Bathmate vs SizeGenetics: Which Device Is Better For Your Gains?


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Back with another penis enhancement post on a very popular topic.

I am trying to deliver as much to you guys as possible about this stuff so you can make informed decisions on how to go about your male enhancement journey.

Bathmate and SizeGenetics are probably the two of the most popular products in the penis growth game. 

They both have stellar reputations and proven histories of delivering results to their users. 

At this point, you are probably pretty well informed on these products but you might not know which one you pick up first. 

That is the common question I get all the time. Should I get SizeGenetics or Bathmate

This is a great question but also one that is fundamentally flawed in a way since each device serves a slightly different purpose. 

We will breakdown this down in the article to give you all some perspective and guidance on how to go about choosing which one is right for you. 

We will first give a rough overview of what each device is individually used for. Then we break down the differences. 

After digesting that information, we go over the essentials of choosing which product is better for you and the ideal uses of both products. 

Sound good? Let's get started. 

Why Get Bathmate?

You probably know about Bathmate by now. This is a very popular penis pump that is powered by water. 

The water pressure is used to create suction and compression around the soft tissue of your penis. 

Thus exhausting that penile tissue and forcing it grow larger (particularly, in girth). Which is what we want. 

Bathmate delivers the same (if not better) results than jelqing within a fraction of the time and effort. 

You only have to use this device 3-5 times a week for 15-20 minutes at time to great results. 

Over the course of a weeks, the gains will start to become permanent. 

Over the course of a months, you will see real change in size. 

This is awesome given that you only have to put in an hour of real work a week for this happen. 

This is why I like this device so much.

Jelqing was so tedious and time consuming. Then Bathmate flipped that narrative completely.

Another reason I like Bathmate, is because of the temporary pump it gives my penis. The water pressure gives your dick a temporary gain is size.

This is cool to see. When you are using Bathmate, you can literally see you dick growing in real time through the suction tube. 

This makes Bathmate a lot of fun in this case because your dick will get bigger immediately upon usage. 

If you need a bit of instant gratification at times (like I do), then this is a game changer. 

You will not get this will jelqing or penis stretching. No way. That is one of the reasons it was so boring to do in the beginning. 

The temporary gains keep you engaged and make you look forward to using Bathmate. 

The temporary also Bathmate great to use before sex. In fact, I encourage it because this what I always do and it works beautifully. 

Your dick remains larger and harder for longer in the sack. 

More advanced users can also perform kegel exercises while using Bathmate to improve their erection quality. 

Warning: Your boners will be very intense! 

Those are benefits of Bathmate in a nutshell. This device is comfortable, effective, easy to use, and makes penis enhancement. 

This only disadvantage is it is easy to injure yourself if you over use or misuse the device. So use as directed. 

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Why Get SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics is a penis extender meant to lengthen penile tissue. It does this by stretching the tissue out for long periods of time. 

This exhausts the tissue on the penis. Therefore, forces the tissue to lengthen and grow. 

The concept of this device is the same as penis stretching and the self made bandage extender

Wearing an extender is mostly a passive endeavor. You usually just slap the extender on and adjust it to a setting that provides a light stretch on your penis. 

You wear this extender for hours at a time. Newbies start off wearing it for a couple hours a day. 

Overtime, they slowly add more and more time to their usage. Then they are wearing their extender for 10-12 hours a day for 5 days out of the week. 

You do need to take it off every 2-3 hours to restore proper blood flow to your dick. Also, cycle in 1-2 rest days a week from the extender. 

Rest allows our penis to recover. Recovery promotes healthier and faster gains. Plus, it helps prevents injury. 

Next to Phallosan Forte, SizeGenetics is probably the most comfortable penis extender on the market. 

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The Differences 

There are some clear differences between these two products. I want to outline those distinctions in this section. 

I think that will give you guys a better idea of which product might fit your needs the best. 

Intended Goals

Bathmate: This device is meant to help you primarily increase your erect girth size and swell up the penis. 

However, it still does make a significant increase erect and flaccid length and girth as well. So it increases size aspects of the penis.

