Beginner’s SizeGenetics Dick Extender Routine


So this is my beginners routine for SizeGenetics Penis Extender (best penis extender on the market, comfortable as hell). To learn more about this device visit The Official SizeGenetics Online Store.

While reading about this routine this routine you will understand more about how and why this extender device works.

You will also learn more about what to expect in terms of results and experience. This routine will help shape your PE length gains.

You can use this routine by itself for length or with Bathmate and manual exercises for a more well rounded male enhancement experience.

I always suggest you group these tools together but using SizeGenetics on its own will give you length gains.

Anyway, these routines are safe and can help you add length with the right amount of tension laid upon the penis.

SizeGenetics Novice Routine

This will be the routine you will use for SizeGenetics for the first couple weeks. We want to get our dicks used to the extender and prepare it for more advanced training later in our PE journey.

SizeGenetics Penis Extender Only Routine

This is a routine we can use only for the extender. For whatever reason, you do not want to do manual exercises or Bathmate.

Do not worry. You will see length gains. The device is that effective. Your routine will be what is displayed below.

Week 1

Day 1 - Wear Extender on lowest setting for four 15 minute sessions. This should total to a little over an hour.

Wear the extender on the lowest setting (amount of bars) possible for about 1 hour (broken up into four 15 minutes sessions). Do your session consecutively.

This is to ease your dick into being stretched for long periods of time. You will feel a tiny stretch but not too much. There is not a whole lot of resistance here.

Remember your dick should be flaccid when using the extender. You shouldnot have any erection at all when using it.

Take breaks every 15 minutes. Your dick might feel a little colder. This is normal. Just let your dick hang or do rotating stretches for a couple minutes and restore blood flow.

*If your dick is purple or feels freezing cold then seek a Doctor or some type of medical attention.

Wear close that allow you to let your dick hang. I chose baggy clothes like baggy sweat pants, baggy jeans, or baggy dress pants.

The extender should point downward and your dick should feel like it's hanging. You dick should not feel like it is being pulled on.

If you have to piss then take the extender off obviously. Piss and restore blood flow quickly. Then add a couple minutes back onto your stretch session.

This routine should a little more than an hour since it will take time to get used to taking the extender on and off.

Day 2 - Rest

You can take this day off in your first week. Rest is very important. Your dick grows when you rest and recover. Therefore, you need to take days off.

This is not as intense as our other newbie routine but it is meant to take the most comfortable path to gains.

This is newbie routine is all about preparation for harder training later and getting the gains bowl rolling.

Day 3 - Wear your extender for five 15 minute session or four 20 minutes. Preferably the latter. Total time is 75 to 80 minutes.

This day is longer and a little more intense. You can break the sessions up into 15 or 20 minutes.

I prefer 20 minutes so I am not taking off the extender as much and my dick is getting conditioned more.

Use the lowest setting of tension and make sure your dick is always flaccid when using your extender.

Do rotating stretches or let your dick hang during your breaks to restore blood flow.

Day 4 - Off Day. No Extender. No Bathmate. No Manual Exercises.

Take this day. Chill out and give your dick some rest.

Day 5 - Wear extender for four 30 minute sessions. Total time is 2 hours on the extender.

This is a jump in the duration of stretch length. However, we increase the amount of time we are stretching our dicks.

We take a slight break every thirty minutes. Get blood traveling back to your dick by getting a boner or doing rotating stretches. Your breaks do not need to be more than a minute or two.

Day 6 & 7 - Rest

No Extender, No Manual Exercises, No Bathmate.

The first week is done. This week is about getting used the SizeGenetics device. It is important to learn how to take the device on and off.

When learning this, you might pinch yourself a couple times. Once you learn how to properly remove and reattach the extender then this will not happen at all. There will be no more pinching.

You just have to make it through the first week. You will gain momentum and begin moving into your second week with more energy.

Week 2

So this week is when you start using a little more resistance or tension with your extender. These resistance settings can be very subjective. You are going to need to play around with this.

What I suggest is to find a setting where you feel a light stretch on dick. You should be able to hold this stretch for at least 45 minutes without feeling fatigued or hurting your dick.

