5 Designer Steroids That Will Help You Pack On Mass!


What's up everyone? 

Ray Kingsman coming back at you with a post about anabolics. More specifically, designer steroids. 

This article is intended to be for natural athletes who are interested in trying moving forward with anabolics. 

Many of you guys seem to be interested in designer steroids and have been asking some questions about them. 

Understandably so.

I there most anabolics beginners are way better off researching SARMs like ostarine for their first anabolics cycle.

However, there some pretty good designer steroids on the market. I have solid experience with Epi-Andro and 1-Andro

I always say, make sure you have your fitness habits down and speak to a doctor before you consider using anabolic compounds. 

In this post, I wanted to break down the best designer steroids on the market these days. 

This should give you guys some solid information on what compounds might be best for you are looking for out of a cycle. 

What Are Designer Steroids?

Designer steroids are legal anabolic compounds. The "legal" status can downplay just how effective these compounds can be. 

Many designer steroids can be as effective as illegal androgenic anabolic steroids (AAS).

No bullshit. 1-Andro is a great example. There are plenty of studies to show that this potent compound delivers as powerful results as running actual AAS. 

Not to mention, it is completely legal to buy over the counter. This is one of the big reasons why they have grown so heavily in popularity over the past couple of years. 

They offer great consistency and are not subject to much regulation. 

Do Not Confuse Designer Steroids With Pro-hormones

Pro-hormones are simply a precursor to another hormone. They were created back in the 1980s when steroids were banned. 

They became a very effective and legal option for bodybuilders in 1990s. Especially for those just getting into the use of anabolics.

So what did the killjoys in the government do years later? 

You guessed it! They banned them to! The first time in 2004.

Then banned more pro hormones (that were created as a result of the 2004 ban, to be sold legally) in 2014. 

Traditional pro hormones and steroids are completely illegal (no gray area, like SARMs or nootropics).

You can thank the fuckers and lobbyists in the government that serve the needs of Fortune 100 pharmaceutical companies (who want no competition outside their industry). 

Anyway......back to the subject at hand. 

5 Most Effective Designer Steroids For Beginners

So without further or do, let's get into it. These compounds are legal to buy and safe to use. 

These are for anabolic newbies looking to pack on some serious mass and experience the benefits of hormonal support. 

Basically all legal anabolic substances are going to be different versions of androsterone.

Androsterone is natural metabolite of DHEA. Some theorize that is how is has been able to stay legal for so long.

Variations of this compound are more "natural" than other steroids.

Make of that what you will. Let us get on with the list and explanations. 


Also known as 1-androsteroe or 1-DHEA. Call it whatever you want. They all mean the same thing. 

You guys know I have on hand experience with this one. It is actually the most powerful compound that I have ever used. 

1-Andro converts to 1-testosterone (powerful pro hormone that was banned in 2004).

This is DOES NOT convert to estrogen to DHT. That means there is no need to worry about bitch tits or hair loss.  

This means this compound is very anabolic and will not cause water retention or fat accumulation. 

It is also non-methalyzed. Therefore, it will not be toxic to the liver at all. 

Most beginners can expect 6-10 pounds gained in muscle over an 6-8 week bulking cycle. These gains can easily be maintained after cycle. 

It is not uncommon for first time user to drop a couple pounds of fat as well when they are cycle. 

First time users should keep their dosages between 150mg/day-200mg/day.  

1-Andro is suppressive. It will not completely shut you down. However, it is not as easy going as SARMs in this regard. 

I would still recommend a full post cycle therapy phase when your cycle is completed. 

There are some cardiovascular other side effects that I experienced. Higher blood pressure, higher resting heart rate, and higher LDL (bad) cholesterol. These go away a few weeks after cycle though. 

Make sure you have on cycle therapy on hand though. You will need supplementation for your heart.  

Also, I experienced a good but lethargy while on cycle. I pretty much felt tired all the time. This might happen to you too.

That is why I suggest beginners keep their first cycles to no more then 6 weeks, preferably 4 weeks.


Also know as 4-Androstrenedoil or 4-DHEA. This compound also goes by a couple different names.

4-Andro is even more powerful then 1-Andro. It converts to testosterone using a 2-step enzyme pathway. 

Once absorbed into the bloodstream, high anabolic behavior is stimulated. 

Many guys put 8-12 pounds in muscle over a 4-8 week bulking cycle. 

Beginners should cycle for 4-6 weeks at a dosage of 300 mg/day-400 mg/day. 

Your strength and size gains will noticeably increase quickly. Men usually notice their muscle getting bigger and looking harder. 

This compound is also non-methylated. That means no toxicity to the liver at all. 

There is some conversion to DHT and estrogen. So have some arimistane and on cycle therapy on hand.

If you are prone to male pattern baldness then you might have to pass on 4-Andro. 

You also might experience the same cardiovascular side effects with 4-Andro that would experience with 1-Andro. 

Once again, on cycle therapy can mitigate these side effects. 

