Jumpstart Your Dick Growth By Treating Your Bathmate Routine Like Weightlifting


Hello everyone! 

What's popping in the world penis growth and dick gains?

Are you guy seeing progress with your penis enhancement routine? 

I know I have not talked about any male enhancement stuff in a while. I still receive a bunch of questions on this though. 

A bunch of them consist of: How long will it take? How much effort is needed? Etc.

I believe I addressed these questions in my these previous posts: Bathmate (or Penomet) + SizeGenetics Guide and Jelqing + Penis Stretching Guide

However, it seems like I need to keep beating some of you guys over the head with this theme. 

So I will continue to remind you of the most important aspects of success with male enhancement as well as most other things in life, as long as it is necessary.

Anyway, long story short, results are going to take awhile. Your gains will not come overnight dude.

A lot of you need to shift your mentality toward putting in effort toward the long term picture.  

Try and move away from the sprinter's mentality. It is not realistic for long lasting results. 

For those who have not read my male enhancement articles before or need a bit of a refresher, let me hit you guys with a quick explanation of what Bathmate is. 

What Is Bathmate? 

Bathmate is a suction device that uses water pressure to exhaust the soft tissue on penis. Thus causing it to expand. 

Overtime, your penis will get bigger, stronger, longer, and wider. Because more blood enters the penis when the penile tissue expands, you can get harder erections. 

One of the great things about Bathmate is you can use it on a full boner, this allows you to get a sick pump. 

This pump will give dick temporary (a few hours) growth because your penis is full of blood. Your cock will appear to be longer and wider. 

This is why Bathmate makes male enhancement awesome. 

It is also important to incorporate in rest days into your routine. Like bodybuilding, your penile grows when you rest and allows for the damaged to tissue to repair itself bigger and stronger. 

That is exactly what we want. So there is a quick overview of Bathmate guys. 

What Does Weightlifting Have To Do With Bathmate

So I made a quick correlation in the last section between bodybuilding and penis growth. 

I want to expand on this comparison to show you guys how much these two worlds actually have in common. 

Weightlifting is a form of resistance training that bodybuilding and other athletes use to build muscle and strength in the gym. 

The goal is to beat up your muscles in the gym with heavy weight and bunch of repititions to fatigue the skeletal muscle. 

This is so the muscle can later adjust to your training by repairing itself bigger and stronger then it once was. 

This is the case for all the muscles in our body. You can probably see how this is similar to how Bathmate works, as I explained above. 

But it is not just the breakdown of muscle that is important, it is understanding the expectations that come along with muscle growth. 

It takes time to build muscle and strength. A lot of time. 

You will always find idiots in the gym around New Year's, Spring Break, and the summer time who think they can get jacked and shredded in three weeks. 


It does not work that way. You need to put in the work little by little everyday. 

By focusing on just doing the work everyday for months or years at a time, you will one wake and notice that have gotten bigger and lost body fat. 

But you never would have gotten there without the long term and work focused mentality. 

The same applies to penis growth. 

Managing Your Expectations Is Key To Success

When trying to grow your dick, it is more important to focus on getting the work.completed and doing correctly. 

Your expectations on your results and effort need to be in line with reality. If this is not the case, the chances of failure skyrocket. 

Going back to the gym example, think of one of your friends who said he was going to put on 10 pounds on muscle in 8 weeks. 

Assuming he is natty and fat slob, you probably would not take him seriously. Right?

I wouldn't.

Now imagine a guy with a 5 inch penis saying he will add 2 inches to his erect size in 2 weeks.

Compare that to the bodybuilding example above, the two thoughts are very similar.

Guys need to look putting in work for the long term and understand that real results with penis growth take time. 

You will see a some good results immediately and then a few more months to see incremental changes. 

If you are not down to put in the time, then you are not serious about growing your dick.

Those who are not serious or committed to seeing results will fail because they will not put in the work over a long period time. 

Trust me guys. I have seen it time and time again. Do not be guy. 

Those Who Plan And Take Action For The Long Term Get The Quickest Results

It is quite ironic, those who put in the work end up realizing their goals the quickest. Simply because guys with short term perspectives quite so often. 

Because the committed is focused putting the work, he has the discipline to put the effort day after day to reach his results. 

The short term perspective guy, will only be able to do that for a matter of weeks before getting frustrated and quitting. 

There that guy sees no results because he had unrealistic expectations and he quit before the results could materialize from his work.

Now take the guy who is in it for the long haul, he might be only 80% of the work he is supposed for his penis growth day after day but does the essentials (warm up, bathmate, stretching, penis extender, etc.).

But if he does it for months to years at a time, he will see better results then the guy who went hard for a month and then gave up. 

Always. Which guy would you rather be?

Implementing A Long Term Bathmate or PE Strategy

Hopefully you get the point. I think I drilled the theme home for you guys. Let it sink in. 

For guys who are serious, I have a wealth of knowledge and long term penis growth routines you can use for your male enhancement. I have made a list below. 

As you know, I suggest implementing Bathmate (or Penomet) and SizeGenetics (or Phallosan Forte). You can find those products in the link below and get priority shipping.

Here are routines you can use when implementing your penis growth strategy that have worked very well for me:

  1. Bathmate & SizeGenetics Routine - This is a combined routine between both products that maximizes girth and length. You can interchange Bathmate with Penomet or SizeGenerics with Phallosan Forte. It's up to you. 
  2. Exclusive Beginner's Bathmate Routine - This is the routine I used when first started using Bathmate. This maximized the "beginner growth effect" for me.
  3. Bathmate Stretches Guide and Routine - This is my guide on how to maximize length using Bathmate.

    Although I think SizeGenetics, Phallosan Forte, and penis stretching are all better for penis length; you can make pretty good length with Bathmate stretches.

If you do not want to buy any products, you still have options that allow you to start your penis enhancement journey right now. 

These are manual exercises. Specifically, jelqing (for girth) and penis stretching (for length). Here is a combined beginner's routine using both of these exercises.

Rest Is Just As Important As Taking Action

Like weightlifting and bodybuilding, taking rest days is very important. As explained earlier, your soft tissue repairs itself and grows stronger and bigger when you rest. 

Not while you are doing the actual exercises. Bathmate, jelqing, or stretching just serve as mechanisms to create different types of force and pressure to break down the soft tissue on your penis.

These physical pressures on your penis forces it to improve and grow in size soon after the exercise has taken place when you rest.

This is the body (and penis) adapting to a change in it's environment or everyday circumstances. Your body does the same thing when you beat it in the gym. 

Your muscles getting bigger is a sign of your adjusting to those workouts. Put you safely put small of pressure on your body, it can adapt to almost anything. 


There you have it. I think I have beaten this theme to death but I feel myself needing address this again with all the questions I have been getting lately about expectations. 

I hope this answers those questions and sets a lot of you straight on what you need to do. 

Please hit me up if you have any questions. Let me hear all about experiences with penis growth in the comments below. 

Thanks guys, 

Ray Kingsman