21 Ways To Avoid The Blue Pill Life Trap Part 3


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We left off talking about ways to avoid the Blue Pill LifeStyle Trap

Recap Of Part 1 And 2

In Part 1, we talked the financial pitfalls so many guys make in the 20s and 30s that for life. 

More importantly, we talked about what you guys can do to combat against those societal traps and thrive financially. 

It comes down to building a business, saving money, cutting expenses, avoiding debt like the plague, waiting until your rich to start family, etc. 

I discuss all of these subject in depth in Part 1, so I highly suggest you check that post out. 

In Part 2, we talked about the physical health and looks traps society sets you up for.

We discussed how to avoid those and maintain your physical looks and health well into middle age.

That comes down to staying active and in the gym, having good eating habits, skin care, keeping your style modern, getting the proper amount of sleep, etc.

I also discuss all of these things in Part 2, so check out that post if you have not already.  

7 Ways To Avoid Relationship Pitfalls

In Part 3, we will talk about the relationship pitfalls (marriage, divorce, monogamy, etc) men make in their 20s and 30s and how to avoid those.

Plus a bonus tip or two at the end.  

  1. Focus On Solely On Getting Laid For 1-2 Years
  2. This is very important and one thing I definitely plan doing in the very near future. 

    A lot of you guys need to focus 1-2 years on fucking as many girls as humanly possible. 

    This is important for several reasons. 

    Reason #1: It will help you realize that you can get laid consistently without being in a relationship. 

    Hence you will never need a girlfriend to have a consistent and active sex life.  

    This is huge. Most cannot get laid consistently without having a girlfriend.

    This gives the girl and extreme amount of power over you in the relationship.

    No matter how nice and innocent she seems on the outside, she will use her sexuality to reign dominance over you. 

    Every single woman in every single culture does so. It is almost of custom nowadays to hail a woman's beauty so much to a point where you bend at a will to do what she wants. 

    On top of that, most girls lose interest in the type of guys they can control easily.

    Even worse, a lot of these girls take these guys as safe boyfriends that have good jobs and can take care of them.

    This is ludicrous. Why let this happen to you?

    By knowing you can get laid without having a girlfriend, you will never put up with the bullshit girls serve your way. 

    This will make them realize that you are not another chump that will just fawn over their beauty and do whatever she wants. 

    This will make her respect you and constantly seek your approval. Hence you have the power. 

    Especially if she knows you can get laid elsewhere. 

    Reason #2: You will grow as man and learn to respect yourself. 

    You will hold yourself to a higher standard with women and people because you now know that you have value on the sexual marketplace. 

    This changes your mindset and allows you to grow into being a man.

    You obtain that alpha by knowing you can chase down and get that pussy whenever you want. 

    You will no longer see yourself as lower that then the attractive girls you chase. 

    You will see yourself on the same plane as other alpha guys and will keep improving your status. 

    Reason #3: You will never have a dull sex life ever again. 

    Because you can get laid consistently without having girlfriend or relying on your social circle, you will never have long dry spells ever again unless you choose to. 

    That means you will never rush into a relationship because the female is putting pressure you to do. 

    That is a common trap for guys. Many girls refuse to keep putting out until they are in a relationship. 

    This will not happen to you. You will see through that shit pretty quickly. 

    And if she leaves...then so what? You have tons of women at your disposal (especially if you live in a big city)

  3. Always Date Girls In Their Twenties
  4. This is important. As high value guys, we want to date high value women. 

    A common depiction of value is many sexual options a woman has. Hot young girls have tons of sexual options. 

    Ask you yourself this, who has more sexual options? 

    Option A: A smoking hot 23 year old girl
    Option B: A smoking hot 30 year old girl

    Chances are the 23 year old (given old other factors remain equal). 

    It is very likely, that the 30 year old will show her age on her face

    Unless she has done an amazing job with her skin care over the years, has great genetics, eats well, and has stayed in the gym.

    That is very rare though. 

    Plus, single older women are more likely to be jaded by her past experiences with men. 

    They might take longer to put out and look to nail your down into a relationship sooner because they want to hit their own timeline of having family and getting married. 

    Time and looks are not on their side anymore, less guys approach them now and they do not have as many options as they did years prior.  

