Bathmate Vs. Penomet: Which Dick Pump Is Better For Your Gains?


What is up Rebels?

Today is another good day in the world of dick gains! 

I have been getting a lot of questions about which water based penis pumps are better for gains.

Primarily people ask about 2 products and their differences.

The question usually comes down to: Penomet or Bathmate?

Now I have a good amount of experience with both of these products. I actually own both of these products to. 

I have reviewed both of them and shared the results from my usage as well. 

There is plenty of information already here that will help gather information on both of these products. 

But many of you guys what to know how these products fare when you stack them up against each other. 

Which product has the edge? This is a great question. 

A question that needs to be breaker down into several components.

-The goals of the user
-The level of experience with penis enlargement (erect penis size)
-Similarities and differences between the two devices 
-Cost and customer service
-Comfort and Ease of use. 

The two main ones being erect penis size and how much money you want to spend on a penis pump. 

Quick Summary

However, for you guys who do not care about the details, here is my two cents in a couple sentences. 

First of all, both of these products are great and you will be happy with any one of them.

They are also expensive. Do not buy either device if you cannot afford it. 

Stick to manual exercises and save up until you can afford them. 

Penomet is a great pump which you will great gains on. However, Bathmate Hydromax X-series and Xtreme-series are superior pumps

Those pumps are more for intermediate and advanced players in the PE game. 

If you are reading this though, chances are you are probably beginner. The regular Bathmate series (for beginners) is comparable to Penomet. 

I will breakdown the differences between those products in this post 

Let's get started. 

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The Similarities

I have used Bathmate for over 2 years and Penomet 2-3 months back in 2014. They are almost identical in a lot of things I mentioned below. 

These pumps have a lot of similarities between each other and work the same way. 

How To Use And Effectiveness

Bathmate and Penomet both only require 10-15 minutes of use 3-5 times a week for you to keep the full benefits. 

Both pumps use water based pressure to create suction around your penis. This puts pressure on the penile tissue and forces it to expand. 

The key to permanent gains is using each product on a regular basis (multiple times a week) for an extended period of time (months to years). 

Bathmate and Penomet are very fun to use due to the massive pumps you gain post PE session.


The maximum amount of pressure is the same on both devices for the regular Bathmate series and Penomet.

I imagine this is because of more liability and legal issues. More then it is about inability to create a product that applies more pressure. 

They do not want to encourage a pressure setting where it is easier for users to get injured. 

That can create lawsuits and all other kinds of legal problems for the manufacturers.

Plus it might break certain safety standards that these companies might have to adhere to. 

There are ways to increase the pressure on your own. Some being but not limited too:
- Jelqing before using the pump
- Use product on a full boner
- Shaving the hair off pubic region
- Fill the cylinder with as much water as it will allow
- Doing kegels while using the pump
- Keep re pumping to maintain tight suction quality

I have noticed that these factors increase the pressure more then the actual pressure settings on the pump or which pump you use.  

This is one of the primary reasons why I can conclude that the maximum pressure on each pump is equal.

However, the Hydromax have stronger pressure settings than the Penomet.

So if pressure is what your aiming for then go for Bathmate Hydromax.

That is what my multiple years of experience in actually using these pumps has told me. 

Crucial Differences 

There are some differences in these pumps that you need to be aware of. This section should shed more light on which pump might be good for you.  

Your Experience Level And Erect Penis Size

This is something that needs to be brought into account before you get your pump. Especially for beginners. 

With Bathmate, your penis size will determine size and suction strength of the pump you get.

Therefore, beginners might rule out using the Bathmate Xtreme (XX) series. The suction power is a bit advanced for beginners to PE. 

However, with Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme (XX) you will never have to by another pump because they are so powerful. 

Beginners will be fine with regular Bathmate series and the Hydromax (X) series. 

With Penomet, your penis size just determines the pressure or suction setting.

Penomet does not have different sized pumps. They sell one singular pump that is 11" long in length. 

This is not a big deal given the way the pump is designed. As long as you have pressure setting that is adequate to make gains. 

The only thing that differentiates between Penomet's pumps are the pressure gaiters attached to the tube at the bottom. 

So your erect size (length and girth) needs to be measured and contemplated for choosing which pressure gaiter is best for you. 

Bathmate has different sized pumps and pressure setting for different sized penises. 

This is what I personally prefer. I think having a pump that is better shaped for the size you penis allows for you to get better suction. 

