21 Ways To Avoid The Blue Pill Life Trap Part 2


So this is part 2 of a 3 part "How To Avoid The Blue Pill Life Trap" series. 

These posts are an expansion of my thoughts on The Blue LifeStyle Trap and how much it sucks.  

In Part 1, we discussed the financial traps of the blue pill lifestyle and 7 ways to avoid them. 

In a nutshell though; you really need to cut your daily and monthly expenses, stop buying useless material goods, start a business and maximize your income, and save as much money as humanly possible. 

Start doing that in your twenties and you will ahead of the game. As most guys never even try to do those things. 

If you have a business that is making you a couple thousand dollars per month and have low maintenance lifestyle by the time you are 30 years old then you have won. It is only up from there. 

7 Ways To Preserve Your Health And Looks

This is a list of things that I am doing and going to do in the future to avoid the blue pill lifestyle trap.

I would these as lifestyle principles to help achieve and maintain the most freedom with your lives.

More importantly, just help you to stay clear of all traps society has laid out to weaken and enslave the young and ambitious male.

These next of lifestyle tips will focus more on your health and having a healthy sex life. Two things guys also do not focus in their twenties. 

This list plays off the list in Part 1, so check that out if you have not already. 

Here we go. Let us kick off the list. 

  1. Put Good Food In Your Body
  2. Because so many guys are so focus 12-14 hours of their day on keeping their debt filled wage slave afloat, they hardly have time to educate themselves on their bodies. 

    Let alone find or build the discipline to choose healthy meals throughout their day. 

    They are too stressed out from dealing with their debt, trying not to get fired at their jobs, their controlling and nagging wives, etc.

    In all honestly, that guy has a lot on his plate and does not get much help.

    It is very easy to see how he can neglect his health when dealing with those different aspects of life. 

    He probably uses junk food and alcohol as an indulgence to help him deal with the stress. 

    Because he never took the time to build up his wealth, he is in a position where he has a hard time prioritizing his health. 

    This guy will most likely deal with chronic or life threatening health issues in his mid life. 

    Needless to say, you should not go down that. You should focus building a good eating lifestyle in your twenties. 

    Fill your body full of natural fruit, vegetable, grass fed beef, organic chicken, etc. 

    Benefits of a good diet are immeasurable. You will feel better, be more productive, avoid disease, be leaner, and look better. 

    Make eating healthy a priority in your twenties. It will serve you well in maintaining your health and avoiding another blue pill trap. 

  3. Try Anti-Aging And Anabolic Compounds
  4. So your testosterone will naturally dip as you get older. It happens to some earlier than others. 

    This is an issue that many of us will not start dealing with until our mid to thirties. 

    Having a good diet and maintaining proper gym routine are a great a great way to slow down the natural decrease in testosterone production. 

    Since the normal blue pill guy does not eat healthy or go the gym, this decrease natural testosterone production happens faster. 

    Something to look into when you get older might be anabolic compounds or hormone replacement therapy. 

    These can help replenish your hormonal levels and make them optimal to getting the most of your life. 

    Do not be thrown back be the concept of synthetic hormones. 

    Most are safe to use when prescribed, recommended, and directed by doctor. 

    This is something I will definitely explore when getting older for various health and personal reasons.

    Higher testosterone mean a whole bunch of health benefits. Stronger and quicker body, higher libido, greater sex drive, and more energy. 

    Now who does not want that?

    There are plenty of guys on testosterone replacement therapy who live perfectly normal and healthy lives. 

    The media, once again, does a great job in painting a bad picture of anabolic compounds. 

    Do not buy in to that bullshit.

    Explore it for yourself and you might be surprised how it enriches you life when used correctly and effectively. 

  5. Build A Great Body And Keeping Hitting The Gym
  6. So important to keep up at you get older. Most guys stop going to the gym after because they have to spend all their time working a terrible job and paying bills. 

    You need a spend time building a great body in your twenties. That will increase your self esteem and confidence to by such large degrees. 

    You will build a love for the gym and how that hard you put in transforms your body into a chiseled temple of rock hard muscle. 

    Your attractiveness will go through the roof and will feel way better about getting naked girls.

    More importantly, you will keep going to the gym as you get older.  

    Meaning you will make looking good and not getting out of shape a priority. 

    Because you have taken care of your finances and gotten back control over your time, you now have a few hours in your week that you can dedicate solely to the gym. 

    Obviously, the blue pill guys will have this luxury. They do not have time or are not disciplined enough to hit the gym on a daily basis. 

    And their bodies will always for suffer it. They will look terrible and put their health even more at risk. 

    That will not happen to you if you avoid the blue pill life track. 