Worst scenario, they will go away a few weeks after the completion of the cycle. 

This is a powerful anabolic agent so be careful guys. Beginners can still use it but just keep your first cycle short (4-6 weeks). 


Also known as Delta-2. Like the other Andro compounds, it was a natural metabolite of DHEA.

It can commonly be found as recurring in the body and in animal meat. It can also be found as a pheromone in elephants and boars.

These are some of the reasons why Andro-2 is still legal, like all the androsterone compounds.

Its meet compliance requirements by the Food And Drug Administration (FDA) and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). 

Like the other compounds, it has a 2 step conversion process to unmethylazed Pheraplex (very powerful and banned pro hormone). 

This compound has similar anabolic firepower to 1-Andro. It's characteristics are similar to. 

It does not aromatize. So there is no need to worry about estrogen conversion or any of those side effects (bitch tits!). 

This is dry compound. Therefore, no need to worry about water retention. There is also little risk of hair loss. 

The common cycle length for 2-Andro is 4-8 weeks. Beginners should cycle for 4-6 weeks while advanced users can cycle for up to 8 weeks. 

The common dosage is about 500 mg/day to reap the maximum benefits without experiencing diminishing returns. 

There might be the risk of cardiovascular side effects. So make sure you are taking your on cycle therapy or heart health supplements while on cycle. 

There will be mild suppression of your HTPA during cycle. So you should do at least a mini-PCT. I recommend always doing a full PCT though. 

If you stack 2-Andro with something else then you will definitely need a full Post cycle therapy phase. 

This is a great compound for beginners to take because the side effects are mild and can be mitigated with on cycle therapy. 

2-Andro is not extremely potent but it can be used as a standalone product to make great gains. The benefits are widely recognized. 

19 Nor-Andro

Also known as 19-Nor-DHEA, 19-Nor-Andro, 19-Nor dihydroepiandroterone or 19-NorAndrosterone.

This compound can also be found in the human body in very small quantities. So it is naturally occurring. 

This compound also has a 2 step conversion process to nandrolone (powerful and banned steroid).

Unlike the compounds on the list, the compound actually has little to no scientific data and little online logs. Therefore, we will not delve too far into this one.

I have no tried it myself. But from the little information that I can dig up on it, it seems to be the real deal. 

This compound has the potential to be the most powerful on the list due to the conversion process to the parent compound (nandrolone). 

From what I have read, this compound does have some estrogen conversion. So you need to have some arimistane on hand to mitigate that side effect. 

Also, this compound may shut your HTPA down. So a full post cycle therapy phase is necessary. 

There seems to also be cardiovascular side effects as well. 

The cycle are keep within a 4-6 week range and stick to the serving size listed on the bottle. 

This has the potential to be one of the most powerful designer steroids on the market right now. I cannot wait until more research comes out on it. 

Nonetheless, this compound is most suited for guys trying to experiment with something new. 

I would not be experimenting if were a beginner all over again. I would want to take something proven like any of the other compounds on the list. 


Also known as Epiandrosterone. This compound is the precurser to dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

Epiandrosterone naturally occurs in pine pollen out in nature. That is the main reason it probably still legal. 

This compound is great for guys looking to increase their sex drive, strength, hardness, and volume. 

I prefer is compound more cutting. However, you can bulk with Epi-Andro. 

I believe the compounds I mentioned above are superior in that regard though. 

You can stack it with any compound mentioned above. That will cause severe suppression and might elevate cardiovascular side effects. 

Therefore, make sure you speak to doctor before going on cycle. 

DHT can fry you hair. So if you are prone to hair loss and want to keep your hair then do not even try this product. Too risky. 

You might also experienced heighten blood pressure. That will go away after you cycle is completed. Have on cycle therapy on hand. 

This compound is mildly suppressive. The least of the compound mentioned on this list. Still do post cycle therapy, just to be safe. 

This compound is also non-methalyzed. No damage to the liver. 

Also, no estrogen conversion. So no bitch tits, fat accumulation, water retention, or emotional spirals. 

I suggest you cut with Epi-Andro. It really maintain muscle mass and strength while on an extreme caloric deficit.

Or you can stack Epi-Andro with any of the compounds mentioned above for a 6-8 week bulking cycle.  

Conclusion: Which One Is Best For You?

So any of these compounds on the list would be fine choice. Whichever one you choose should depend on your fitness goals. 

If you want to no side effects and milder compound then Epiandrosterone might be the way to go. 

If you want to do mind the side effects and want something stronger then 4-Andro (or 19 nor-andro) might be up your alley. 

1-Andro and 2-Andro fall somewhere in between on that spectrum. 

So anabolic newbies have plenty of legal options when it comes to anabolic compounds. 

Do research and make a wise decision. Hopefully this article helped you do that. 

If you have used any of the compounds above then please comment below and let me know your experience. 

I love hearing about your perspectives on these compounds and how they worked for you. 

In the meantime, keep making gains and I will talk to you guys soon. 


Ray Kingsman