Bathmate HydroMax Common Questions & Answers


These are common questions and answers that I have heard about Bathmate over the past several months.

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I have compiled them into a list so they you can go through them have hopefully find an answer to your question.

This guide goes through the basics of Bathmate, as well as some advanced questions and concepts of penis enlargement.

Hopefully this guide is beneficial to you. I wish I had something like this when I started. It would have been so helpful.

This really does hit a lot of the basic questions. So a lot of you guys who still have questions about Bathmate should invest some time in reading and digesting the information in the guide.

Warning: None of this information should construed as medical advice. This information is the opinion of the author and the author only.

If you need medical advice, please seek out a Doctor or a medical professional. Please see our medical disclaimer and general disclaimer to the left.

This post is quite long so take your time going through it. Here we go. Let's get started.

What Size Bathmate Should I Get?

​There a couple sizes to Bathmate Hydromax. I talked about them more in depth in my Bathmate Review. There is the X20, Hercules, X30, X40, and Goliath.

The X20 is where I would have started if I had not been jelqing and penis stretching for a couple months before using Bathmate.

This model is for guys between 4 and 5.5 inches in erect length. It basically covers guys who are below average and to average in penis size.

The Hercules model is the original model of Bathmate. This is meant for guys who are between 5.5 and 7 inches in length.

The X30, which is the model I own, has since replaced the Hercules model. The X models contain 35% more suction power than the original Hercules model.

The X30 model is about the same size as the Hercules model. It contain slightly more girth though.

It is the stronger and newer device compared to the Hercules and the most popular in the Bathmate chain.

The X40 is meant for guys who are between 7 and 8.5 inches in length. This is for guys who have been in the male enhancement game for a while or who are gifted with a naturally large penis.

The Goliath model is meant for guys 8.5 and 10 inches long. This model must only be for male pornstars. I do not know anyone with a dick that big.

But I am sure there are some people with a large dick size that use this model. They would not make it if people were not buying it. Right?

​How Long Does It Take To Arrive After Ordering Bathmate?

​My took about 7 business days to arrive. I ordered it on a Monday and did not arrive until Wednesday the following.

In general though, it should take about 5 to 10 business to ship and deliver to your address if you use regular shipping. You can pay extra for priority shipping if you would like.

They usually ship from Oregon or Michigan. It depends on which one you are closer to. It ships from Toronto if you are in Canada.

Will I Get Confirmation Emails Upon Ordering Bathmate?

Yup. You should get confirmation email. That email should come with a confirmation number.

You should receive these emails within an hour of ordering. If you do not see them in you inbox then check your spam folder. Some email carriers (Gmail, Yahoo, MSN) label all "male enhancement" stuff as spam.

If you see no email within your inbox or spam folder then call customer support at this number....

Your package will arrive in 5 to 10 business days. My arrived in 7 business days. I ordered Bathmate on a Monday and it arrived on Wednesday of the following week. Not too bad.

The package is a simple white box. You usually do not have to sign for it. I did not. There is a return address on it that is labeled just "Bathmate". Nothing about the package stands out.

It does not scream "I am trying to make my dick bigger". I am very discrete about this stuff and I know some of your guys are too. I would not want anything to stand out upon delivery.

​What Should I Expect When I Open The Package?

​If you have ordered the pump then that is what you should expect. It will be encased in a branded box (that is in the original white box).

If you order the extreme the you expect the penis pump, hand pump, cleaning kit, comfort pad, the plastic strap, etc.

Overall there are not too many parts and you can probably figure this out by just looking at it.

How Do I Assemble This Thing?

​This video goes through how to assemble and use Bathmate device. This is pretty damn simple actually. There are only a couple parts and you will be able to do this just by eyeballing things.

What Type Of Results Should I Expect With Consistent Use?

You should expect everything I talked about in my Bathmate Hydromax Review. You will experience immediate gains and sick pump in your dick upon the use of Bathmate.

You can use Bathmate by itself and make good gains. However, you are best served combining Bathmate with manual exercises and SizeGenetics Penis Extender.

Complete newbies can gains 1.5 to 2 inches in length and 1.5 inches in girth within 10 to 12 months of consistent. I have heard of this happening over and over again for newbies who are dedicated.

More experienced might experience slower gains only because their body is more used to penis enlargement and they have already used up some of their genetic ceiling.

