9 Ways To How To Deal With Your Anxiety, Depression, And Insecurities: Proven Techniques That Actually Work


What is popping rebels?

Ray Kingsman coming back at ya. Today, we are doing to delve into a topic we have not talked about too much. 

Insecurities and Anxiety.

We all anxiety can consume our lives, prevent us from taking action on the things we want the most, and eventually lead to life crippling depression. 

I have dealt with insecurities and anxiety in the past. I still deal with it a little now.

I know what it is like to feel like the world is crumbling on top you.

Some of you might not have it that bad. Some of you might just have the basic insecurities about your body, dick size, everything women (rejection, failure, shame, etc), intelligence, etc.

Either way, anxiety and insecurity can be damaging to your life if you let them be.

Most of us do because it is harder to fight it. Fighting might be the single hardest thing to do in life.

Because you are going to combat with yourself and your line of thinking.

For those of you on the extreme end who are suffering from anxiety, know that it is possible to beat and recover. 

This post will go over techniques and tricks that you can actually use right now to beat you insecurities and anxiety.

All of these techniques I have discovered from experience. You will not find anything on here that have not used or tried from daily life.

Granted, beating your anxiety and insecurities will not be an overnight process. This will take time.

Perhaps weeks, months, or years. You are better off starting now.

What is your alternative? Live the rest of your life in saddened or depressed state? Have your insecurities continue to cripple you?

Nah trick. Gain that long term mindset and be in it for the long haul. That is the winning mindset and attitude.

Unfortunately, there is no definite measuring stick for anxiety or insecurity levels. 

However, you will know when you start feel less anxiety in your life. You will start feel liberated. 

This is just something to keep that in mind while going about this journey. Anyway, let's get into it. 

1) Go To The Doctor and Get Blood Work Done

First things first, see a doctor and get blood tests. See where your hormonal levels are at. 

If you have a chemical imbalance with hormones, such as low T3, low testosterone or high estrogen levels, for example.

Then you can take multtude of over the counter and prescription medicals to deal and solve that issue.

There is even treatment for select brain abnormalities nowadays. 

So go to the doctor and see if there is anything wrong with you. 

2) Tackle Your Insecurity Or Anxiety Head On

Okay, this might sound a bit ambiguous but listen to me for a minute.

Let's take body dysmorphia, a lot guys out there believe they are too skinny or fat.

Due to this, they are scared to take their shirts off. They are the guys with their shirts on in the pool.

Until one day, the decides to go the gym and lift some weights and run a mile after doing so.

Within three months of doing that 4-5 times, he realizes that has chest and arms muscles. Also, he is not as fat as he used to be.

Now he is hooked and is determined to achieve the body of a movie star or superhero.

That is what thinks about all the time and bases his lifestyle around. Over the next 3 years, he achieves that. 

Now he wants to take his shirt off everywhere and show off his physique to the world.

He has crushed his old thoughts about having a bad body and now believes he has a better body then everyone else.

This hits home for me. This was me 10 years ago. 

When I was 13 years old, I was a skinny fat teenager. I did not want to take shirt off anywhere and always wore baggy clothes. 

In 8th grade, I was became determined to get rid of the fat. So I ran on the treadmill everyday after school for 30 minutes and practiced karate on the weekends for hours at a time. 

I lost a ton of weight over that school year. It got very skinny. Too skinny, looking back on it. 

The next summer, my brother took my to the gym to lift weights. Within 3 months, I had muscle definition. 

I could lift real weights and I continued to burn fat. The lifting bug hit me and it has been rap ever since. 

I completely killed that body insecurity. It would comeback whenever I gained fat but it was never as bad as it used to be. 

It is because I tacked that insecurity head on. I would not let it control me anymore. That was an empowering feeling. 

I went through the same thing with my dick size (penis enhancement) and women (approach and sexual anxiety). 

Now I am doing the same thing with business. We will see how that unfolds. 

3) Keep Track Of Your Thoughts And Emotions

This is a huge one. You need to begin to track your thought patterns and emotional responses to outside forces in the world. 

Try to break down your habits and see what moods you express the most. 

Is it anger or sadness? 

Back in 2015, I noticed that I would get angry or annoyed at things very quickly. 

No matter how big, small, important, unimportant, relevant, or irrelevant.

All things provoked a similar response. Then I asked myself why I felt that way. 

I realized that I believed that people or the world were always trying to do me wrong for whatever. 

Clearly thats not true. But I internalized that mentality for years. And millions of people around the world do too. 

We need to check ourselves and realize it is not all about us. 

4) Eat Clean And Hit The Gym Frequently

This is a must. Treating your body like shit, makes you feel like shit. 

You should treat your body like temple. It is very important guys. You will notice an instant difference. 

Every guy should be lifting weights and doing cardio multiple times a week. 

Every guy should eating a lot of protein and healthy fats. Only eat slowing digesting and low glycemic carbs. You can have some faster digesting carbs directly after working out.

Eliminate all simple carbs and sugars from your diet. Eliminate all junk food from your diet. It's really that simple. 

Trust me. You will feel an affect in 1-2 weeks maximum. 

5) Do Not Go To Alcohol And/Or Drugs

This is non-negotiatable. Turning to drugs or alcohol usually leads down a dark road that is very hard to turn back from. 

Drugs and alcohol abuse to cope with your mental pain is path to destroying your life.

Usually, nothing but bad decisions and consequences await you on that path.

These are usually used a coping mechanism to deal with the pain of your insecurities or anxiety. 

When you need drugs or alcohol to function is when there is a problem that really needs to be addressed.

Most of you are not there. Some of you use drugs recreationally, which I do not think is bad.

As long as you are in full control of your actions at all times. Which is usually not the case with alcohol and most drugs.