Therefore, putting more pressure on your penile tissue and making more gains. I go over the different Bathmate sizes below. 

If you have an erect length is under 5.75"; then Bathmate Hercules, Bathmate Hydromax X20 (same size as the Hercules but gets 35% better suction), and any Penomet Package will fit the bill.

Do not consider getting the Bathmate x30, x40, or Goliath. They are bigger pumps that will not accommodate your size. 

If you have an erect length between 5.75" - 6.5"; consider getting the Bathmate Hydromax x30 or Penomet Premium Package, Penomet Extra, or Penomet Standard. 

Do not consider getting Bathmate Hercules, Hydromax x20, x40, or Goliath. 

If you have an erect length between 6.5" - 7"; consider getting Bathmate Hydromax x30, x40, or Penomet Standard, Penomet Extra, or Penomet Premium Package. 

Do not consider Bathmate Hercules or Hydromax x20 or Goliath. 

If you have an erect length is more than 7", consider getting Bathmate Hydromax x40 or Goliath or any of the Penomet Packages. 

The Cost

As mentioned earlier, all of these products are expensive (at least $100+ for a starter package). Do not buy anything can afford it.

Seriously. Debt is the devil. You should, by no means, go into any debt just to get a brand new fancy penis pump.

You have other options to make gains. Free and effective options that actually work.

Jelq, penis stretch, and use a bandage extender in the meantime until you have enough money to buy one of these pumps.  

You will make great gains just doing those exercises consistently for a couple months.

Pumps are just more effective, efficient, and gains come a bit faster. But they are not a necessity for penis enlargement. 

With that said, cost should be a primary factor in which pump you decide to get. 

Price Breakdown Of The Different Pumps

Penomet Premium Package ($297): Comes with all replaceable five pressure gaiter settings, shower comfort strap, "one size fits all" pump 

Penomet Extra ($197): Comes with three replaceable pressure gaiters, the "one size fits all" pump

Penomet Standard ($127): Comes with one replaceable pressure pressure gaiter, the "one size fits all" pump

Bathmate Regular Series ($110-$199): Contains the Hercules and Goliath size pumps. They cost $110 and $199, respectively. Medium strength gaiter. 

Bathmate Hydromax X-Series ($139-$199): Contains in three sizes (X20, X30, X40). They cost $139, $159, and $199; respectively. Strong pressure gaiter. 

Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme Series ($249-$349): Contains four sizes (XX20, XX30, XX40, and XX50) of which the prizes go up as the size of the pump goes up.

They cost $249, $299, $349, and $349; respectively. Strongest pressure gaiter available. Also comes with an external pump. 

The Best Overall All Inclusive Package

If you want "everything in one package" sort of deal, the Penomet Premium Package is the way to go here. 

You get all the pressure/suction settings in one package. Because all the their tubes are the same size, you never need to worry about buying another pump as your dick grows. 

As you can see in the picture above, the device is into a tube and a gaiter (that creates the pressure).

The package comes with all 5 different pressure settings. Plus, you choice of color in the shaft tube. Hence, this package is all you will ever need for your penis pump endeavors. 

It might actually save you money in the long run too. However, this package is expensive. It is just under $300. 

If this you do not want to worry about buying another pump and you have the money, Penomet Premium Package might be the way to go. 

It is the best package you can get for what you pay. The "all inclusive" Bathmate packages (Xtreme series) are much more expensive ($349).

The Best Bang For Your Buck

The bang for your buck is Bathmate Hercules or Bathmate Hydromax x20. They are $110 and $139, respectively. 

The Penomet Standard is also a great option in terms of bang for your buck. You get a Force 70 gaiter (their 3rd strongest gaiter). Similar suction power to Bathmate Hercules. It is $127.

I got the Penomet Standard originally and still have it to this day. This is a solid pump and you would not be making a bad decision in getting it. 

Those the cheapest and most effective pumps we talk in the post. These are meant for guys with an average sized penis.

The x20 gets 35% more suction power then the Hercules. But it is $29 more expensive. 

These pumps are fantastic. I started out with the x20 but quickly outgrew and needed to upgrade to the x30. 

That is the only downside of Hercules and x20. Beginners are likely to outgrow within a few months due to the newbie gains effect. 

It is still a great device and one of my first overall product recommendations on Success Rebellion. 

