17 Classic Must See Hardcore Self Improvement Vlog And Blog Posts


How you are rebels doing? I wanted to share with you some of the best blog posts and videos I have read over the past couple years. 

I might do this as like a monthly post, where I share posts and videos that I have enjoyed that I believe you guys will too. 

The topics this post will cover are women, online business, fitness, fashion & style, reality and the world, depression & anxiety, productivity & mood. 

Eventually, I plan on building these section of Success Rebellion. I have not covered much of the topics listed above.

But I do plan to in the future. However, that will take some time. Stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, these posts will help you guys out a lot and share with you some other solid experts in different fields. 

Their knowledge is golden. Without further or do, here we go. 


These are two great videos from my boy Will Freeman from Revolutionary Lifestyle Design. They break down what to avoid when screening girls for a monogamous relationship and just keeping crazy girls out of your life.

I, personally, am not a fan of the exclusive relationships with women. I recommend you guys never tie yourself down to one women at a time

I know Will lives a similar lifestyle to that as well. However, I know a bunch of you guys do imagine yourselves with only one girl at some point in your life. 

I know you do not want fuck random girls and juggle multiple women forever. These videos are for those guys. 

They are a little long (and 1+ hour each). However, every minute provides valuable information on what to look for in women that you do not want in your life. 

I knew a lot of these things already from my own experience with women and people, as well as just my common sense. Similar to many of you guys.

These videos are a great reminder on what to look for in toxic people and how to keep them out of your life. 

My suggestion is not let these videos jade you. There are great women out there who want a great guy like you. You can find them if you look hard enough and approach a lot of women.

You just have to be careful though. Screen every girl (and male friend) that comes into your life before investing your emotions, trust, and time into her. It will pay dividends for your happiness. 


How To Dropship Using Ali Express From Brian @ Loser 2 Winner

The link above introduces Brian from Loser 2 Winner. He lives out in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Where I hope to be in 1-2 years.

He has been blogging for awhile now. He is not one of those guys trying to sell you overpriced "make money online" courses.

He just wants to give genuine advice on what has worked for him throughout his business journey. 

In fact, he makes he living through eCommerce. In particular, dropping to China. He had gotten into dropping back in 2015 and experienced moderate success. 

However, he sales from his first dropshipping store slowed and wanted to try a new business model that could be more profitable.

He had one of his friends teach him a new business model of dropshipping. After a couple weeks of testing and fucking up, he finally found an method that works for him.

He explains what he did in the post linked above. I think you guys who are into online business might find it very interesting.  

This is from my boy, Nick Nerov. His story is pretty interesting. He went from being broke and in debt to starting his service based business to starting own eCommerce store on Amazon. 

Nick is a cool guy. I recommend you watch every video on his channel if you are thinking of getting into Amazon FBA.

He breaks down how the whole game (and eCommerce in general) works. Plus, gives you tips on how to maximize your success and save money on costs as a beginner. 

I am thinking of getting into Amazon FBA in 2018 after saving up some money so this channel has been very helpful to me in seeing how the whole process works. 

You guys will find his videos very informative and helpful. Also, it gives you another route to figuring out how to make money online.


These are two great videos I watched the other day. I am preparing to go about a cut so I wanted to know what compounds can help maximize my results. 

I have experience with T3 but not DNP. Derek (from More Plates More Dates) breaks down the differences between the two products. 

Also, which cutting scenario each product is good for. That information is very helpful. Iam trying to get into the single digit bodyfat range on this cut.

However, I have been running into some snags that have delayed things. I wil expand on that in the future. I am fine health so do not worry about that.

Check out the videos above if you are looking for compounds to help you shave off more fat. 

Fashion & Style

The first is a great video by Sexy Style For Joe. It explains how to put together a good looking wardrobe for yourself on a budget. 

How to customize it on what works well for your body type personality and style. 

In the second video, Will Freeman breaks down how to build an entire wardrobe (business professional/casual, outdoor clothing, winter clothing, belts, socks, shoes, ties, t-shirts, etc.) for under $2000 total!

Awesome advice. I have taken his advice before and I added to my wardrobe for hella cheap.

I wish this was out there when I graduated from college. I would not have wasted so much money on clothes I do not need.  

You guys will find this advice very helpful. It worked for me it will probably work for you too. 

Reality And The World

The pimp game baby! No...this is not about to seduce girls.

Well, not completely anyway.

Will Freeman is back to talk about what we can all learn from the pimp game. This is probably some of Will's best work and his thoughts here are pretty mind blowing (to say the least.)

The pimp game and history are fascinating concepts that Will Freeman breaks down to the core in these videos. 

Everything from how the pimp game came to be, the mentalities of everyone involved in the game (the pimp, hoes, and the tricks), how this exemplifies sexual relationships between males and females, and how the pimp game exemplifies the world as a whole. 

What you will come to realize is everything is the pimp game!

Most of us are the hoes and tricks. Who gave all the money we earn to the pimps (politicians, corporations, public figures, etc). 

Fucking wild! Right? It is the sad truth about our world.

The ones who fall into the Blue Pill Lifestyle are getting pimped on the hardest too.

With all their debt, monogamous relationships, kids, middle class culture, etc. 

It is maddening. 

However, there is a way beyond it. 

We need to figure out how to become the pimps. Fuck politics, start businesses, make more money, take your health seriously, get out of the west, etc. That is the way to the top. Seriously.

The government (which controlled by the elite) is your enemy and they are the main pimps in society dictating how most people live their lives. 

This may sound weird to you now but watch the videos above and you will understand what I am talking about.

Although it is gritty and nasty example, pimping is a revelating analogy for real life.  One that makes you ask yourself where you fall in the pimp game and society. 

Depression & Anxiety

I really like these videos and posts above because it shows you how anxiety can make your stronger and healthier person. 

To the right person, insecurity and depression could be the best thing that ever happen to them. Because they will work to overcome that insecurity or fear. 

Hence, making them a better version of themselves. Chris and Alex talk in depth about this in the video and post above.

This one I can really relate too because I am exactly like this. All of my insecurities have made me a better person. 

From penis growth, to getting ripped, to school, to work. Insecurities really can help you if you let them. 

The Positive Effects Of Benzodiazepines From Alex @ Fix My Broken Mind

This is another one from Alex. I did not know much about Benzodiazepines.

I am sure a lot you do not either. They can be very helpful for managing anxiety. They can also make you a bit more productive too. 

Productivity & Mood

These are two manosphere heavyweights. Victor from Bold & Determined and Chris from Get A Life At Good Looking Loser

Chris and Victor hit you with their personal philosophies that have made them more productive and successful over the years. 

It all comes down to putting consistent work into whatever your #1 priority at the time is. 

Moderation and multi tasking are myths. Focus on one thing at a time. Fuck up as quickly as possible and then crush your goal. 


These videos and posts will be pretty helpful to you guys. These are experts I pay attention to and that have real experience in their fields. 

I hope this post can provide many of you with worthwhile resources to dig into while Success Rebellion continues to grow. 

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Thanks for reading guys. Cheers to your personal growth.

Ray Kingsman