Male Enhancement​


Once again, thank you all so much for making this community so unique and so great.

We have all come a long way over such a short period of time.

Let's hope the progress can continue and we all keep growing. 

If there is anything you want me to cover more on this website, then let me know in the comments below. 

I read all you comments and do my best to respond to them in a timely manner. 

Talk to you guys soon. 

Ray Kingsman