The Best Beginner’s Research Cutting SARM Cycle

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I frequently get a question on what is the best SARM stack to use for cutting fat. 

Which SARMs should I research? Which is the best cutting fat if I am a beginner?

I wanted to address this so I can refer you guys to this article and give you a conclusive answer. 

I want you guys to experience the same results that I achieved during my cut as well as have a comfortable cycle

I highly recommend newbies read these handful of articles though before going on their research cycle though.

You guys need to become educated as to what you are doing to your bodies. Do your own research as well. Read these articles below:
- Post Cycle Therapy Guide
- Should You Do Steroids?
- Long Term Use For Steroids
- User Requirements For Steroid Use

Those articles will get you up to speed on what you are getting into when it comes to SARMs, designer steroids, and other anabolic compounds.  

I find a lot of guys overcomplicate this stuff in the beginning. So I will break it down as simply as possible because it is really not hard to grasp.  

Who Should Be Using Anabolic Compounds For Cutting?

This is something that a lot guys ask about. Which body types need anabolic compounds to cut? 

in my opinion, everyone can benefit from using anabolic compounds when cutting. 

Ectomorphs (hard muscle gainers, fast metabolism) can use anabolic compounds to keep their hard earned muscle during a cutting phase. 

Mesomorphs and Ectomorphs (slower metabolism, easier time putting on muscle) use anabolic compounds to enhance their fat loss. 

I fall into the "mesomorph" category. I am looking to maximize fat loss since my body is more prone to holding muscle and fat. 

Therefore I do not need to take more aggressive compounds during my cut to hold on to muscle while at an extreme caloric deficit. 

For some ectomorphs, they might need to take anabolic compounds to minimize muscle because eating most of their calories might not be enough maintain their lean mass. 

So, in short, everyone can benefit from using anabolic compounds when cutting. It is just a question of which ones you should use. 

I suggest you research SARMs because they give you great results with such little side effects. 

They make cutting while on cycle a much more tolerable experience and give you the added kick in energy while on a extreme caloric deficit and anabolic kick to maintain muscle mass while cutting caloric intake. 

What SARM Compounds Are Best For Cutting?

Now this more depends on your priorities while cutting. Do you want maximize your fat loss or minimize muscle loss?

They are not always mutually exclusive. Depending on what anabolic compound you decide to use. 

Usually you will have to sacrifice more of one for the other. That is fine as long you are satisfied with the results at the end. 

The three SARM compounds I recommend you research for cutting are one of the following: Andarine, Ostarine, or Testolone.

These are three compounds that can really enhance the effectiveness of cutting fat for newbies. 

Ostarine and testolone have no androgenic side effects other than suppressing your natural testolone production a bit. Hence, making post cycle therapy necessary. Andarine does have one side effect which I will talk about more below.


Andarine is less aggressive than Ostarine and Testolone. Therefore, it is probably a safe option for beginners.

It is also great for mesomorphs who do not have a hard time holding on to muscle and just want to prevent complete catabolism. 

This will maximize your fat loss during the cut. But you might notice that you lose a little bit of size and strength. Not nearly as much as you would lose without it though. 

Also andarine causes night vision blindness. This can be quite annoying or discontenting if you wake up frequently during the night. If you are not a fan of that then Andarine might not work for you. 


I personally prefer ostarine. On ostarine, you will maintain 97%-99% of all your size and strength plus melt fat away. 

Ostarine will suffice for 99% of people cutting who want to keep their muscle but also maximize fat loss. 

You would probably lose slightly more fat on Andarine but you will also lose a bit more muscle mass. 

Ostarine is a bit more potent and is a very good middle ground for me. I believe it is one of the best compounds to use on a cut. 


Testolone is the most aggressive of three. It is very potent but exhibited zero side effects when I researched it. 

Although RAD 140 great for cutting, I do not recommend Testolone for beginners but it is option. 

The only beginners I can that would really need Testolone are serious ectomorphs who really fucking fast metabolisms. 

But even those researchers, ostarine would suffice for them in keeping their muscle. 

I suggest researchers try Andarine or Ostarine on your first cut. Then on your next cutting phase you can try testolone. 

Dosages and Cycle Length

For Ostarine, I would research 10-15 mg/day for 8-12 weeks followed by a 4-6 week post cycle therapy phase

For Testolone, I would research 5 mg/day for 8-12 weeks followed by a 4-6 week post cycle therapy. 

