What Is The Average Penis Size Nowadays?


This is a post to give you a little more information on what is "average" in terms of penis size. This is let you some of you guys know that you are not too far behind.

On the flip side, some of you will learn how far you need to go in order to reach the upper echelon of penis size.

Either way, this is a post meant to put your current status, results, expectations, and goals in perspective compared to the rest of the world.

I want to show a lot of you that you are not as far away as you think from having big penis you want hanging off your body.

And show you how very little growth is actually needed to be above average in dick size wherever you go in the world.

Trust me guys. A lot of you are not as far behind as you think. I am about to show you why.

Where I Coming From On This Stuff

So I remember when I first started this stuff. I had a 5.5 inch penis while erect and a 4.5 inches in girth.

For some reason, I thought I was below average in penis. Therefore, I sought to find ways I could increase my penis size without expensive surgery.

I did not even take the time to wonder "what average penis size was". Of course, I did not take the time to research this question either.

I let my insecurities get the worst of me. I assumed I was below average and needed to do something about it.

I do not think this is actually a bad thing. Because I grew my dick is just to about 6.5 inches erect and about 5 inches in girth and I was am as confident as ever. I built up greater work ethic because this journey too.

Side Note: I have since regressed because my I did male enhancement sparing throughout the end 2015 and al of 2016. But I am getting back into it hardcore soon. 

However, I wish someone had told me that I was not that below average when I started. In the beginning, I thought I would never get a girlfriend of have a family because no girl wants to be with a guy that has a small dick.

This really took a hit on my self-esteem. It sucked. No one defined what a small dick was and I did not have the brains to find it. So I just acted on my anxiety and insecurity.

I do not want the same thing to happen to you guys. I want to give you guys the facts so you can put starting point and training in perspective for the future and not shatter your self-esteem.

This will help you guys train without the constant fear of feeling inadequate all the time. That will definitely help you do your routines stress free. Which makes this process a whole lot easier.

The Research And The Numbers

Check out the links to these articles below. They break down the numbers of a average penis sizes according to certain demographics around the world.
Medical News Today Article
Daily Mail Article
The Telegraph Article

What the studies and research reveal is that the average penis size is much smaller than I originally thought.

I always thought the average erect penis size was 6 full inches in length. That is what most people considered the norm while I was growing up.

However, the actual average penis size is well below. It is about 3/4 of inches below that mark.

Most places in the world have the average male dick size between 5 and 5.25 inches long while erect and 3.5 inches while limp. The average erect girth is about 4.5 inches and 3.5 inches while limp.

This is fascinating. By those numbers, I started with a slightly above average penis size. I never would have guessed.

Nearly 70% of men surveyed either fell in or were above this average range in penis size.

However, nearly 65% of men between the ages of 18 to 44 still feel insecure about their penis size.

Incredible. I definitely would have fallen into both of those groups. I was slightly above average but still very insecure about my penis size.

I was so insecure, I did exercises to lengthen and swell up my dick.

How These Studies Were Conducted

I wanted to do some research into how these studies were conducted. I wanted to know if I was being swindled by some bias non-profit and/or organization looking to publish a study to support their ideas and personal/political agendas.

This is something you have to look out for with any study you choose to use as a source. It is simply another way of legitimizing the results, findings, numbers, and conclusions drawn from the study.

They seem to have no foul play. Several thousand men between the ages of 18 and 44 were simply surveyed by The Institute Of Psychiatry and The Journal Of Urology.

They aimed to figure out what the average penis size was and wondered how many men were insecure about their penis size. So far they seem to be legit so we will roll with their results.

Is Penis Size Insecurity A Body Dysmorphic Disorder?

A body dysmorphic disorder is characterized as a anxiety toward and preoccupation with a certain area of the body. It usually comes about during the pre teen years as people mature.

Many think of people who suffer from these disorders as living a distorted reality. Think of the ultra skinny anorexic or bulimic girl who thinks she is fat. Or the really jacked guy who works out like crazy and still thinks he still skinny.

Those are the two most classic examples. These disorders are driven by insecurity.

I do not believe penis size dysmorphia is an officially diagnosed yet as a disorder. But it should be. These are guys who have average dick sizes that still believe they have small dicks and do exercises to fix them.

I was one of those guys. I worked for a year and a half because I had a false insecurity.

My Perspective And Thoughts

I have some unique thoughts and views on this dysmorphia and insecurity stuff.

I urge young to read it through before they make judgments and write it off as "this guy is a loser". So hold on. This might get interesting.

I do not think these insecurities are a necessarily a bad thing. In fact, I think they can be used to your advantage.

I do not think the "just get over yourself" or "be confident" shit works when it comes to dealing with insecurities.

My insecurities fuel me to improve myself. They motivate me to get work done. This has always been the case with me.

When I was fourteen, I was insecure about how skinny was. So I have went to the gym and lifted weights several times a week ever since. I have since out on fifty pounds in muscle and I am 10% body fat.

When I was 15 and a freshman in high school, I received relatively average grades.

I began thinking if I continued my path I would a blue collar worker who makes no money. Be stuck in my rural hometown forever and never experience a fun or fulfilling life.

So I studied harder and got straight As for the 2 and half years in high school. I stopped caring during the last semester of high school.

But I got in a Teir 1 university in a big city. That led to me getting a great job at a good consulting company after graduation.

In college I was insecure about my social skills, I am naturally introverted. But I worked on slowly becoming for comfortable talking to people I do not know by approaching a few random people every day.

That paid dividends when it came career networking. Or building meaningful relationships with people and creating long lasting friendships.

The same thing is true when I started growing my dick. Once it got huge my insecurities ceased. I have to hop back on the wagon again though.

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At the very least, this is enough information for you get started and keep your progress going over the next couple months.

The way to really beat insecurities is to work on them daily. Pick one thing at a time and put in the work into improving yourself. Then you will slowly see results.

Those results will motivate you to work harder. Over time, the results will amplify and you feel great. You believe your hard work and results makes you better than others.

Once you are finally achieve and/or satisfied with your results, you will move on to something else.

The same can be said for my bodybuilding goals. I had insecurities about the way I looked.

So I fixed it by hitting the gym continuously. I cut fat and got back in shape. Then my mindset changed and insecurities ceased. 

The success is what kills the insecurity, not "getting over it" or whatever the fuck that means. This is the life and protocol of goal oriented men.

I have always used my insecurities as a way of challenging myself. They honestly make me a better person.

Now do not get me wrong. They need to kept in check.

Your insecurities should not stop you from living your life and completing your daily activities.

If they do, then you have a problem. But that is only a small number of people.

Most people just have a lagging insecurity that you think about and judge yourself on frequently. That is fine. Use it as a fuel to get work done. Get slightly obsessed and do everything you can to succeed.

That is how I have always treated my insecurities. Do not be the guy who complains but does nothing to improve himself or make the situation better. That makes you a loser. Do not be a loser dude.


You are not as far behind as think man. Just keep that mind when you start PE. By no means should you be satisfied with you where you are at but do not beat yourself up. Just get started on growing you dick.

Chances are you are around average sized anyway. That means you might be able to grow you dick to 7 inches or more. That will kill your insecurity.

But just keep in mind, it does not take much to be above average. You gotta put in the work consistently and you will get there. I did. Keep working at it guys. You are closer than you think to being hung.

I hope this article shed some light on the average penis size. You guys that far off. 

I also learned that it does not take much to become above average. If you dick size is north of 6 inches then you are far above average. 

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Thanks Again,

Ray Kingsman