    In all honesty, they can be compared to pro athletes. 

    They all enter their sport at a young age and are groomed for 20 years in a particular skill set. 

    So when they hit their 20s (physical prime and peak), they can maximize performance. 

    Hence maximize what they can paid and professional (financial) options for the rest of their lives. 

    After their peak performance period, they start to physically decline (in their thirties). 

    Athletes who took advantage of their prime though are physically and financially ready for this stage of their career and are preparing for retirement. 

    Guys who did not take advantage of this time, will be struggling very hard.

    They are trying to maximize their value while they are physically declining.

    Your suitors know this and world reminds you of it everyday on the field or court. 

    Hence, you will have less offers and options at the latter stages of your career.

    You did not properly groom yourself to maximize the value of your prime years. 

    This is literally the exact same case for women. Their looks and bodies have a peak period in which they need to take advantage of. 

    Because their looks are bound to decline as they come closer to their thirties. 

    Like men, there are many things women can do to circumvent this but most of them do not because they believe they can't. 

    Hence they are groomed from a young age to lock a guy down in their twenties.

    It will be way harder (if not impossible) to do so in your thirties. 

    Just like how that pro athlete will have less money in bank, less financial options, and less suitors (teams) seeking his services in  his thirties then he did in his twenties. 

    It is a competitive sexual marketplace out there guys.

    Nowadays, there are way less high value guys then there are high value women. 

    Hence are more scarce. Scarcity is always great for demand. 

    So pair yourself with a less jaded, hotter, and younger girl who has many great years ahead. 

    And one that will also keep her together into her thirties, forties, and fifties. Yes...it is possible if you find the right girl. 

  5. Always Have Hot And Young Low Maintenance Girlfriend
  6. This does not need much explanation. High maintenance girls are the worst. 

    They are nagging, emotionally needy or unstable, negative, and just downright suck to be around. 

    I have seen so many of my friends suffer through this. They would spend hours on the phone or with their girlfriends everyday.

    Only because she demands they do so or she will leave or won't put out. 

    There are high maintenance girls across they spectrum but I notice that there are way more attractive high maintenance girls then unattractive ones. 

    This is because society (men) lets attractive girls get away with that stuff from a very young age. 

    If you follow #1 on this list an know you can get laid after a while of chasing pussy then this will not happen to you and you will not let this girls get away with it.

    In fact, chances are you would not even get with them in first place or drop her once she becomes too annoying. 

    But of you guys do not want to that. Then do not get a needy or high maintenance girlfriend.

    You will be setting yourself up for misery and an epic disaster.  

  7. Never Get Married
  8. Oh man. Many of you are going to disagree with me on this but I have to say my peace about this topic. 

    Getting married is probably one of the biggest financial risks a man can take in the United States. 

    The reason is because the divorce rate is about 50%! Where 75% of divorces are initiated by the woman. 

    Holy shit!

    Do I need to repeat myself?

    Okay. You may not see the harm in getting out of a toxic marriage. 

    Well. Let me break it down for you. 

    Let us imagine that you get a high paying job or, better yet, you take my advice from Part 1 of this series and start a business. 

    You are making six figures, your expenses are reasonable, and you do not have too much debt.  

    Your wife either works a mid level corporate job where she is bringing in 50K per year or she is just a stay at home wife. 

    Things are going well from a financial standpoint. 

    You got married in your late twenties or early thirties to an attractive female several years younger then you. 

    She uses her sexuality to control you and basically dictates how you guys spend your money. 

    Your marriage is good for a couple years and you think you be together forever. You have 1 or 2 kids and everything is bliss. 

    However, as time progresses your marriage slowly starts to deteriorate. 

    Your wife gains weight and you not as attracted to her anymore. Maybe you gain weight an you are not as attractive anymore. 

    The stress of your job is killing you (or your business is taking off) and you do have time to focus on your high maintenance wife as much as you used. 

    As you the kids grow up, you expenses get higher. You income is not keeping up. 

    Your wife lets you know this everyday. Or you are hustling for your business and your complains that you never spend time your family or her.

    You guys fight more and more often. After a couple years, she decided she has had and want a divorce. 

    Now let's say you were married for 8 years. That means all the financial assets you have attained during those years are 50% her's by law. 