I put my name and reputation (two things that matter very dearly to me) behind everything I recommend to the Success Rebellion Community.

I did that because the device is the shit. It is very effective and fun to use. I have gained and 1+ inches in erect length and girth since using Bathmate. I knew you guys could see similar gains. 

I have been using Bathmate for 3 years now. I stand behind the Bathmate pumps and think you guys will greatly benefit from its usage. 

Selection Of Pumps

Another key difference to note, is that Bathmate has a much greater selection of pumps.

In my opinion, this does not matter too much if you are a beginner. Because you will have limited amount of options on the Bathmate pumps you can choose from anyway.

This is better for more experienced guys. Bathmate has different pumps for each penis size, as well as desired suction power. 

As opposed, Penomet's devices are designed to be "one size fits all". They differ in the pressure gaiters that are detachable at the bottom. 

Penomet has five different pressure gaiter (Force 60, 65, 70, 75, 80). All meant to be an upgrade in pressure. So you actually do not need a new pump as you grow. Just a new gaiter.

Hence the device is broken up into two parts, the pressure gaiter and the tube.

Bathmate's pressure non-detachable so it all one device and will will need to upgrade devices as you grow in size. 

Easy Of Use

I honestly do not have a preference here. I think Penomet and Bathmate are both easy to use after pumping a couple times.

You just need to use the device consistently. Then you will learn how to maximize the pressure in every pump.

Especially since Bathmate Hydromax and Penomet have little to no water retention, they are simple and painless to use. 

Initial Pumping And Keeping It On

The Penomet and Bathmate Hydromax series do not leak water. So you can fill it to brim and maximize suction. 

Bathmate Hercules and Goliath (older models) do leak a bit (they are supposed to). So you just need to put them on quickly after filling them up.  

They are both pretty easy to put on. You can slam them on your dick and get immediate suction. 

However, I take more graceful approach. I slowly put my dick in the pump and jockey the gaiter a bit for the right suction. 

Each device is hands free. You do not need to touch the pump unless you tighten the suction to your dick. 

With Penomet, you might need the shower strap though. Because it is a bigger (which smaller penises will not be able to fill), the pump might hang down toward the bottom of your session. 

The shower strap counters this from happening by keeping the pump upright. 

This is just a matter of getting used to each pump and using it on a regular basis. 


Both pumps are pretty comfortable. However, Penomet has a harder silicon gaiter than Bathmate's rubber gaiter. 

Hence Bathmate is slightly easier on the skin overall. Also, rubber is stronger than silicon which is why Bathmate can achieve greater amounts of pressure. 

I do not think this is a big deal with either device since they are both fine to use long term. 

Cleaning And Traveling

Penomet is easier to clean because it can separate into two different parts that you can clean separately. 

The premium package also comes with a pretty nifty cleaning kit. 

Bathmate is easier to travel with because the pumps are smaller (with the exception of the Goliath, x40, xx40, xx50) than Penomet and easier to fit in a suitcase. 

There are no issues traveling with the pump whatsoever. It will not flag during the security check or anything like that. So no worries there. 

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First off, Bathmate and Penomet are both great products. They are the best penis pumps on the market. Hands down. 

They work almost identical fashion. They are both fun to use and make PE much more entertaining. Both pumps will help you reach your quicker than with manual exercises. 

You will use both of them the same way. 3-5 sessions per week. 10-20 minutes per session. That is all you need to do to achieve maximum gains. 

However, there some slight differences between these two products. Prices and different pump offering being the most notable. 

Bathmate has a greater selection of pumps to choose from as well. They differ in size and suction. 

Overall, I believe Bathmate Hydromax X-series contains the better pumps.

But remember, this decision should be based on your preferences.

Penomet does have some solid advantages when it comes to the price of all inclusive packages. 

The only other advice I can give you is to get started now and take action. The sooner you start, the sooner you will see gains. 

You know have all the information you need to choose between Penomet and Bathmate.

If you can afford it, it is time to pull the trigger. If not, then do manual exercises and start saving up. 

If you already own one of these devices, then just stick with it until you are not seeing results anymore.

Then upgrade gaiters (Penomet) or pumps (Bathmate).

I hope this post was helpful you guys. I really like both these products. 

I do not think you are making a bad decision getting either one. This post is just people who have specific preferences and wanted to know the differences between the two pumps. 

Anyway, thanks for reading guys. Go make them dick gains. 

Ray Kingsman

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