I just prefer to stay away from them almost entirely. Other then some select nootropics and anabolics (if you want to call those drugs), I have never found them fun to use.

I think you are suffering from extreme anxiety, you are better off just staying from drugs and alcohol entirely. 

Work on maximizing your mental state sober with some of the other things I mention on this list. 

6) Be Gracious For The Life You Have

If you are reading this post, there is a good chance you are living in the west or a some developed part of the world.

That means you most likely have all your basic life needs met. Meaning you have food, shelter, a place to sleep, a few people that care about you, access to schools and the internet, etc.

Now my parents grew up in a small village Nigeria. You ever hear about the stories of people in the world who live on 50 cents a day?

Those people were talking about that village my parents grew up in. I have visited that village several times. 

The people there are not miserable. In fact, they are very happy. They have learned to cope with their lack of resources. 

However, their quality of life is terrible. They live in houses made of spare metal and, stone, and some concrete. 

They work 15 hours a day to afford enough money to go buy food for a couple days. 

They have to deal with totalitarian government that has restricted their rights and ability to advance in society socioeconomically.

The government and militias with guns can come in and take everything they own at anytime. They lack the proper resources to better their situation.  

Although we live in a society that gives us the illusion of freedom, we are given all the resources to become rich at our fingertips. 

You can start an internet or service based business right now and be making adding a couple thousand per month more too income with 6 months. 

You have access to organic food and gym at affordable prices. You can sit back and enjoy your luxuries (air conditioning, Netflix, Spotify, etc.) at home.

You have complete control over how you live your life and you usually safe at all times. 

That is not the case in Nigeria. Hence, why my parents left that country. There are no opportunities to advance and get better. 

But they got lucky. Most people in Nigeria do not get the opportunity to leave and are stuck in that shitty situation for the rest of their lives. 

The could have been my parents. I could been born there and succumbed the crippling restrictions of that society. 

But I wasn't. I won the lottery and so did you. 85% of the world lives in the those conditions. That could have been you. 

So stop complaining and sulking. Be grateful that you won the lottery. 

Things could always be way worse.

Take a trip to Syria or Congo, where you are running away from bullets and missiles everyday. 

Now you ave real problems man. That is a shitty situation. 

Having a crappy boss, sitting in traffic everyday, dealing with nosey parents, or slow internet......those are not real problems man. 

Get over yourself and look at the bright side of things. The world is a beautiful place with a lot of things to see and live for.

You just have to look for that stuff and suck into your brain. You need to do actively do that as much as possible. It does help but it does take time integrate in this mentality.

The more you practice gratitude. The easier it will be to see the world from a more positive perspective over time. 

7) Get 7-8 Hours Of Quality Sleep Every Night

Lack of sleep is directly correlated to greater amounts of anxiety and depression. 

You brain and body begin to breakdown if you do not give them the adequate times to recover. 

That can also lead to a whole bunch of long term health issues. Like cardiovascular, hormonal, and organ issues. We do not that.

So please turn off all your electronic devices and hit the sack on time. No need for distractions. Get your quality hours of sleep.

This is something you can start doing right away and feel the difference tomorrow.

Quality sleep might be the biggest issue for you guys. So go get that handled and sleep more. 

8) Set And Pursue Personal Goals And Life Missions

Goal setting and taking action on those goals is crucial to your mindset.

Most people life their lives sitting around and doing nothing to change their unhappy situations.

In turn they feel helpless over situations they completely have control over.

Whether this is losing weight, putting on muscle. starting a business and retiring from the rat race forever, becoming good with women, etc.

You need to set short term and long term personal goals for yourself and stop at nothing to make your dreams a reality. 

The fear of failure and shame from their community stops most people from doing this. 

Those fears are unrealistic because no one really cares what you are doing. Those people are too focused on themselves and their problems.

You should treat yourself with the utmost importance but do not overestimate your importance to others. 

Everyone has to look out for themselves because no else will. Not pursuing what you want in life will add to the anxiety and depression. 

Pursuing what you want to win or lose will harden your resolve, boost your discipline, and will inevitably set you up to win in life. 

So take the #1 thing you would change in your life right now and figure out what you can do about it right now. 

Make goals around taking action and start right now. That is the best advice I can give you about goal setting. 

You already know what you need to do. The main thing is to start right now.

You are going to have a long life. So do not waste it living somebody else's dream or living a life you hate. 

You have plenty of time to change things. Take life by the horns and pursue what you want right now. 

Alex J from Refined Mindset.

9) Check Out Refined Mindset By Alex   

If you thought this list was good, check out my boy Alex J at Refined Mindset.

He has dedicated a whole website into teaching others how to combat anxiety and depression.

All of Alex's content, comes from personal experience. He has spent most of his life combating the problems most of us have. 

Not only has he triumphed but now he is dedicating his life to helping others who are going through the same shit.

He has a plethora of tips, tricks, and goodies to help you fight depression and anxiety.

Check out his personal list of things you can do combat anxiety, insecurities, and depression.

We can all learn a lot from Alex's experiences. Check him out at Refined Mindset. His shit his legit as fuck! 


Okay guys. There you have it. There is a list of 9 things you can start right to combat anxiety, insecurities, and depression. 

Remember guys, as helpless as you think you are, you are in control of your life and it is up you to change things. 

I have listed tips that can help you but it is up to you to act on them. It is very possible to change you situation. 

You just have to have take action. You do not even have to believe everything will work out. 

You just have to change whatever you are doing. Because what are doing now is obviously not working. 

So take a step in the right direction. Begin working on and taking care of yourself and you will see the difference in time.  

Pursue those personal goals and live healthier. You life will change for the better. 

That is all for now. Thanks everyone for reading. I will be back soon. 

Ray Kingsman