    And that is if you signed a prenuptial and post nuptial. If you did not, you are fucked. There is not other way to put it. 

    She can now go after everything you own. On top of that, you owe her child support for the kids (who she will get custody of). 

    Your will most likely leave that marriage financially crippled and having to start over. 

    There are so many horror stories out there. I feel no need to go over any examples because these stories are all too common.

    Given that scenario, I do not know why any man would consider ever getting married. 

    Probably because some dead guy or establishment sold them on the outdated concept. Fucking ridiculous. 

    If you are rich, then is far less likely to happen to you.

    Rich men are usually smart and can afford great attorneys who can write out bullet proof pre and post nupts. 

    And they refuse to marry the girl unless she signs them. 

    This is how billionaires and celebrities (who get divorced all the time) get around the financial aspects of divorce and protect themselves from gold diggers. 

    Learn the secrets of the rich guys. Money can buy you an out i a of situations. Seriously. 

    However, regular guys that do not make a lot of money and cannot get laid will not have those options. 

    Also, guys who can laid and make a lot of money are far more likely to keep girls around because that female respects him and he provides for her. 

    Plus he is in control of his time because he likely waited until he financially established to get married and have kids. 

    Like everything, there are some exceptions. But for the vast majority of guys, I cannot recommend getting married.

    It's too risky and can leave you financially broken. 

    If you are sold on the marriage idea, then wait until you are rich.

    Have a good attorney write a good pre and post nuptial agreement that protect all your assets (post, present, and future) and have her sign it. 

    If you cannot do that do not even think about it. 

  9. Never Be Monogamous
  10. Elite and high value guys are never monogamous. Ancient kings, Pharaohs, Emperors, and Rulers all had a wife and multiple mistresses. 

    Women had no power in those eras. They were simply used to be homemakers and take of the kids.

    The mistresses were there to keep their wives and meet the sexual needs of the Supreme Leader.

    The mistresses always let the wife know she is replaceable at anytime.

    Hence helping the ruler maintain even more power over his wife.  

    They also did this simply because they could and wanted to live the highest quality lives possible.

    You might think we do not live i such barbaric times. 

    I would argue differently. Nothing has changed too much but the rise of technology and use of money as power.

    Hence the rich are now the elite and powerful. They cast the shade over others. 

    Instead of the strong, mighty, fast, and use of the divine right to rule. 

    The ideas of exclusive relationships and marriage created by the establishment.

    They where used as a way to keep the average man (who cannot laid) satisfied and working in the system to keep the elite rich. 

    On top on that, it gives the female power over you by restricting your sexual options. 

    So why would anyone do this? Because they do not question the idea or become open to ways of having women in your life. 

    Uncommitted relationships are not uncommon as you think. 

    Plus, many girls are open to them. Use just have to find them. 

    That is why it is important to spend time chasing ass and getting good with women. 

    You can find great girls who are open to uncommitted relationships and keep them around for awhile. 

    From my experience, this gives the male all the power in the relationship and completely takes away the need to act alpha. 

    With this lifestyle adjustment, you can always keep your sexual options open and bang other women without hesitation. 

    There are plenty of men who do this and live great lives. 

    Do not get caught under the idea that an exclusive relationship and marriage will make you happy. 

    It won't. It will only trap and suffocate you. Then the relationship and you right back where you started. 

    While you could have been banging other girls and enjoying yourself. 

    I know this one might a little hard to grasp but let it sink in guys. 

    If you think about it a little bit, you will begin to understand where I am coming from. 

  11. Stop Caring About Politics
  12. Oh man.....

    Talk about a time waster. Especially for smart guys. 

    I have lived in Washington DC for almost 8 years now. 

    I have been through the ringer in terms of political debates with other idealists, protesting outside the white house humid summers, going to the Presidential inaugurations in the freezing cold, and other bullshit. 

    After years of being guilted into caring about politics, I have realized one sad truth. 

    Nothing I do will ever change the way the world is. You or I could die tomorrow and the world would continue on exactly as it is. 

    For you really make an impact in this world, you either need to have a 9-10 figure net worth or start gather millions to start a violent rebellion. 

    The first is most likely unrealistic for the vast majority of us.

    Most people can became worth 6-7 figures with time and effort. Probably with a matter years if they really become obsessed with their work.  