Definitely relax with the number of bars you use. Ease your dick into it guys. Your penis will be grateful. Use moderate tension and stretch your dick. If you are a newbie, you will see great gains.

Day 8 - Wear extender for four 45 sessions. This is a total of 3 hours of penis stretching.

You should be able to wear your extender for 45 minutes at this point. If you cannot, you will have to lower the tension and remove bars. This is fine. You will still make gains.

You want to a long moderate or soft stretch. Not a short "hard" stretch. Those do nothing when it comes to extenders. That only works for manual stretching.

Day 9 - Wear extender for four 60 minutes. This is a total of 4 hours of penis stretching.

Once again, if you cannot wear your extender for sixty minutes then you need to lower the tension on your dick.

Day 10 - Rest
Chill out. No extender. No manual exercises. No Bathmate.

Day 11 - Wear extender for four 75 minutes. This is a total of 5 hours of penis stretching.

Once again, if you cannot wear your extender for 75 minutes at this point then you need to lower the tension.

Always use moderate tension guys. I keep mentioning this because this is so important to not getting injured and making consistent length gains.

Day 12 - Wear extender for four 90 minutes. This is a total of 6 hours of penis stretching.

Day 13 & 14 - Rest days. No extender. No manual extenders. No Bathmate. Chill out. Let your dick recover.

Week 3

At this point in your training, you have gotten pretty used to using your extender.

Your dick should be pretty well adjusted it by now. Meaning you should be able to stretch your dick for long periods of time.

Know that SizeGenetics is for more long term length gains. You will get see immediate gains like Bathmate. However with time, your dick will get longer as long as you are consistent with your training.

Especially if you are new or taken a couple years off this stuff. All novice trainers gains very quickly.

Day 15 - Wear extender for three 105 minute sessions. The total amount of time is 5 hours and 15 minutes.

Day 16 - Wear extender for three 120 minute sessions. The total amount of time is 6 hours.

Day 17 - Wear extender for three 140 (2 hours and 20 minute) minute sessions. The amount of time is 7 hours.

Day 18 - Rest

Day 19 - Wear extender for three 160 minute (2 hours and 40 minute) sessions. The amount of time is 8 hours.

Day 20 - Wear extender for three 180 minute (3 hour) sessions. The amount of time is 9 hours.

Day 21 - Rest

Week 4

Congrats if you have made it this far. A lot of guys never get this far because they do not see immediate gains like with Bathmate.

Therefore they quit and never reach their potential with male enhancement. It really is a shame.

SizeGenetics is a long term lengthening device. Give it time and you will see great gains. By now with your training, you pretty much know what you need to do with your training.

I suggest you still keep your dick on moderate tension this week. Our goal is to just lengthen the amount of time you are stretching and extending your dicks.

This is reaching the end of our preparing and adjusting phase. After this week, you should be ready for more advanced training.

Day 22 - Wear extender for three 200 minute (3 hour and 20 minute) sessions. The total amount of time is 10 hours.

Day 23 - Wear Extender for three 220 minute (3 hour and 40 minute) sessions. The total amount of time is 11 hours.

Day 24 - Wear Extender for three 240 minute (4 hour) sessions. The total amount of time is 12 hours.

Day 25 - Rest

Day 26 - Wear extender for two 5 hour sessions and one 2 hour session. The total amount of time is 12 hours.

Day 27 - Wear Extender for 2 six hour sessions. The total amount of time is 12 hours.

Day 28 - Rest


Awesome. You have made it through the first month. By now, you have properly integrated SizeGenetics into your lifestyle.

You know how the device works. You know what type of tension you should be using. You know how to take the device on and off quickly and without pinching.

Believe it or not, you have gained a lot of experience throughout the past 4 weeks. Now the goal is to just wear the extender as much as you can.

Take a break every couple hours to restore blood flow. You can restore blood flow every couple hours by achieving a boner or doing rotating stretches.

This is important to do for the health of your dick. Also remember to take a day or two off a week where you do no PE at all.

No stretches. No manual exercises. No Bathmate. No extender. Your dick needs rest to grow. Remember. Other than that, you should be good to go.

To learn more about SizeGenetics, you can check out our overview of this product or The Official SizeGenetics Online Store.

Good luck. Happy GainZ!!

Ray Kingsman

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