Bandage Wrap Penis Extender Technique

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The Importance Of Dick Extension

I did not keep my dick extended for the first 2 weeks or so when I started my penis enlargement journey.

Although it was only two weeks, I definitely think I caused myself some gains. It sucks.

But I learned quickly. I would always see my dick retract back to it regular size after a couple hours.

It was very deflating after spending 30 minutes doing these exercises. So I went to some creepy forums to seek knowledge.

Some experienced penis enlargement gurus were telling me that needed to keep my penis extended after doing PE exercises as well as during the day for hours at a time to really cement my gains.

Really? I need to keep my dick was extended for 8 hours a day in order for it to lengthen? That is nuts. Is that even possible?

Enter Dick Extenders

Well....Obviously it is. So I looked up for different ways to keep your penis extended for multiple hours at a time. At first, I only came across expensive penis extenders. Like SizeGenetics Penis Extender.

My frugal ass self refused to buy them. I thought it was another bullshit gimmick. Just like penis pills and testosterone boosters. Fuck that.

Quick Side Note: I was completely wrong about penis extenders. There is a really good one and can make a difference in your gains. I did end up buying one. It was a game changer.


I wanted to avoid spending money. Therefore, I looked for free or very cheap and effective ways to keep my dick extended.

There is usually a free or cheap alternative to do everything. I thought the same would be true for extender devices.

Lone behold, I was right. After asking enough guys on creepy forums. I discovered the bandage wrap penis extender technique.

Basically, these creepy guys were telling me wrap my dick up in bandages after I did my PE routine.

Ah. What?

Enter Bandage Wrap Penis Extender Technique

As I mentioned earlier, this technique consists of stretching out your flaccid/limp (non erect) dick and then wrapping it bandages to keep it extended for long periods of time. Only wrap the shaft. Do not wrap the glans or balls.

You can also use bandage wrap. Wrap around your dick twice around. Do not wrap the glans or the balls.

Make sure there is not too much pressure around the dick. We do not want to restrict blood flow. The wrap should be comfortable around your dick.

When wrapping, make sure to stretch your limp dick out in front of you. This is the state in which you want to wrap your dick. This will maximize the use of this extension technique.

This allows your limp dick to stay extended to almost the length of your extended penis. This increases the speed rate of your gains. Not only that, the size of your limp dick will increase drastically too.

More importantly, it prevents you from getting turtle dick. This means your dick retracting back into your body. This is what happened to me when I first started manual penis exercises.

Pros To Bandage Wrap Penis Extension Technique.

I really like gem because it allows for your limp dick to really add some inches. It is very possible to get your limp dick between the 4.5-5.5 inch range. That is massive and way above average.

The goal should be to get your flaccid dick to the same length as your penis erect when your first started your penis enlargement exercises.

My goal was around 5 inches limp. I got there in 18 months of consistent work. You can too.

Cons To Bandage Wrap Penis Extension Technique

-Your dick needs to be re-wrapped every 15 to 30 minutes to promote blood flow. This technique can be used all day long as long as it is consistently re-wrapped for blood circulation purposes.

-Not as adjustable as penis extender. On a good extender, you can adjust the length of your limp dick in the device without pain. It allows to add a tiny bit of length at a time.

As opposed the bandage technique, that is pretty much impossible without taking all the wrapping off first. Very tedious and time consuming.

-The bandages can be rough on the skin. This can be the case when putting on and removing the bandage. Leaving the bandage on the skin can be rough on the penis too.

Make sure to moisten the skin on your dick whenever you put on, readjust, or take off the bandage. Do that and you should be fine.

-This is probably more expensive than a penis extender device in the long run. A good extender device will cost north of $150. You will probably run through that monetary amount in bandages or wrap within a matter of months.

It might make more sense to get an extender if you can afford it. It will be cheaper in the long run.

Wrapping It All Up......

This is a great technique to increase your limp dick size and fortify your PE gains.

However, this will probably not do too much for your erect dick gains. That has been my experience. It will make sure your erect dick does not get smaller.

To increase your erect size, you will need a solid penis enlargement routine or use devices (like Bathmate or SizeGenetics). That will also affect your limp penis size and allow you to better utilize this bandage wrapping technique.

If you want to your dick to look huge while limp or look "hung" then you will want to try out this technique. Especially if you cannot afford an extender device right now.

Or you can use an extender device and the bandage wrapping technique, When you are not using your extender device, you can have your dick wrapped up.

This stuff is really all about keeping you dick from returning to its original size. We want to prevent that by all costs.

Over time, your limp dick will become longer and longer.

Remember penis enlargement is marathon, not a sprint. This takes hours of consistent, like all goals

You will get to where you are going one day at a time. Success Rebels count the small wins. 

We break our goals down into daily action items and execute our action plans. 

The bandage penis extender is just another tool to add to you plan along with warming up, jelqing, penis stretching, cooling down, or Bathmate exercises.

Remember, a goal without a plan is a wish. Always. 

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Ray Kingsman

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