Is Bathmate Good For Length Gains Too?

Yes. Bathmate encourages length gains as well as girth gains. They also help maintain length gains if you are taking a break from male enhancement for an extended period of time.

I have to emphasize though. Bathmate alone does not maximizelength gains. Using Bathmate along with SizeGenetics and manual stretching will maximize length gains.

However, you can use Bathmate for penis stretching. I will talk about that in a future post. 

Fuck My PE Routine. Can I Gain Size Just Using Bathmate?

Absolutely. As I stated earlier, you will good gains with using just Bathmate alone. Keep in mind though, you still need to do a warm up and cool down when using just Bathmate by itself.

However, to maximize your gains you will need to combine Bathmate with jelqing exercises, stretching exercise, and SizeGenetics Penis Extender.

Can I Use Bathmate If I am Uncircumcised?

Yes. Actually, Bathmate is supposed to help with foreskin health. It stretches and lengthens the skin on your penis.

This allows for better blood flow and traction to the penis. It will also allow for firmer and harder erections. That is always great.

Should I Use Bathmate Flaccid Or Erect?

​Over the first 3 to 4 weeks, you want to learn how use your Bathmate and get your dick used to the pressure.

Therefore it is a good idea to use the device when your dick is in a limp (flaccid) state over this time period. Check with your Doctor to make sure you are good to use Bathmate with a full erection.

I used Bathmate in a limp state for the first 6 weeks or so. Then I read that using it with an erection leads to better gains. So I starting using it with a hard on.

The results were crazy. My dick looked enormous. The pump felt unreal and I got the immediate satisfaction I was looking for.

At first, I could only use the device for 5 minutes on a full erection. Now I can use it for just about 20 minutes. But that took a couple months to get to that point.

Talk to your doctor and build up that point with your Bathmate use. Then you will make crazy gains.

​Is It Okay If My Erection Goes Away While Using Bathmate?

​That is fine. I would not worry about that too much. That used to happen to me all the time and it never really affected my gains. Nor did I see any adverse effects from this.

A lot of the time, I can only maintain my boner for about 5 minutes before my dick slowly retracts over the length of the session.

Once you have played around with Bathmate for a couple weeks and talked to your doctor, you should try entering it with a full boner.

If you can maintain the boner the whole time (slim chance if you are a novice) then you will have a sick post bathmate pump.

Should I Manually Stretch And Jelq Or Use Bathmate?

Ideally both. You want to use a full suite of penis enhancement techniques in order to maximize your penis growth.

Warm up, jelqing exercises, stretching routine, bathmate routine, cool down, and wear SizeGenetics Penis Extender for 8+ hours a day. This will be great for your gains.

Should I do My Manual Exercise Routine Before Or After Using Bathmate?

I do it before using Bathmate. This is there is no way I could manually stretch my dick after using Bathmate. My penis is just too enlarged and full of blood.

However, I have not heard any adverse affects to doing manual exercises after Bathmate. I would just not work for me.

Should I Buy A Cheaper Pump On Amazon?

Buy at your own risk. I bought a cheaper pump on Amazon from who I thought was the original authentic retailer. It turns out that it was a knock off pump that did not even work correctly.

The return process was a nightmare and took three weeks to get a refund. I use Amazon all the time too.

My thing is I cannot guarantee you find a pump from the authentic Bathmate retailer is you go through Amazon.

What I can guarantee is that if you use the go the original and authentic Bathmate store then you buying the real thing from the real retailer.

You wont have the shitty issues of buying the fake pump like I did. Yes, it is more expensive. However, this is an investment in yourself and penis gains.

By using this device, you are maximizing your chances to be well hung and never feel inadequate about your penis size ever again. That is well worth the money in my opinion.

I know because I did it. Buying Bathmate was one of best decisions I ever made. It sped up my progress and allowed me to gain confidence through success.

This an investment guys. Meaning you will gain something in return. High prices are not always a bad thing.

High prices usually imply a quality product being sold. Bathmate fits in that category. Plus dealing with Amazon when returning an item sucks.

The device will also last you years. You wont need another one for a long time. I think it is a good deal. Buy through the retailer guys. It will make your life much easier.

Should I Buy The Whole Set Or Just Pump?

