Bathmate & SizeGenetics – Combined Beginner’s Routine


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If you have been around this website the past couple weeks then you have probably heard me mention using BathmateSizeGenetics, and manual exercises will yield the best gains for you in the long run.

This is true. In my experience, this combination of exercises maximizes penis growth.

I thought it would also be a good idea to go further into detail about how you can use these exercises together.

Better yet, I wanted to share with you the routine that I did when I first started integrating all these exercises together. I think this will be helpful to a lot of guys getting started.

I do not want to start off the wrong foot. The goal is to maximizethe novice effect. Newbies will see gains quicker than more experienced guys.

The novice effect only last about 6 to 8 weeks. My goal is to help you get the most out of that time period.

The goal over the first 8 weeks is to get your dick used to manual exercises, Bathmate, and SizeGenetics.

We want to prepare it for harder and more advanced training later on. This prep will also maximize the penis gains you make within the first 30 to 60 days.

Make sure to speak to a Doctor before trying this stuff out. Better to be safe than sorry.

Things To Keep In Mind

Before starting this routine, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with jelqing and stretching exercises.

I will have guides on these soon but watch a video on how to do it. Familiarize with exercises through a couple weeks of practice. 

You can do Bathmate on its own and still see great gains. However, I think you will be selling yourself a tad bit short on results by cutting manual exercises and a penis extender.

Novice Male Enhancement Routine

This routine is very simple and it is meant to be that way. The goal is start off with something easy that allows you to get used these exercises and experiment with your body.

When I started, I wanted to minimize the chances of injury and learn how to properly do the exercises. This allows me to see what works best for my body and see results at the same time.

This is very crucial. As I explained earlier, do not rush things. Take your time and will some together.

Now on to the routine.

The First Two Weeks

During this period, you will be training four days a week. Two days on and one day off. Plus two days on and two days off.

Your week will look something like this:

Day 1 - Warm Up, Jelqing for 5 mins, Stretching for 5 mins, Bathmate session for 5 to 8 mins broken into 2 or 3 (2 or 3 minute) parts (use with flaccid dick), cool down.
Day 2 - Same routine as Day 1
Day 3 - Off Day
Day 4 - Same Routine as Day 1
Day 5 - Same Routine as Day 1
Day 6 - Off Day
Day 7 - Off Day

*With Bathmate do 5 to 6 minutes during the first week on a flaccid to get your dick used the machine. The next week use Bathmate for 7 to 8 minutes on a flaccid dick.

*Make sure not to any PE on off days for the first two weeks. No Bathmate, no jelqing, and no stretching. You can wear your extender. That's it.


You want to wear your SizeGenetics Penis Extender for 2 hours on your PE routine days. Section off part of that time for after your PE routine. You want your dick to stay extended after your routine.

On two of your off days, wear your penis extender for 4 hours at time.

1 of the 3 off days your do nothing to PE related at all. Including wearing an extender. Let your dick hang free and do not wear your extender.

Weeks 3 and 4

You are still training 4 days a weeks during this period. Same on and off days as the first period.

These weeks will look like this:

Day 1 - Warm up (hot shower or towel), jelqing for 8 to 10 minutes, stretch for 8 to 10 minutes, Bathmate for 10 to 12 minutes (50% to 60% boner) broken into 3 or 4 (2 or 3 minute) parts, cool down.
Day 2 - Same as Day 1
Day 3 - Off day
Day 4 - Same as Day 1
Day 5 - Same as Day 1
Day 6 - Off Day
Day 7 - Off Day

Week 3 - Jelq and stretch for 8 minutes each and use Bathmate for 10 minutes.

Week 4 - Jelq and stretch for 10 minutes each and use Bathmate for 12 minutes.

*At this point your dick as somewhat adjusted to the pressure of Bathmate. You should be able to use Bathmate effectively and safely at 50% erection level.


You can wear extender for 4 hours on your PE training days

On 2 of 3 off days, wear your extender for 6 hours.

On 1 of 3 off days, do not wear your extender at all. Let you dick hang free.

Another Option

If you take things even slower, you can split up your Bathmate and manual exercises days. So you can focus on each one and really learn what you are doing. Your week would look something like this:

Day 1 - Warm up, jelqing for x-amount of minutes, stretching for x-amount of minutes, cool down.
Day 2 - Warm up (not necessary but I do it anyway), Bathmate session, cool down
Day 3 - Rest day
Day 4 - Same as Day 1
Day 5 - Same as Day 2
Day 6 - Rest Day
Day 7 - Rest Day

As stated earlier, this routine might be better for beginners that want to take things a bit slower and still see awesome gains.

I did this first routine I mentioned earlier in this post because that is what worked best for me. But for newbies who think that might be too much for them once, then use this routine.

Adjust the lengths of time for the exercises accordingly and you should be good to go.

*Make sure you speak to your Doctor before getting started. This information is my opinion that is based on experience. It should be construed for medical advice.


There you have it. This is a combined routine for Bathmate and SizeGenetics. This worked very well for me an it was not too time consuming.

Although, it might have been self-explanatory through my other posts. This post gives you an idea of how you have can use all your PE tools to meet your goals. Especially in the beginning, the maximize the that novice effect.

I have individual Bathmate routines and SizeGenetics routines up too. In case, you want to use just one or the other for whatever reason. 

Get your Bathmate and SizeGenetics devices now if you are serious about making your dick bigger.

Now stop reading and go get started. Your gains await.


Ray Kingsman

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