How To Use Bathmate HydroPump For Penis Length (Intermediate Level)


The device we are talking about below is Bathmate Hydropump. You can learn more about it in our official review and guide to Bathmate. ​

Is Bathmate For Length Or Girth?

Most people think Bathmate is for girth and erection size. However, you can also use this device to make length gains as well as girth.

Using the Bathmate the regular way mainly promotes girth and a little bit. You will notice this after you use the device. You will see that your dick actually a lot thicker and little bit longer.

But what if you wanted to just focus on length instead of girth. Over course you can.

Just talk to your doctor before and make sure you are healthy and good to go with Bathmate. View our medical disclaimer for more details.

I would recommend that you do the Bathmate Beginner's Routine first. This will get your dick conditioned to use Bathmate. Then start using Bathmate for length.

Your dick needs to get used to Bathmate before using it. Hence this is why this routine is for guys who are a couple weeks or months in penis enlargement.

How Bathmate Stretches Work?

These Bathmate stretches are actually very similar to manual stretches that you might do along with jelqing. Just a little more intense because you are hitting the internal part of your penis too.

You are stretching the organic tissue that the penis is made out of. The tissue reacts and adjusts to the stretching by becoming longer and stronger. So in turn, you will gain length to your dick.

We also want to stretch the parts of the penis that are inside your body. Poke the part of the body next to your penis. Notice that your finger goes in just a little bit.

That is the area we want to stretch as well. Lengthening this area will provide more length to your penis. This is what will give your penis that hung look that a lot of you guys want (including myself when I started) so badly.

Unfortunately, jelqing and manual stretching does not address this internal tissue nearly as well Bathmate does. Bathmate targets this tissue and looks to expand it.

Bathmate Length Routine

In this situation, you would use Bathmate as you would usually. There are just some slight modifications for stretching purposes.
Let's explain below:

1) Fill the Bathmate device with hot or warm water.
2) Place the device on your penis.
3) Start pumping and let out all the excess water from the device.
4) Give your penis a minute or two of rest.
5) Hold the Bathmate by the base and pull forward until you feel a moderate stretch and hold for 30 seconds.
6) Hold the Bathmate by the base and pull upward until you feel a moderate stretch and hold for 30 seconds.
7) Hold the Bathmate by the base and pull downward until you feel a moderate stretch and hold for 30 seconds.
8) Hold the Bathmate by the base and pull right until you feel a moderate stretch and hold for 30 seconds.
9) Hold the Bathmate by the base and pull left until you feel a moderate stretch and hold for 30 seconds.
10) Repeat this routine of stretches 3 times during your penis enlargement session. Push out the excess water after completing a cycle of the stretches.

Things To Remember

  • Always hold the base of the Bathmate device when doing these stretches. This will prevent your balls (nutsack) from being sucked into the device.

    Getting your balls sucked into the device hurts a lot. It is not a pleasant experience. Just hold the base of the Bathmate device to prevent this.
  • This is very similar to manual stretching. You are pulling on the dick to feel a stretch. This should not hurt at any time.
  • You can actually do these stretches on a full erection. But you can also start on a 50% to 60% to get used to the movements, pressure, and stretches.

    Just remember not to overdo things. Take your time and learn how to this stuff correctly. Be safe and talk to your doctor before you get started.
  • The Bahtmate device should be tight on the body. This allows for good suction and pressure to be put on the penis.


These are good exercises for to do for guys who are more focused on length than girth. This allows for you to focus the Bathmate device and training more toward length goals.

You can replace manual stretches with these Bathmate stretches if you want. In my opinion, Bathmate stretches effective than manual stretches. Add them to any of our Bathmate, SizeGenetics , Combined or Beginner routines.

From my experience they work pretty well. You just have to give your dick a couple weeks to adjust to Bathmate first. I cannot stress enough guys, stay safe and take your time.

This stuff will work if you stay consistent and determined. To learn more Bathmate, check out The Official Online Store.

Anyway, good luck and happy gains.

Ray Kingsman