This is entirely up you. I thought about buying just the pump at first. Then I decided to buy the whole set because I thought it would make life easier and increase my gains. Which it has.

The hand pump works very well in manipulating the pressure for the device. The cleaning kit makes cleaning the Bathmate much easier.

These things are not necessary but they are nice to have and make life easier. This is up to you and your priorities.

You can always get these extra supplies later. If money is tight, get just the pump for now. Then save up some money and buy the supplies you want.

Can I Use SizeGenetics With Bathmate?

Yes. This is how you will maximize your penis length. Wear your SizeGenetics Extender after you do your Bathmate and cool down exercises for at least 1- 2 hours.

Also wear your extender for 8+ hours throughout the day. This in addition to Bathmate and manual exercises will maximize penis size.

How Do I Make Sure My Dick Does Not Go Cold After Using Bathmate?

The key is to make sure you are not restricting the blood flow of your dick any way. An easy way to do this is to not wear any underwear after you use Bathmate or do PE.

Wearing boxers or tighty whities shrivels up your dick due to the lack of room it has to hang out freely. This restricts blood flow.

Avoid this buy just going commando for a couple hours after doing your Bathmate and manual stretches. You can just let your dick hang. I would suggest wearing your extender though.

Help! Im Getting Red Dots After Using Bathmate. What Should Do?

This is more of a common issue among those new to penis enlargement. It is usually the cause of going too hard for too long with Bathmate.

The red dots mean you need to rest from your male enhancement routine for a couple days. Discontinue doing any PE exercises until the red dots go away.

This works pretty well for most beginners. DO NOT OVERTRAIN GUYS. Especially when getting started with this stuff. This is an easy trap to fall into when you see immediate gains.

This is also an easy way to do damage to your dick. We want to improve our penises, not hurt them. Right?

You can also see your Doctor as a precaution to ensure that everything is okay with your dick. It might not be necessary but there is nothing wrong with being a bit cautious.

How Do I Clean This Device?

I use liquid soap and submerge it into hot water. It is very similar to cleaning a cup. I use anti-bacterial soap. It is not too complicated if you do not have the cleaning.

Just make sure sure you clean and rinse out all portions of the Bathmate . Remove all excess water before and after washing.

You should wash you Bathmate a couple times a month for simple hygiene purposes. I usually wash mine once a week. It only takes a couple minutes.

Is Sex Or Masturbation Okay After Using Bathmate?

I would not recommend jerking off after using Bathmate unless you do not ejaculate. If you can masturbate without ejaculating (edging) then that is fine.

This has to do with blood flow. Meaning that you want you dick have adequate blood flow post Bathmate session.

It is definitely okay to have sex. Condoms might be an issue for more experienced guys. Your dick will grow to a point where Magnums might not even fit post Bathmate.

Should I Be Clean Shaven When Using Bathmate?

Not necessary but it does make the experience easier on your penis for sure. It makes the suction process a lot easier on your dick.

If you have a lot of pubic hair, I would recommend that you at least shave a bit of hair off.

Should I Use Hot, Warm, or Cold Water with Bathmate?

Hot or warm water. This is much safer for the nerve ending in your penis. Allows for better suction on the penis as well.

Plus, using cold water during the process would be absolutely miserable and uncomfortable.

Does It Help With Flaccid Size?

Yes, it will help your flaccid size. For a month before a bought my SizeGenetics Penis Extender, I stopped using my bandage extender and doing manual exercises.

I just did Bathmate because I was getting used to using the device. During that month, I gained close a quarter inch in flaccid length. In my experience, Bathmate does help with flaccid length.

However, I think SizeGenetics Penis Extender is way better for flaccid penis length growth.


There you go. Theses are the most common questions that I have come across while talking about Bathmate. All of my answers come through experience and research.

This guide is quite long. Therefore, you should take your time going through it. I tried to give an many details as I could so I hope this helps you out.

I wish something like this was available when I started using this device. It would have been so helpful. I had to learn this stuff through extensive trial and error.

Thank god I did not fuck myself up in the process in the process. I was careful in the way I approached my training though. I took on new aspects of PE slowly and allowed my body time to adjust.

You should do the same. It will go a long way for your gains and really help you become an expert at this whole PE thing,

More content to come soon. To learn more about Bathmate then check out The Official Online Store. Good luck with your training guys.

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