Bathmate Results: My Story And Expectations


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Why I Got Into PE?

So I got into male enhancement about 3 years ago. Around that time, I was very insecure about my penis size. I felt as if my dick size was not adequate enough to satisfy any woman.

I believed that if my dick was small then no woman would ever want to be with me. Let alone have sex with me.

This might have been an over-exaggeration for me at the time but I really did feel that way about penis size. Therefore, I sought out solutions to fix this long lingering problem of mine.

I searched the internet for weeks and looked for information specifically about penis enlargement. I had to go to the gallows of the web to find the valuable information I was looking for.

Once I had gathered enough information, I put together a manual exercise routine and progressed slowly. I started off easy to learn the exercises and condition my penis for harder training.

Male Enhancement Before Bathmate

So my routines consisted mainly of jelqing and manual stretching. I took my time getting acclimated to these exercises. I would wear a bandage extender for about 6 to 8 hours day as well.

My dick was about 5.5 inches erect and 3 inches flaccid when I first started doing these exercises. I was actually above average in size

My goal was added 1 inch to my erect and limp dick length over the span of two years.

In about eight months, I added 0.75 inches to my erect length and 0.5 inches to my length. I was already half way to my goals.

I was very happy with my results but I wanted to take things to next level. That is when I started looking into devices I could add into my dick enlargement routine.

Male Enhancement After Bathmate

I went back to gallows and creepy edges of the internet to look for answers and solutions. I discovered a device called Bathmate Hydromax.

I saw more and more people within the community talking about this device. I decided to do some reading on what it does and how. I read about different people stories and results on creepy forums.

Everyone, who properly used the device, had nothing but great things to say about it. There crazy stories about people adding an inch of length and girth within six months.

I had to give this a try. With the money back guarantee and awesome return policies, I thought I had nothing to lose.

I ordered a cheap knock off and quickly regretted that decision. Then I ordered the device straight from the original retailer and website. The device was at my door within a couple of days.

Immediate Returns

The device came in a regular white box. Nothing stood out about it. Exactly how I wanted things. I slowly integrated the device into my routine over the next month. My routine looked a bit like this.

I talked to my doctor and made sure I was good to go with penis enlargement and began using the device. I took it slow with Bathmate at first but it worked.

The results were immediate actually. I was cautious with my training because I did not want to take risk of being too aggressive with training and mess up my dick permanently.

I used to the device on a partial boner for 5 weeks and then began using it on a full boner after that. After a Bathmate session, my dick would usually be 0.75 inches longer and 0.5 bigger in girth.

These were temporary gains but they were so satisfying because I now knew how big my dick could get with consistent effort.

Plus it cemented my decision that spending the money on this device was the right decision. Just the fact that male enhancement is more fun and exciting make Bathmate worth every penny.

What To Expect From Bathmate

You should expect all the effects and gains we talk about of this website. As long as you can stay consist and hard working, then you can set reasonable expectations for yourself.

In terms of numbers, if you are a couple months into penis enlargement then you can expect to gain an inch in erect length and 0.75 inches in girth in six to nine months.

My results are usually my prediction for guys who have been in male enhancement game for a couple months. My opinion comes from personal experience and research.

I gained an inch in erect length in less than six months. I expect a lot of other guys to achieve the same results with consist work. Granted I did use SizeGenetics at the same time to.

If you are new to male enhancement, then expect results much quicker. Just remember to take easy as you start out with Bathmate. Ease you dick into the routine. Take your time.

If you are already advanced in PE (already gained more 1.5 inches), results will be harder to come by. Bathmate you still help you but you need to manage your expectations accordingly.


I know my story is nothing unique. But it show what hard work, dedication, and consistency can lead to.

I gained a lot of size just by doing exercises properly and frequently. That is really all it takes. This is not rocket science. It just takes consistent action and patience.

I did spend a lot time researching these different products in male enhancement. Luckily, you will not have to do that because of the content on this website.

I had search the web for week to find the same information that I am sharing you.

I recommend you keep you expectations in check. Having unrealistic expectations is one of the primary reasons many guys quit early on.

Manage your expectations. Make your goals and action plans. Then do the work. Then you will be successful.

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Thanks Guys, 

Ray Kingsman