5 Reasons Why You Should Build A Great Body


Another rebel post for you guys. We will have more articles coming on anabolic compounds and male enhancement coming soon. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this article.  

There are always going to be those who knock your gym hustle. 

There will be days where you feel so damn tired that you will not even want to go to the gym. 

There will be days your friends entice you to go out with them instead of hitting the gym. 

There will be days you want Burger King for dinner instead of your homemade lean chicken, brown rice, and veggies.

There are a lot of things working against you when you are trying to obtain a fantastic physique. 

Society wants you to be average and in turn will create obstacles when you are trying to achieve goals to rise above the rest. 

This is true to gaining a great physique, having a greta sex life, and starting a business, and making a lot of money. 

Out of all those goals, building a great physique is the easiest and takes the least amount time. Check out my fall cut for proof

You can go from being very chubby to lean and ripped with some noticeable muscle mass (naturally) within a year if you are disciplined and dedicated. 

Nonetheless, it does take effort and discipline. 

Those two things in themselves are big enough obstacles for most people not to get in shape.

Not mention all the other bullshit society throws at you. 

It is far from easy to bypass these obstacles and mental blocks. Hence, why a lot of people do not even get started in the first place. 

One thing that helps this is to remember the reasons why you are trying to achieve your goals. 

Having the reasons right in front of you keeps you motivated and hunger to succeed alive. 

When it comes to building a great physique, this is essential. Hence, why built this list. 

I think it will help a lot of you guys out in staying focused on your goals and priorities. 

Here we go. 

#1 Looking Better Provides You With A Status In Society

Now looks do not provide males with nearly as much status as money. 

And yes, women can reach higher pinnacles in society with their good looks then men. 

But good looking male is already more trustworthy to a stranger than the fat guy who looks like a bum.

The fat guy could be a billionaire or the prince of some third world country. Very few people can gage that by looking at you. 

Strangers will always think better of the good looking guy then of the fat guy. 

Hence the good looking guy will have a much easier time advancing up the societal latter, if all other factors stay same.

Now a guy that has good looks and money (say makes six or seven figures running his business), forget it. It is a rap.

That guy will bull doze through society's building and reach the top echelon men very quickly. 

#2 Looking Good Raises Your Self Esteem And Confidence

Looking good and being healthy makes you feel good physically. The boost physical wellness helps increase mental wellness exponentially. 

Because you look and feel good, your self esteem and worth will slowly start to rise. You will view yourself with pride, admiration, and honor. 

Instead of pity and self loathing, like you had in the past when you were fat and out of shape. 

This shift in mindset happens a little while after you have actually achieved success. That is fine.

It usually takes a bit of time for your mind to catch up to your reality. As long as you finally realize that you look and feel good. 

This really helps combat depression, negativity, and foul mood. You will notice that you value your own opinion more. You will feel more confident in your clothing. You will feel more confident around others. 

You will value yourself way more and that is never a bad thing. You just have to put n the work to achieve it. 

#3 Looking Makes You More Attractive To Women

This should be a given. I do not have a ton experience with women but in the romantic relationships and interactions I have had, girls would tell me that was one of the best looking guys they had ever been with. 

That is great to hear. But I would not be hearing the comment if looks did not matter to girls.

PUAs will tell you that "looks" does not matter. That is far from the truth.
If you want to pick up girls, you will need to max out your physique.

Do not listen to the mainstream media on this. Women want to be with the hottest guys they can find. This is more or less common sense. 

When you look good, you will start to notice more and more women making glances your way. 

You will not be as shy about holding eye contact with other women. Take your maxed out looks plus a little "game" and you will be a beast with women. 

#4 Looking Good Allows You To Fit Better Into Your Clothes

This is obvious. Your clothes will fit you way better when you are jacked and slim instead of when you are fat. 

When you are fat, you are constantly looking for clothes that make you look less fat. This can become burden, not to mention expensive. 

When you fit and in shape, finding good fitting clothes is an easy task. You will have a large selection of clothes to choose from as well. 

This will maximize your style and your looks will continue improve. For newbies, this will take time.

But you will make a large amount of progress very quickly if you are disciplined and stick to the program. 

Better fitting clothes means a sexier looking you. The sexier you are, the more attractive you will be to girls. The better you will feel about yourself as a whole. 

#5 Looking Good Lowers Social Anxiety

Truth be told. Social anxiety can be conquered without you having to get in shape. 

However, achieving a great physique will make you value yourself and your voice more. Therefore, you will not mind as much to give your opinion in front of people.

Because your self esteem has increased, you will have a small sense of entitlement in social interactions. That is not necessarily a bad thing.

On flip side, people will respect your opinion more because you are the good looking guys giving his sense in a conversation.

Not the fat dude that people only respect because he is a "nice guy".

Good looks command more attention from others. This you will adapt to and learn to thrive off of.  


Those are 5 biggest benefits for having a great physique in my opinion. 

For me the biggest ones are #2 and #1. People admire you more when you have a great physique. 

If you are jacked, you are automatically respected by most men around you. They will feel that you are superior to them. Which is great. 

Also being healthy just makes me feel good. My mental state increases in positivity so much and self esteem shoots straight up. 

This makes my days way easier because having low self esteem can really drag you down. 

Anyway, I hope this list inspires some of you to get in shape and experience some of the benefits that I have laid out for here. 


Ray Kingsman