The Best Beginner’s Research Bulking SARM Cycle

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What is popping everyone?, 

Ray Kingsman coming at you guys with another about SARMs. I think this post will answer a few more questions for you guys when it comes to your research and goal setting. 

So after I posted The Best Beginner's Research Cutting SARM Cycle, I got a flood of questions about what is the best SARM for bulking. 

This is a good question and there are multiple ways to go about doing this but I want this guide to as straightforward and simple for beginners as possible. 

I have experience bulking while undergoing research and wanted to share my thoughts, knowledge, and advice with you guys to help you achieve the best results in gym and with your physique. 

Now this article is intended for newbies to SARMs or PEDs. If that is you then you need read these several articles below along with doing your own research to make sure you are going about your cycles safely. 

- Post Cycle Therapy Cycle
- Should You Do Steroids?
- Long Term Use For Steroids
- User Requirements For Steroids

These are articles will be imperative to your cycles and physical health moving forward. They will get you up to speed on SARMs research and designer steroid use. 

I highly recommend you guys take the time to research what these compounds inside your body and understand (on a very basic level) the chemical processes that about as result of PED use.

Anyway, let us get on with this post. 

Who Should Using Anabolic Compounds For Bulking?

This is a great question. I find the answer to this question is much more cut and dry than the it comes to those who are trying to lose fat. 

My answer is geared toward healthy males. Obviously, if your hormones are out of whack than you will benefit for anabolic compound use. But that is not who this is post is meant for.

I feel that everyone can benefit from using anabolic compounds when cutting fat. 

However bulking might be a different case. I know most of you just want to gain 20-35 pounds of muscle, look like Thor or Captain America, and call it a day. Nothing wrong with that. 

Most guys can there naturally though with 2-3 years of consistent work and dedication in the gym and kitchen. 

Especially guys who can have genetic advantage in putting muscle (mesomorphs), like me.

These guys can put like 40-50 pounds of muscles in like 3-4 years and hit their genetic peak. 

These guys might not need to use anabolics to hit their goals unless they are considering stepping on stage for bodybuilding contest. 

However, as mentioned earlier, most of you guys just want to get reasonably jacked. Like a superhero, not on stage bodybuilder level. 

Mesomorphs can do that naturally. I did. If that makes you curious about why I started using anabolics, you can read this article here

Ectomorphs, on the other hand, have a way harder time putting on muscle. They are hard gainers. Their metabolisms are way too fast and they burn through too much of their muscle to fuel their body. 

They can minimize that by eating calories but the use of anabolics cam make life way easier and maximize their efforts in the gym. 

Usually these guys need to spend 2-3 hours in the gym and eat an insane amount of carbs and protein to gain weight. 

But if they slip up on their diet or not go to the gym for a couple weeks, then they might lose 8-10 pounds. 

I know guys like this too. How have to eat insane amounts of food just maintain their hard earned muscle mass. 

Ectomorphs have it rough in those regards for sure. Hence, they are the perfect demographic for anabolic compound use. 

That is who I would recommend use anabolic compounds. Mesomorphs can use them too, as I have, but they just might not be necessary. 

What SARM Compounds Are Best Bulking?

The three SARM compounds I recommend for researching while bulking are Ligandrol, Ostarine, and Testolone

These three compounds can really enhance a bulking cycle for newbies and maximize muscle gains. 

None of these compounds have any androgenic side effects and produce close to steroid like gains on their own. 

They still suppress your natural testosterone production so post cycle therapy is necessary immediately after your cycle. 


Also known as MK-2866, is probably the most popular SARM on the market right now. This is the first SARM I ever researched. 

It primarily researched for cutting fat while maintaining muscle mass and strength but it is very underrated as bulking agent. 

This is the compound I recommend for PED newbies. It is not too harsh on the body and has no known side effects.

It is great for Ectomorphs who have a hard time putting on muscle. They can be on a 300 calorie surplus and still put on a great deal of muscle while researching ostarine. 

Those who have more extensive experience might have to use RAD 140 or LGD 4033, which I talk about below. 

Because ostarine is not as aggressive as those compounds, it makes it a great starting point for PED newbies. 


Also known as RAD 140, is the best hybrid SARM on the market right now. 

Like ostarine, it can be effective for bulking and cutting. However, RAD 140 is superior when it comes to bulking. 

This because testolone is more potent and aggressive than ostarine. Hence, I only recommend RAD 140 for first time SARM researchers who have experience with other PEDs. 

Not for newbies who are completely new to anabolics. It might be too harsh on the body. 

Even though testolone also has zero known side effects, it could put your endocrine system and organs though great strain if they are not used to androgenic compounds. 

I recommend that you research ostarine first and on your second bulking cycle, you can research testolone. 


Also known as LGD 4033, is probably the best bulking SARM available on the market right now. 

Ligandrol is most potent of the three SARMs as well. Researchers should see good results on cycling LGD 4033 by itself. 

Ligandrol is also for first SARM users those who have had some experience with other PEDs in the past. 

LGD 4033 can be a bit more suppressive on your endocrine than previous two options. Hence, a full post cycle therapy is necessary.  

Dosages And Cycle Length

Dosing protocol is different for every SARM. They are not same and utilize different pathways in the body. 

