The Strongest Legal Steroid: 4-Androsterone/4-Andro/4-DHEA Review

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What's up Juice Heads? 

Ray Kingsman back up in this bitch with another post about designer steroids. 

I am always coming at you guys with new compounds that have muscle building ability. 

Today we going to talk about 4-Androsterone. One of the most powerful designer steroids on the market. 

This compound has been popular for a couple years. You guys have been asking me questions about it, so I decided to cover it in this post. 

Unfortunately, there is not too much information online about 4-Andro. But I was able to dig up some good info on it for you guys. 

I will detail my experience with designer steroids, how to use and stack this compound, dosages, cycle length, etc. 

So let's get started. 

My Source

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Super-4 by Olympus Labs is best source available right now for 4-Andro. It has the a high dosage per capsules and is sold at a reasonable price.

Now let me talk to you about experience with 4-Andro.

My Experience With Designer Steriods

I have talked to you guys extensively in the past about my experiences with 1-Andro and Epi-Andro

These are very good compounds to use when on cycle to make your muscle gains. 

I suggest beginners start out with a couple cycles of Epi-Andro. You can use it for cutting fat or bulking up.

It is more effective for cutting fat, in my opinion and experience. This is a fairly mild compound with very few side effects. 

Hence, why it is a good place to start. Then you could move up to Ostarine which is slightly more powerful then Epiandrosterone.

1-Andro is much more powerful than Epi-Andro. Hence why you might need a couple cycles before using it. 

You want your body to be prepared for that. If not, inexperienced users could suffer a from some bad side effects. 

Like I did. I had extreme lethargy during my cycle. So bad it was making getting work done at my job difficult. Caffeine can only help so much.

So I decided to end my cycle at 4 weeks instead going through with the planned 6 weeks because I could not take it anymore. 

This was because 1-Andro was my second PED cycle ever. Big mistake. My body could not handle it. 

So definitely have at least 3-4 cycles under your belt before trying 1-Andro. 

In terms of muscle building, 1-Andro is very effective and is best muscle builder I have ever used (including LGD, it is close comparison though). 

So Epi-Andro is great compound to start your PED journey while 1-Andro is more experienced users. 

However, there are even more variants of Androsterone out there.  

Enter 4-Andro

4-Androsterone is potent and wet anabolic prohormone and pre cursor to testosterone.

Like 1-Andro, it converts to a traditional steroid given a 2-step enzyme conversion process. 

This process begins after 4-Andro has entered and been absorbed into the blood stream. 

Obviously, testosterone is produced by your body naturally. Plus, DHEA is found to be naturally occurring in the body. 

Hence, why this compound is still legal and will likely remain that why for the foreseeable future. That is good for us. 

Does 4-Andro Have The Same Potential As Testosterone?

This can be complicated. Unfortunately, there is straight forward answer to this question.

Due to the 2-step conversion process, there is bound to energy lost during the transformation of compounds. 

Therefore, it might be a bit unreasonable for you to expect the same or similar results to testosterone. 

However, there are several logs online that say 4-Andro can be a notable substitute for hormone replacement therapy. 

You can expect steroid like muscle gains and benefits. More on that in a bit. 

Many users gain anywhere from 5-12 pounds of muscle in a 4-8 week span of using 4-Andro on their cycle. 

Other Positives Of 4-Andro

Higher Sex Drive - You will notice a greater need to bust your nut. If you have a girlfriend, chances are you will want to fuck more often. 

Stronger Libido - ​You will notice stronger erections and more powerful orgasms. You will also notice that you will have more energy in bed. 

Enhanced Mood - You feel better mentally and emotionally on a day to day when on cycle. 

Faster Recovery Time - ​With proper nutrient timing, you will notice you recover from workouts way faster then you did when off cycle. 

What Are The Side Effects?

There are a couple side effects you need to be aware of. 4-Andro has all the same side effects as 1-Andro. 

The threat of hair loss, acne, prostate enlargement, testicular shrinkage, increased strain on organs, high pressure, and other cardiovascular issues. 

Your LDL (bad) cholesterol will go up and HDL (good) cholesterol will go down. Not good for your heart. 

Either way, these side effects will cease a couple weeks after your cycle is over. So they are not long term. 

Make to get blood work before, after, and during your cycle. Also have on cycle therapy on hand. 

You can reduce these side effects by simply just shortening your cycle length and/or reducing the dosage. 

In terms of on cycle therapy, Arimacare Pro by Olympus Lab should the trick. 

Does 4-Andro Aromatize?

Yes. There is some conversion to estrogen with 4-Andro. There have been minor cases of gynecomastia (gyno, bitch tits) reported. 

This makes having on cycle therapy that contains an estrogen blocker pretty damn necessary. 

Gyno is a bitch so you need to take this seriously. Once again, Arimacare Pro by Olympus Labs should take care of this for you. 

It contains 50 mg of Arimistane (suicidal estrogen blocker) that will help you fight those climbing estrogen levels and keep your hormonal balance under control. 

Will Your Natural Testosterone Production Shutdown?

At a low to moderate cycle length and/or dosage: No I will not. But will be heavily suppressed. 

At high dosage and/or longer cycle length: You will come close to shutdown. 

Both cases make a 4-5 week post cycle therapy phase absolutely necessary. 

You might want to include some clomid or nolvadex in there too for good measure. 

Check out my reviews of Testolone and Ligandrol to get a better idea of how to do that.

There is no compromise on this. You guys need to run a successful PCT and get blood work done.

