21 Ways To Avoid The Blue Pill Life Trap: Part 1


So I had plenty of questions about my most recent post on Lifestyle. It talked about the typical life of a male who embarks upon the Blue Pill Lifestyle.

I highly suggest you read that article. You can read it here

We will define the Blue Pill Lifestyle as the bullshit american dream that is sold to us when we were kids.

Corporate job, master's degree, hot house wife, 2-3 kids, expensive house and car, upscale neighborhood, etc. 

We all know that life is terrible. Not only that; it will leave us unfulfilled, broke, emotionally distraught, with the wrong life partner, stressed out of our minds, subject to the mistreatment from corporations and government, and in poor health. 

We went in depth and talked about the bleeding debt and crippling stress a middle class man needs to go through live that lifestyle. 

I know you guys want more out of lives. I am right there with you. 

I have a corporate job. I see the horrible things the blue pill does to people. 

I cannot believe people put up with that shit. They just sit there and take what life hands them and do not question. 

Or they convince themselves that the blue pill is the only way to live otherwise they will be shamed by their friends and family. 

I have plotting and working my way out now for several months. This process might take years but I will not stop until I am out of the corporate world. 

I need to escape the danger of succumbing the blue pill lifestyle trap forever.

I will even think about slowing down until I am living my own reality. Even then I will work hard to keep it that way. 

But there are a couple I have done and will do in the future to make that path easier. I wanted to share those things with you guys. I will explain more below. 

21 Things You Need To Do: The First 7 LifeStyle Suggestions

This is a list of things that I am doing and going to do in the future to avoid the blue pill lifestyle trap.

I would these as lifestyle principles to help achieve and maintain the most freedom with your lives. 

More importantly, just help you to stay clear of all traps society has laid out to weaken and enslave the young and ambitious male. 

For simplicity, this discussion will be broken up into 3 parts. Each part will focus on a different aspect of life. 

This one we will focus on the most important one, in my opinion. That is money, financial, and spending. 

Here we go. Let us kick off the list. Here the first 7 lifestyle principles. 

  1. Start A Or Multiple Businesses:
  2. This is the #1 thing that will help get control over your time and money. Plus, it allows you to leave the corporate world. 

    Building and owning a business gives you control of how much money you make and always gives you the opportunity to earn more. 

    There are a million and one ways to build a successful business. You can read about that anywhere.

    I do not have the experience yet to tell you how to do that. As I am building that right now. 

    However, I can give you two recommendations. The first is if you have no or very little money (which many guys in there 20s do not) the start a business where you sell an expensive service. 

    Personal trading, financial planning, insurance, home cleaning, lead generation, copywriting, building websites, etc. 

    Those all cost in few hundred bucks to get certified in the area or buy some supplies and then some sales skills to find some clients. 

    It is not easy but is the least path to resistance for guys in their early to mid twenties with little experience and money. 

    These businesses are very lucrative once you have a full business day worth of clients. 

    Once you have more clients than you can handle; you partner with somebody, hire an employee, or sell the business. 

    You have limitless options. The only thing that sucks is that you are tied to one location.

    However, you are making money and not at fucking corporate job. You are in control and that is the most important. 

    My man Will Freeman from RLD talks about it a lot on his website and he has some good advice. Check him out. 

    I had my own side hustle building websites for a client back in 2013-2015.

    It usually netted me between $500-$1500/month of straight profit. It was great. That maybe 20-25 hours work a month.

    I wish I blew it up before the opportunities faded. But I will talk my experience in depth another time. Just know a selling an expensive service to clients is a very lucrative business model. 

    For guys that do have money, I would recommend getting into eCommerce. This means selling digital and physical products online through an online store. 

    There are a ton of ways to do this. One popular way is ordering products from China and selling them on Amazon. 

    Nick Nerov makes 6 figures doing this. I do not think the market is as saturated as people think and opportunities there will only keep growing. 

    You could also do drop shipping. Brian from L2W makes great money doing this as well. 

    However, these areas all costs a couple thousand dollars to get started. Plus you might not get it right your first one or two times out. 

    I would recommend already having some cash coming in before trying this and building it as a side business. 

    Ecommerce is great because these are location independent business and you can scale up to figures easily. 

    I am not sure about recommending building a blog. I have been building this one for 6 months and only made a tiny bit of money. Nothing I could live off. Nowhere close. 

    But I might get there within the next few months. Who knows?

    Either way, the methods I mentioned above will make you money way quicker and help you get control back over your life. 

  3. Save At Least 50% Of Your Disposable Income:
  4. You really should aim to save closer to 70% of your disposable income. 

    I know it sounds like a lot but next to building a business, saving money is the best way to build wealth. 

    Most people will save no money and live check to check for the rest of their lives. 