    Build that wealth, get control of your finances and time, and hit the gym a couples a week. Maintain that rock hard physique. 

  7. Sleep 8 Hours Every Night
  8. Proper sleep time allows your body to recover from the previous day of hard work. 

    Quality and Quantity of sleep is related to higher testosterone levels, lower blood pressure, lower chances of cardiovascular issues,

    Sleep also promotes organ health and allows your brain to function properly during the day. 

    Once again, red pill guy has designed his lifestyle so he has control over his money and time. 

    So he can afford to sleep whenever he wants. 

    Blue pill guys have not done this. The wage slave ship does not allow you to control your own time and money.

    Between the wage slave ship and taking care of family he cannot afford, he cannot afford to sleep 8 hours a night.

    Or one part of his life will dramatically suffer. 

    Do not let this happen to you and get your sleep. 

  9. Get Your Style In Check
  10. Looks are important. Very important. Enhancing your style is the fastest and easiest way to upgrade your looks. 

    You do not have to be fancy either. I shop at Costco, Marshalls, Amazon, and TJ Maxxx. 

    No need for fancy department or outlet stores. You only need a few (2-4) outfits for different types of settings. 

    Remember to always buy clothes that properly and show off your physique. So they need to fit well. 

    Why hit the gym hard if other people cannot notice through your clothing?

    The blue pill guy does have the time or discipline to go the gym and eat healthy. 

    So he, obviously, does not see the value in dressing well. He probably thinks dressing to impress is gay. 

    That is too his detriment. As his looks go down the tubes in his 30s when all of that catches up with him. 

    The goal here is too look good on a budget. No need to dress like a celebrity.

    You just need to dress better than the majority of guys. That is not hard at all since most guys have zero style. 

    You just have to put in some effort and spend a little bit of money to upgrade your wardrobe. 

    This can be a gradual process too. The first I did was I started wearing casual clothes that fit well and showed off my physique. 

    That entailed buying 5 new shirts (3 v necks and 2 polos), 2 pairs new jeans, and a pair of nikes I got on sale.

    Boom you have a casual warddrobe right there. By the way, most of the clothes came from Marshall's and Costco. 

    Once this community is more established, I might set a fashion section. Perhaps on Lifestyle

    Until then, check out Iron & Tweed. This is a great website that talks about working out and fashion choices. 

    You can also just read the latest issues of GQ and Men's Health. Those are pretty up to date resources. 

    You do not need to spend a lot of money guys. Just enough to get the job done and nothing more. 

    If you have attitude toward everything the you will reap maximum benefits in the world most of the time while protecting you wallet from vomiting cash. 

  11. Groom Yourself And Take Care Of Your Skin
  12. This is also another quick and easy way to enhance your looks. Taking care of your skin and staying groomed.

    Staying groomed simply means making sure your head and facial are well kept.

    Preferably they used to help express your own style that matches your clothing and physique. 

    The easiest way to do this is to keep your hair short and combed. And stay clean shaven. 

    When it comes to skin care. You just need the basics.

    Wash your face twice a day and apply lotion after doing so to keep your skin moist and soft. 

    You should actually apply lotion after you shower across your body. 

    Great body, up to date style, and well groomed face...that puts your looks far above average. 

    Slap on some good smelling cologne and it is a rap. 

  13. Focus On Beating Social Anxiety
  14. This means going a period of time getting over anxiety of approaching and meeting new people in any setting. 

    Most guys will never do this. However, it is very important for guys for guys who want to have an active sex life. 

    Because social anxiety is the #1 thing holding you back from getting with the majority of girls you want to get with. 

    If you have done (or working on) all the things I have mentioned above then you have way more going for you then the average guy who is getting fat and stuck on the wage slave ship. 

    Not only will beating social anxiety open up options for your sex life. It will upgrade your own status as a high quality male. 

    I will go more into this Part 3.

    But beating social (approach) anxiety plays a huge role in avoiding the nagging wife and potential divorce train years down the line. 

    That is why this stuff is so important.


So this post we discussed the health traps that blue pill lifestyle can set you up for and to avoid. 

Most of you already have these thoughts swirling around in your head but this to really break it down and tell you what you need to do to avoid this hardships of life.

Listen to your body. You are nothing with a fully functioning human body.

The blue pill lifestyle forces you to ignore and ingest poison (junk food, alcohol, recreational drugs) instead just to stay sane. 

That does not have to be you. Focus on staying healthy, enhancing your body as you grow older, and building your wealth. 

So we have talked about how to rid yourself of the corporate world, build your financial empire, and enhance you looks and physique. 

In part 3, we will talk about ways to avoid a blood sucking marriage and financial crippling divorce. 

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Thanks guys and talk to you soon .

Ray Kingsman