If you want your natural hormonal production to bounce back regularly within a few weeks then you need to treat your post cycle therapy phase with the utmost importance.

Or else you could be really jeopardizing your physcial health. I wont go into horror stories because I am sure you guys have heard them all.

So please take your PCT seriously. You will thank me later.  

Cycle Length And Dosage

​I suggest guys with only a couple cycles under their belt should run this compound for only 4-6 weeks at dosage of 100 mg/day. Do not go higher then 200 mg/day.

More advanced users can ran 4-Andro for up to 8 weeks at dosage of 300-400 mg/day. 

Take your dosage in the morning with food. This will be breakfast for most of you. 

Begin your post cycle therapy 24-48 hours after your last day running 4-Andro. 

Have on cycle therapy on hand and follow your cycle with a 4 week post cycle therapy phase. 

Can You Cut Successfully On 4-Andro?

Absolutely. You can run a slightly lower dosage. You will find that 4-Andro will help maintain all your strength and muscle. 

Therefore, the only pounds will be losing are fat stores. This makes your cut way more effective because you do not sacrifice any hard earned muscle. 

4-Andro would be great to run along with T3 and potent fat burner. Add some 4-5 cardio (30-45 minutes per session) sessions in per week. 

Keep your lifting routine the same as if you were bulking. Plus, most importantly, eat at a caloric deficit.

Do this as I mentioned above, you will maximize calories burned and conserve you lean muscle tissue. 

1 Andro vs 4 Andro

1-Andro and 4-Andro have a ton similarities. Let me list a couple below.

- They both are legal steroids you can buy over the counter. 
- They both convert to powerful traditional steroids.
- Both have the typical side effects of steroids. 

There are two big differences between these two compounds.

The first is that 1-Andro converts to into a powerful prohormone 1-Testosterone. 

While 4-Andro, converts to testosterone. Testosterone is the king of steroids. It can always be a guaranteed go to for results.  Hence, 4-Andro is better for muscle mass gains.  

The second, is there is some conversion to estrogen with 4-Andro. There is none with 1-Andro. 

So if you use 4-Andro, have on cycle therapy on hand. 

Ideal Users For 4-Andro

The ideal users of 4-Andro will have several important qualities and attributes that create the ideal situation to use this compound. 

1) Guys 25 years old or older - Science shows that test levels start drop as soon as your late twenties for many men out. This will be different for everybody.

But most healthy guys in their teens and early twenties do not need steroids to pack on mass. You testosterone and HGH levels are through the roof. But steroids will help when your testosterone level start to dip.

2) Guys with a couple anabolic cycles under their belt - 4-Andro is for experienced users only. This means you have at least 4 cycles under you belt before even thinking about cycling 4-Andro. 

I suggest cycling Ostarine or Epi-Andro first. Then moving up to Testolone (RAD 140). Then give LGD 4033 or 1-Andro a try. 

3) No pre existing health issues - This is a big one. Usually, steroids amplify any pre existing health you might already have. So get checked by your doctor for any abnormalities before cycle. 

4) Guys looking to put on a lot of lean muscle - Although you can cut with 4-Andro, this compound shines most when bulking.

All you need to do is eat at slight caloric surplus and train you ass off. Watch the muscle mass pack on your body. 

Who Should Not Use 4-Andro?

1) Guys who are drug tested frequently by doping agencies and sports entities - If you are athlete that receives drug tests then forget about 4-Andro. 

4-Andro and Testosterone are banned by the World Anti Doping Association. You will undoubtedly test positive for both these compounds and suffer extreme repercussions.  

2) Guys who have ran less then 4 cycles - As mentioned early, 4-Andro is only for experienced users. Not steroid beginners. 

3) Guys unsure of their fitness goals - You need to have clarity over what you are trying to achieve in the gym and with your physique before going on cycle.

Otherwise, you will not know how to allocate your resources properly. Thus will not make the most out of your cycle.  

4) Guys who do not want their HTPA heavily suppressed - This will be the case with your natural testosterone production. If you do not want this then Ostarine might be more up your alley.   

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Best 4-Andro Product?

I think the best 4-Andro product out there right now is Super-4 by Olympus Labs. 60 capsules per container. 110 mg/capsule. 

For beginners, one container will last you 7-8 weeks at the minimum dosage. Pretty good. 

Most experienced guys, might need 2-3 bottle for one cycle. But at the price it is, that is not back breaking. 

Make sure you have on cycle therapy on hand during your cycle. Arimacare Pro.

Make sure to follow your cycle up with a post cycle therapy phase

Please get a doctor's approval before using 4-Andro. Get checked up beforehand.

Please get blood work done before, during, and after your cycle to ensure no health issues. 


There you have it. That is our guide to 4-Andro. Remember to follow the advice above guys. 

This is very powerful compound. It is not for anabolics newbies. They should research ostarine or use Epi-Andro

I think experienced users will love this compound. It has a lot of potential to put pack on mass. 

This compound should stay legal give that it is a natural metabolite of DHEA. 

But the killjoys in the government ca change that at anytime. All it takes are a couple lobbyists from a couple powerful pharmaceutical companies to make that happen. 

Fucking corporate dickheads ;(

But I will update this article in the future with the latest on it's legal situation. As for now, it is perfectly legal so you it while you can. 

Have you tried 4-Andro? Let me know what your experiences in the comments. 

I will be happy to answer any questions about 4-Andro below. 

Thanks for reading guys. Happy gainz. 

Ray Kingsman. 

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