    Because of this, they will be forced to work a shitty job for the rest of their lives. 

    They will make their kids suffer through that struggle too. It is a trap. Consumer goods and that bullshit is all a sham to keep yo broke and buying their meaning bullshit. 

    We will talk more about this below. But you should be putting away a large portion of what you are bringing in so you can start building your financial path forward and out of the corporate world once for all. 

    Next we talk about more lifestyle principles to help you do that. 

  5. Minimize Expenses:
  6. This one of the easier things to do if you take it seriously. However, many of us are tied to consumption because society and corporations shove it down our throat. 

    However, frugality will be one of your strongest tools in waging war against the blue pill lifestyle. 

    You need to become frugal as fuck. Cut down on all your expenses. 

    Move to a cheaper place. Trade in your car for a cheaper one. Take public transportation. Stop eating out every meal. No more lavish vacation every 2-3 months. You get the idea. 

    This will allow you to live off a very little amount of money. Meaning that you save can a lot more money. Build that savings account baby. 

    Stack cash and plot your escape. This is a great for you guys who do not know what type of business you want to get into yet. 

    Also for you guys who are still stuck in the corporate world. Stack that money man. Seriously. 

    A lot of you guys do not know how nice of a lifestyle you can live on such little money. 

    You can still live a great lifestyle on $1500 per month. It seems like a little amount money but it is all you need in most places in United States. 

    If I can find a way to live on that much in Washington DC (Top 5 most expensive cities in the country) and be perfectly comfortable than so can you wherever you are. 

    But living frugally can set you up to thrive wherever you are.

    Plus it is the easiest and quickest way to get more money in your bank account. 

  7. Cut Ties To All Material Goods:
  8. This goes hand and hand with the previous rule. Material goods are almost always useless. 

    Watches, expensive clothes and furniture, the newest phone or tablet, cable TV, etc. 

    All that shit is useless. It is for short term gratification (you will grow board of the good in a matter go months) and makes you poorer. No good. 

    You do need new computer if your current one works perfectly fine. I am writing this post on my 2009 macbook right now. 

    It is in great shape and will be for years to come. I did have to get the SSD, battery, and RAM replaced a year ago but that was only $300 (including installation). 

    And now my computer works its brand new. A new macbook would have cost me $2500.

    A new (top of the line) computer would cost at minimum $700.

    Fuck all that. I do not need one of those. Not when my current one works perfectly fine.

    These are the things that need to start going threw your head. 

    Slowly start to get rid of your useless material goods and start stacking cash. 

    Once you see your bank account growing at a faster rate, your emotional attachment to material goods and the status associated with them will fade.

    Along with you caring what anyone thinks about your spending habits.

    You will begin to look at expensive goods and think of them poison to bank account and dreams of financial freedom. 

    Plus you start to look at others who buy shit like that and think of them as fools confined to the wage slave ship. 

    Either way, our goal is to keep our bank account and build the path toward financial freedom. 

  9. Stay Out Of Debt:
  10. Oh man. This is ca be tough to do in today's day and age with all the bullshit dreams society shoves down your throat. 

    But it is possible if you make right decisions. 

    Student Loans: You could just not go to college. I would not knock you if you did not. 

    However, I did because I got a significant academic scholarship. My parents were able to cover the rest of the costs. 

    I also did reap the benefits after I graduated. I got a good paying job. 

    However, college teaches you nothing about how to thrive in the real. You guys know this. 

    Hence, you will need to get really good internships during college, with a quantitive major (economic, math, engineering, etc.) and shitty one (like liberal arts or political science).

    With good grades too. Like a 3.5 GPA or higher.

    Do this and move to big city that has a lot of job opportunities.

    Chicago, DC, NYC, Boston, San Francisco, Dallas, Philly, etc.

    This is what I did and it worked out for me. But I did not know any better at the time. 

    For most of you, it might only be worth going if you can get 90% (at least) paid for.

    Or go to a cheap state school. Then do the thing sI mentioned above 

    Otherwise, it is not worth tens of thousands of debt for a piece of paper that might get you a decent job. 

    You might be better off creating that service or online business right out of right like James from Red Pill Reviews

    The same goes for graduate school as well.

    The only rational I can make for this if you can snag a job at an investment bank or a top management consulting firm. 

    Like the highest paying corporate job out there that will allow you stack as much as possible for several years until you can construct your path out. 

    Mortgage: Do not buy a house or piece of real estate. That simple. It is nothing more than a bunch of debt.

    Until you pay the full mortgage off, the bank owns the house. Not you and they take it from you at any point.

    Unless you can pay for whole cost of the house upfront, you cannot afford it.

    If you have to take out a loan to buy it, you cannot afford it.

    I know financial planners will tell you differently.

    However, they are bought into the system. And they deal with customers who are also bought into the system.