The device just specializes in erect girth. That is probably where you will see the most gains when using Bathmate. 

SizeGenetics: This device is mainly meant to help you increase your flaccid length size. 

You flaccid length size is what gives you that "hung penis" look that girls dream about. 

Like Bathmate though, SizeGenetics also makes notable increases in erect size and flaccid girth as well. 

However, you will clearly see the most gains in your flaccid length. 


Bathmate: As I explained earlier, Bathmate is used 3-5 times per week for session lengths of 15-20 minutes. 

You do need to set aside a time and space (in the shower preferably) to use this device. There is no passive engagement there.

SizeGenetics: These are extenders that worn for hours at time. Newbies start out wearing the device for 2-3 hours and use the extender every other day.

They will gradually increase their usage to 10-12 hours day and take 1-2 days off per week.

Using this device is pretty passive. Put it on, adjust the stretch setting, and go about your day. This is honestly the best part about it. You do not even need to think and your dick is growing. 

User Experience

This is kind of the x Factor to me. What I mean here is how your experience actually using the two products. 

This might matter depending on what type of person you are. I will explain the differences below. 

Bathmate: This product is a lot of fun to use. I personally always look forward to using Bathmate just do the temporary pump it gives my dick. 

This instant gratification is kind of nice, as I have mentioned already. On top of that, this product is comfortable and user friendly. 

Bathmate mainly serves girth gains. So if girth is your main goal, Bathmate is definitely the way to go, as I explained earlier. 

SizeGenetics: This definitely does not have the instant gratification that Bathmate. There is no instant pump on your dick. 

But this device is definitely easy to use and comfortable as well. Also, using this device is very passive. 

However, this is largely a length device and will serve way better in the long run if length gains are your main goal. 

What Should Determine Your Decision?

What should determine your decision is what you want out of your penis enhancement experience. 

This means knowing exactly what your goals. You need to know what aspect of penis enhancement is most meaningful to you. 

Whatever it is, that is what you should concentrate on. After knowing that, then you can get the appropriate device.

You also need to know how sensitive you are in it comes to having a good experience with the product. 

You need to know if you want to get excited about using a penis enhancement device like Bathmate or Penomet. 

Or if you want your PE experience to be more passive instead. That more sounds like SizeGenetics or Phallosan Forte. 

Ask you yourself these questions and it will point you toward the right penis growth product. 

Ideal Usage Of Both Products

Honestly, to achieve maximum gains and have a well rounded penis enhancement experience; you should use Bathmate and SizeGenetics together. 

That is what I do. I can vouch for its effectiveness. You get the best of all worlds. 

You can make great length and girth gains across the board. This approach ensures that you maximize all your potential penis growth as well.

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Conclusion And Final Thoughts

Which device you use really seems to depend on what specific penis enlargement goals you want to prioritize and what type of experience you want to have with PE journey.

Do you want to prioritize length or girth? Would you rather look forward to a fun Bathmate session? Or have your dick grow with SizeGenetics and not even think about?

Or do you want to use both and get the best out of both devices? This gives you well-rounded penis growth and allows you to experience the benefits of both devices. 

The last option is personally what I recommend. That is the option I went with. I still use Bathmate and SizeGenetics together.  

However, I have used them apart as well. If I had to choose one then it would probably be Bathmate. That is also what I would suggest newbies do if they have to pick one of the devices. 

Bathmate is just fun to use and make look forward to using it. I love the temporary pump it gives my dick too. It is awesome to use before sex as well. 

SizeGenetics is not as sexy or fun of a device to use but it is still very effective for penis growth. Especially for you guys who want to prioritize length and get that "hung" look. 

SizeGenetics might be the way to go in that case. It is completely up to you. 

Just remember to consider all the factors I mentioned in this article. Do not be afraid to experiment around with both devices. 

I hope this post was helpful to you guys deciding which device you want to order. Let me know in the comments below. 

I will also answer any questions anyone has about these devices as well in the commments section. 


Ray Kingsman

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