Each has a slightly different chemical structure as well. So do think you can take the same amount of every SARM and you be fine. It does not work like that. 

Most of you are pretty educated when it comes to this stuff so I will not ramble on about that. 

LGD 4033 is best researched for bulking at 5-10 mg/day. You can research 5 mg/day and still see great results if your diet and training is not point. 

Testolone is best researched for bulking at around 10-15 mg/day. Ostarine is dosed at 20-30 mg/day.

Your cycle will likely consist on 8-12 weeks on cycle for each SARM. Followed by 4-6 full post cycle therapy

The Best SARM Research Bulking Cycle For Newbies

I personally believe LGD 4033 is the best SARM available for bulking. It is the potent, powerful, and aggressive of the three. 

This compound gives you the best bang for your buck and you will still great results on lower doses. 

Complete newbies should research ostarine instead as it is less potent and you will see great results researching 20 mg/day.

This is the cycle I would use if I were newbie but had some PED experience in the past. It goes as follows: 

Week 1-12: 5 mg/day of Ligandrol. Dosed once a day in the morning with breakfast. 
Week 1-12: On Cycle Support. Full serving of Arimacare Pro By Olympus Labs
Week 13-14: 40 mg/day of Nolvadex.
Week 15-16: 20 mg/day of Nolvadex.
Week 13-16: Full serving of Super PCT by Olympus Labs. Split one serving in the morning with breakfast. The other in the afternoon with lunch. 
Week 13-16: 100-150 mg/day of Laxogenin taken with food in the morning. 

For the other SARMs, you can just replace ostarine with the testolone and andarine and the with dosages I have listed above.

Laxogenin is a non-androgenic plant steroid that is great for helping your testosterone levels bounce back after being on cycle for a couple weeks.

It helps speed up the process of getting your body back to the natural hormonal balance it needs. Plus it will help you keep all your gains. 

The SARM Compounds I Researched When Bulking

I have primarily researched LGD 4033 when bulking in the past because it has worked very well for me. 

It saw colossal gains in strength and size over 8 weeks on just dosing 5 mg/day.

Needless to say, I am a huge fan of this compound. I am sure you would see good results when ostarine and testolone.

However, LGD 4033 is superior when it comes to bulking though. It is a good option for ectomorphs who have PED experience to maximize their muscle gains. 

Mesomorphs can research LGD 4033 to break past their genetic potential and add a couple extra pounds on solid muscle. 

Mesomorphs and endomorphs will also see good results researching ostarine and testolone for bulking as well. 

Alternative Anabolic Bulking Stacks

1-Andro is a fantastic designer steroid (legal) to bulk with. It is stronger than LGD 4033 but comes with a list of side effects. 

Cardiovascular side effects, higher blood pressure, hair loss, prostate enlargement, strained kidney and liver, heavy HTPA system suppression (you might shutdown), testicular shrinkage, etc.  

On cycle support can help with these side effects. Plus all of them mostly subside after discontinuation of 1-Andro when your cycle ends.

It will take your body a couple weeks to get back to normal. You will need a full post cycle therapy too.  

If you are genetically prone to heart conditions or any other medical issues then I would stay clear of 1-Andro. 

But f that is not the case with you, use the cycle protocol I outlined above and saw of the LGD for 110 mg/day of 1-Andro. 

Read my full guide to 1-Andro and my product comparison to get the full low down and how best to optimize it's use.

I have to say though, 1-Andro is only for those who have had previous PED experience. Not total newbies.

Complete newbies will see their bodies react harshly to 1-Andro. It is very powerful and puts get strain on the body.

Either way, experienced should give it a try if they want to but I will always recommend Ligandrol over 1-Andro purely due to the lack of side effects and close comparison in gains. That is just my opinion though.  

Which Compounds Should You Not Use To Bulk?

Do not bulk with Andarine or Epiandrosterone. They are not potent enough at all to bulk with. 

They are suitable for cutting fat, maintaining muscle, and preserving strength. But that is about it. 

I would research both over an 8 week cycle of cutting fat and followed by a 4 week post cycle therapy

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There you have it. I believe Ligandrol is best SARM for bulking, as it is the most potent and powerful. It is great for first SARM researchers who have some PED experience. 

Rad 140 and ostarine are great options too. I recommend PED newbies research ostarine.

RAD 140 is great for those with a little more PED experience but who do not want research for whatever reason. More powerful than ostarine. Testolone is also great for added endurance in the gym too. 

Read my LGD vs Ostarine and LGD vs RAD 140 posts to get more in depth analysis between these SARMs. 

You should follow the info in my 5 requirements (I will make an updated version for website) for using anabolic compounds and long term use of anabolic compounds guides. 

If you do, by the time you use any of these compounds you will be close you hitting your genetic potential. 

Bulking on PEDs should be meant to give you boost in adding on those last couple pounds of muscle to achieve a truly great physique. 

Ideally you should only need 1-3 ruling cycles using PEDs to get to where you want to be. 

Then you can just cruise using Laxogenin or small doses of MK-677 (guide coming soon) to maintain your muscle mass. 

That is all for now guys. I hope this helped you guys and answered a lot of your questions. 


Ray Kingsman

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