    You do not buy into the system so why the fuck would you listen that guy.

    He is only going to get you further trapped in tribe of blue pill wage slaves.

    Plus this will limit your mobility. Having a large piece of property will be a large burden hanging your head wherever you go. 

    Unless you have the money to pay people to watch over it for you, it is not worth it. 

    Chances you do not if you have to take out a mortgage to buy the house in the first place. 

    Sure, you could always rent out the place but that is not a great business model. 

    Large upfront costs, reoccurring fixed costs, unexpected costs, bitchy tenants, etc. 

    Plus you are not guaranteed to always find someone to live at your place year round.

    Not a business I would like to run. Anyway, do not even consider buying a house unless until you can pay the whole cost upfront. 

    Car Loans: Same ideal as with a house. Only buy it if you can afford the whole thing upfront. 

    Meaning any car that fall outside that range, you cannot afford. 

    There are many good cars you can buy in $3000-$5000 range. That will also last 5-7 years. Maybe longer. 

    You just have to look for a good certified pre owned car. 

    Generally, aim for a car that is 10%-15% of your gross income. Aim for the lower end of that range. 

    If you live in a city with good public transportation (NYC, Boston, Chicago, DC, Philly) then you do not need a car. 

    Find a cheap place within walking distance of a train or bus station. You will save a lot of money. 

    Credit Cards: Jesus. These can be poison for some young guys.

    Not only do these have the highest interest rates but it is most accessible line of credit.

    Here are some rules. Do not buy anything on your credit card that you would not buy with cash.  

    If you do not have the cash in your checking account to buy it then you cannot afford it. That simple. 

    Do not spend more than 30% of your credit limit. Not only is that a lot of money to spend but it kills you credit score. 

    Always pay your credit card on time. Set up your checking account to just pay your credit card every month a day before the bill is due.

    It is pretty easy to do with online banking nowadays. Missed payments also kill your credit. 

    If you are responsible with your credit use, it is actually a great and effective way to build great credit. 

    Plus, it helps to have access to funds in emergency situations. 

    Anyway, be responsible and take my advice above and you should be fine a credit card. 

  11. Minimize The Amount Of Taxes You Pay: 
  12. This is really only helpful advice once you have a business and you are really healthy. 

    But it is worth looking into way to diversify your assets and where you hold your cash. 

    Off shore banking, financial assets with tax loopholes, and stuff like that. 

    All of which there is a completely legal and safe way to do. Read the International Man if you want to know more about this.

    I am just begin to dabble into this stuff now as well.  

  13. Do Not Have Kids Until You Are Rich: 
  14. Oh man. This is going to be tough one for a lot of you guys who want to be fathers. 

    But you cannot afford to have a family in today's day an age and live comfortably until you are bringing in $10,000 per month after taxes. 

    Seriously. Think about it. 

    Imagine if you have one kid. You need to feed all of them including you. 

    Then you got to pay rent, utilities, wi fi, healthcare, car insurance, gas, phone bill, etc. 

     Plus your family needs clothes, plates, beds, basic home goods, etc.

    All that adds up to several thousand dollars per month. Just to meet you basic needs.

    Plus you want to save at least 50% of your income to prepare for rainy days and stack more cash to invest in building other business and your financial empire. 

    I would personally waiting until your late thirties (at the earliest), until you are financially established, to have kids. 

    Preferably, with a girl who at least several years younger than you and on board with your life goals. 

    Otherwise, if you have kids too early, then you are setting yourself up for a rough next 20 years. 

    Not only will you be broke but you will rob you family of a comfortable living.  

    You will always dream of the life you could have given them if you were just more responsible and disciplined about your financial and life planning. 


This article is already approaching 3000 words. For the sake of simplicity, I split this article into 3 parts. 

This part covered from of the financial lifestyle suggestions. In part 2, we will discuss more of the health and relationship suggestions. 

Check out the original post from Lifestyle that this article is based off of to give this series more context. 

I am really enjoying this discussion. I hope you guys are too. Please comment below to share your thoughts and ideas. 

I read every single comment (even if I do not respond right away) and love discussing different viewpoints. 

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Talk to you guys again soon. 

Your boy,

Ray Kingsman 

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  • Perhaps your best article yet. I’m happy to say I am doing most of these since last year and life is turning around quick. Nobody finds saving money attractive until they have done so for a year or two and the freedom that comes with that sacrifice begins to show.

    • Exactly. It is crazy too. Cutting your expenses and saving money is the easiest and quickest way to get more money in your bank account. It just takes a lot of discipline and mindset training.

      I am glad you are putting this into to practice though Alex. That is awesome. The best part is saving money helps slay some of our financial anxiety because we know we have a financial padding for dark days.

      Thanks for the positive feedback man. I appreciate it.