For Andarine, I would research 50 mg/day for 8 weeks, followed by a 4 week PCT.

The Best SARM Research Cutting Cycle For Newbies

I think the best SARM compound for cutting and beginners is ostarine. I gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to preserving muscle and burning fat. 

This is the cycle I would use if I were a newbie to anabolic compounds and wanted to research SARMs. It goes as follows:

Week 1-9: 10 mg/day of Ostarine. Dosed once a day in the morning with breakfast. 
Week 1-9: On Cycle Support. Full Serving of Arimacare Pro by Olympus Labs
Week 1-9: 1 capsule of Red Burner taken immediately upon waking.
Week 1-9: 2 capsules of BioGreens Lab Thyroid Support in the morning with food and drink.
Week 10-11: 40 mg/day of Nolvadex.
Week 12-13: 20 mg/day of Nolvadex.
Week 10-13: Full serving of Super PCT by Olympus Labs. Split one serving in the morning with breakfast. The other in the afternoon with lunch. 
Week 10-13: 100-150 mg/day of Laxogenin taken in the morning with food. 

For the other SARMs, you can just replace ostarine with the testolone and andarine and the with dosages I have listed above. 

Laxogenin is a non-androgenic plant steroid that is great for helping your testosterone levels bounce back after being on cycle.

It helps speed up the process of getting your body back to the natural hormonal balance it needs. 

The SARM Compounds I Researched When Cutting

As stated earlier, I am a fan of researching ostarine when cutting fat. This allows me to keep all of my strength and muscle and still cut a lot of fat over 8-12 weeks. 

It has worked the best for me and that is what I prefer. I also had good results when cutting on RAD 140 as well though and it gave me a big endurance boost. So that is always an option. 

Alternative Anabolic Cutting Stacks 

You can also cycle Epiandrosterone when cutting as well. Epi-Andro is a designer steroid (legal anabolic compound). This compounds converts straight to DHT in the body. 

This compound is also not too aggressive, as it is used mainly for cutting. It's only side effects are it does raise raise blood pressure and LDL (bad) cholesterol.

Plus it will lower HDL (good) cholesterol and speeds up your resting heart rate. That is no good and it is why you will need on cycle support for your heart. 

DHT production can speed up hair loss, especially for those who are already genetically pre disposed to the condition.

These side effects cease after your cycle is discontinued though. It will take a couple weeks for your body to return normal after post cycle therapy

So if you do not want hair loss or heart issues while on cycle then Epi-Andro may not be for you. 

However for those who do not mind the side effects it can be quite effective in cutting fat and maintaining size. I would put it just under ostarine in its effectiveness. 

If you are interested in Epi-Andro, swap out the ostarine with 250 mg/day of Epi-Andro in the example cycle above.

Which Compounds You Should Not Use To Cut

Two compounds I would not use for cutting phases are Ligandrol and 1-Androsterone. Both of these compounds are very potent mass builders. 

Ligandrol is the best mass building SARM available on the market right now. It is mainly used for bulking phases.

Guys have gained several pounds of muscle mass while researching LGD 4033 on a caloric maintenance diet. 

Ligandrol is not an effective cutting agent simply because it is too anabolic and potent.

The same is true 1-Andro. 1-Andro is one of the most anabolic designer steroids on the market.

It is also the most powerful anabolic compound I have ever used. You read about my experience here

Ligandrol and 1-Andro are best used bulking and can help you make serious muscle gains over 8-12 week cycle. 

But they are not as effective for cutting fat. 


There you have it. I believe ostarine is the best SARM compound you can research when it comes to cutting. 

It is too anabolic. Nor will it make you slip to far into catabolism. You will preserve 99% of your strength and mass plus burn fat. 

Your cutting cycles should 8-12 weeks long. In that timeframe, you should be able to get pretty lean. 

Unless you are over 15%-16% body fat, the you should not need more than 2 cutting cycles to get shredded. 

Check out my cutting procedure here to take a look at what I did to lose 20 lbs in 9 weeks. It will help give you some insight. 

You can also find great results researching Andarine but you find yourself slipping into catabolism since it is not as potent as ostarine. 

Testolone is also great for cutting but it is very anabolic and potent too. I would not suggest for beginners (they should use Andarine or Ostarine).

But Testolone is great for who care about preserving muscle and strength while a large caloric deficit. 

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Thanks again, 

Your boy.....Ray Kingsman

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