    However, becoming worth a billion dollars requires luck, top 0.00000001% intellect, and choosing the right industry. 

    Or you are just born into that wealth. (Props, if that is you).

    While second option is just stupid and you probably end up in jail. Going up against the government is never a good idea.

    You will have to fight fire with fire. The government has way more firepower then you do.

    That is not a battle you can win. So do not even waste your time

    On top of that, you just be labeled as another enemy of the state and sociopath. 

    So if you cannot change things then what should you do?

    I go over my view on this more in depth in my Fuck Politics post. So I suggest you give that a read for a more in depth discussion on this topic.  

    But to some it up, you should stop caring about politics because the system is not meant to work for you. 

    It is only meant to benefit the elite and them rich. While keeping the middle class enslaved and delusional.

    You probably already know this. Your best way to out of this trap is join the top 1%. 

    Focus on building that business and getting your income as fat as possible.

    Cut those expenses, stop consuming so much outside your necessities, and get the cash rolling in. 

    You can stay in the US or move to Asia. Just remove yourself from this political nonsense land.  

    Once income really starts rolling in from my business, I am off to Thailand or China.

    It makes no sense for me to stay in the US and fall victim to the propaganda on Fox News and CNN.

    So aim to blow your income up and remove yourself from the political scene completely. 

    Your levels of happiness will probably increase. That is how I have felt after I stopped caring about politics. 

    Now I just see it as a poorly written movie or highly funded entertainment that is amusing. 

    But if you take away one thing from this part, stop getting riled up over politics. It is a waste of time and their is nothing you can do to change things. 

    Your vote does not matter. Your opinion does matter. 

    Use that energy to make yourself rich instead and live the life you want to live. 

  13. Grow A Bigger Dick
  14. Okay. You got me. This is not a lifestyle requirement per se. 

    But a lot of guys live their lives feeling inadequate or insecure about their penis size.

    In my honest opinion, real men are always packing heat below the belt. And I am not talking about guns. 

    Because they are stuck on the wage slave ship and eating food all the time, their testosterone levels and libido plummet. 

    These guys have no time to focus on edging or kegel exercises

    They are too busy keeping the middle class dream boat afloat.  

    This gives their wives in greater reason to cheat or leave them because they are not being satisfied emotionally, financially, and sexually. 

    How do you get around this? Focus on male enhancement. 

    Use manual exercises (jelqing and stretching) to grow your dick. 

    Or you can use penis enhancement devices. They cost bit of money but you can see results with little effort

    This stuff is more important that you might think at first. 

    Focusing on this stuff is great for your sexual health and anxiety. 

    Penis enhancement has changed my life for the better and it can do the same you guys. 


So that will do it this series. We covered a lot. 

This is a ton more we could add to this list but we covered the essentials this post, Part 1, and Part 2

If you do most of the things on this list then you will be golden for your future. 

I know all of this sounds like a lot but you might be surprised with the progress you can make in only a couple years. 

If you are in your twenties and reading this, I would advise you start a business as soon as possible and start making. 

Then focus on fitness and dieting in your part time. 

After 2-3 years of consistent work, you could obtained a full time income and an above average or elite physique. 

You can spend another 1-2 years blowing your business and outsourcing simple tasks you do not want to do. 

Once you are in control of your time, you can start focusing on your sex life if you not taken care of that already. 

Bring a couple good girls into your life and have some fun. Stay out of any exclusive relationships and never be monogamous. 

Keep your style and grooming in check. Always have modern day clothing that fits well.

Focus on skincare to keep your face looking youthful. Use different chemicals to prevent hair loss. 

I think you guys get the idea by now. You know what you have to do. Take some action and get it done. 

Final Message To Guys In The Corporate World

For those of you who are in the corporate world slaving away at a job and your finally starting to wake up, starting moving forward now. 

Begin paving your way out of the corporate world today. Do not wait.

Your life waits for no one man. Life is too precious to be spent making someone else rich and being an outstanding member of society. 

Fuck that. Join the rebellion and live the life you want to live. 

That's all I got. I know this was a long one. I apologize but I needed to get a couple points across.

I also felt the need to be as detailed as possible with my explanation.

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Ray Kingsman