Success Rebellion 2017 Q1 Update


What's up guys? 

Rebel Ray is back up in this bitch. I wanted to give you guys a little of update on where we are with Success Rebellion and where it is headed.

I think this will give you some perspective on this community and what I aspire for it to become. It might be cool for you guys to understand where we I am coming from these days with ym content.

This post is probably going to be on the shorter side. So I will not take up too much of your time. 

Where We Are Now

So in January, I laid out a couple goals for this community. I talk about them here and here

Since the new year, we have been pretty busy. Almost 40 posts have added to this website. We now have guides on the following:

Male Edging
Phallosan Forte
Kegel Exercises

So there has been quite a bit added to the website. I try to make these articles accessible through homepage. I never want any specific article to any more than 2-3 clicks away. 

However, that will get harder and harder as this website continues to grow in the number of posted added. 

As you can see though, this community is making progress and amount of content that it contains continues to grow. 

I write every piece of content with the goal for it to be the helpful guide on the subject. 

I only publish the highest quality content on Success Rebellion. I write every post with my reputation on the line. 

If I put out something shitty, it hurts me as much as it hurts you guys. So I will not let that happen. 

If you do feel any piece of content is lacking on this website, please let me know in the comments. 

I will work tirelessly to improve. This stuff really matters to me and I want this community to help you guys. 

The only way it can do that is it has some of the best information on the web that is of value to you guys. 

What do you guys think of the content so far on this website? Please leave comments below. 

Subjects Of The Content

So far we have continued our discussions on male enhancement and anabolic compounds.

I know these are the most in demand topics in this community which is why I talk about them so much right now. 

I have a couple years of experience and knowledge here that I want to share with you guys. 

My goal is to really expand these sections and provide every piece of information possible when it comes to this stuff. 

Although you already have more than enough information here to get started with Penis enhancement, SARM research, or designer steroid use; I want to provide you with more details and specific information that could be of use to you.

This could come in the form of product comparisons, common Q&A guides, and much more. So there is way more to come in these subject areas so stay tuned. 

Growing Parts Of Our Community

Nootropics - This portion of the website is currently in development. I plan on having guides to Kratom, Phenibut, Modifilin, Noopept, PhenylPiracetam, and more. Those are just to name a couple. 

I currently and have used many nootropics in the past to help me get through long work days in the corporate and still come back home to work on this blog. 

I have plenty to talk about here. Most importantly, how you guys can use these compounds safely and maximize their benefits. 

Rebel Posts - These are posts on my perspective and thoughts on some taboo and manosphere topics. I know you guys love my Rebel Posts. 

I want to write more of these and will in the future. I really enjoy writing these posts because they help people as much as my fitness and male enhancement guides.

The end goal is for me to only be writing rebel posts at one point in the near future. These posts are way more personal than others and I think they a great way for you guys to get to know me better. 

Spring 2017 Cutting Log - I am going to start my next cut mid April. I will do another cutting and most likely go on cycle again to get it done. I will do a week by week update on what I am doing and snags I run into along the way. Plus pictures of my physique. 

Other Things We Got Coming

The Youtube Channel - This is still several months away. I know I promised it would be up in the middle of January. But that was unrealistic looking back on it. 

Between working a full time job, working on this blog my male enhancement routine, hitting the gym and cutting fat, and trying to maintain a decent social life (not really working out too well); there are just not enough hours in the day to also film videos right now. 

You guys have to realize that I work on this in my part time. I can only dedicate a few hour per day to building this community. That sucks but that is the reality of my situation right now.

However, I think I will be able to get to it within 3-4 months. No promises but that time frame looks more realistic. I think the community will have picked up even more steam by then.  

LifeStyle - This is also another project I have on the backburner right now. It will not really pick up steam for another couple months. There is some great content on there already. 

I do not post on Success Rebel Lifestyle nearly as much as I post on this one. It is not the main priority right now. I will probably be only posting there 2-3 times a month for right now. 

Like I said, there are only so many hours in the day. I have to focus on the stuff that is most important to make the most out of my time. I hope you guys understand. 

I have some great ideas for Lifestyle though. I want to talk in depth on goal setting, depression, anxiety, business, the corporate world, relationships, etc. 

I enjoy discussing that stuff, even though it is a little more mainstream. If you have any ideas for Lifestyle or if  you would just like me to build up Lifestyle more then please leave comments below telling me what you think. 

Stuff You Should Be Aware Of

Content Output Is Going To Slow Down A Bit - As mentioned earlier, I have posted a lot over the past months. I have been able to maintain pretty good quality. 

However, I do not think that is sustainable for the long term future. Therefore, I will gradually start to focus more on the quality of content I am putting out over the next couple months. 

This means I will take more time to think about, write, analyze, and edit my posts. That means instead of posting 3-5 times a week like I do now. I will only post twice a week in the next coming months. 


Overall, Success Rebellion Quarter 1 of 2017 has been a success. You guys seem to love the content and the community continues to grow. 

This makes me very happy and I can tell you guys are getting something out of the content being published. 

Success Rebellion is about becoming the strongest and happiest version of yourself so you can live most enriched life possible. 

I know growing your penis and using performance enhancing compounds for your fitness, mood, and productivity do not sound like things that enrich your life but for me they very much that.

Adding inches to my dick and male edging really help me beat my penis size and sexual performance anxiety.  I could have fantastic sex without losing my boner due to anxiety. I would not feel ashamed to pull my pants before getting head. That was huge for me. 

Male enhancement allowed me to push the anxiety and become more comfortable with myself. as a result, I became a better and more comfortable man.

The same is pretty much true for my SARM research and designer steroid use. Not only did keep me inspired to keep going to the gym but I saw major improvements in my physique. I was able to beat some growing body dysmorphia and be comfortable naked. 

Nootropics help me grind out more work and stay disciplined. Which is always good for building an iron will. They also help me feel better and maintain a good mood. 

Either way, this community and you guys mean a lot to me. I hope this community means something to you too.

Please stick around because we got some exciting things coming up. I think you will like where this community is headed. 

Please leave comments below.

Until next time. 

Ray Kingsman