#1 Online Resource For Fighting Anxiety And Depression: Fix My Broken Mind


What is up Rebels?

Ray Kingsman back up in this bitch with another bomb ass review. 

Many of you have been asking me to talk about anxiety and depression.

I am pretty experienced in this area. However, I have just not had the time to get to it yet. 

It is one of my goals this year to start that section of the website. However, it will take awhile so please bear with me.

This website has gained a lot of momentum over the past couple months.

Trying to keep up with this growing community, maintaining a corporate job, hitting the gym consistently, and continuing my penis enhancement has me a little strapped for time at the moment. 

But I will get to it. Do not worry. I want to discuss this topic with you guys because I know it can really help some of you get out of slump. 

So in the meantime, I wanted to point you guys toward a worthwhile resource to help you through those dark days. 

So let us get into it. 


As you already know, everything on Success Rebellion is meant to help you and I become the most improved and happiest version ourselves. 

Nothing is worth pursuing in your life unless it makes you at least slightly happier on a daily basis. 

Everything I talk about on this website revolves around that. Building a better looking and healthier physique a has enriched my life. 

Growing and stretching my penis has made me a more confident and happier person. 

Building this community has given me an outlet for my creativity, knowledge, and experience.

This allows me to express true myself in ways that I cannot at my corporate job. That has made me a happier person on a daily basis. 

Everyone in life is in the pursuit of happiness. Whether it is through wealth, family, material goods, non mainstream self improvement, etc. 

We all aim to be in a perpetually happy state all times. 

However, this is impossible when constantly tackling the hurdles and stressors of life. 

You already know this but let me reiterate. 

Many of us in this community bounce back hard from the curve balls life.

Others take a little more time. Some get completely bogged down. 

I have been on both ends of the spectrum. You guys know about what I went through in 2015 and how rough it was for me. 

It can be rough dealing with the rigors of life. Giving into your anxiety and sinking further and further into depression with everyday that passes. 

For those going this right now, I want to let you one thing. You are not alone and you never will be.

There are others out there going through the same challenges of life. Just like I did in 2015.

I have gotten past these horrible states of depression and others have too. We worked to get past them on a daily basis. 

Life does not have to be that way. It can be enriched and fulfilling if you are willing to work consistently at making it happen. 

Why Mainstream Advice Sucks 

When I was going through my slump in 2015, I wish there was a resource that I could have used to help me further along my process of beating depression. 

Alas, there was only that mainstream bullshit. 

People were telling me to "Find Yourself", "Live Your Passion", "Love others and who you are".

That shit does not help for someone who is at rock bottom. No way. I needed baby steps. 

I need to level up and fix one thing at a time. Then move on to the next thing.

Slowly improve myself and reality until my broken mind has no choice but to adjust to my new reality. 

That is exactly what I did. I took about a half year to get a solid state of mind again but it was completely worth it. 

But I remember thinking...."I wish there was an online resource I could have used to whip myself and my mind into shape sooner." 

Now there is. 

#1 Resource For Battling Depression And Anxiety

Fix My Broken Mind is the #1 online resource for guys looking to beat depression and anxiety right now. 

I have regained my solid and positive state of mind over the past year.

However, every once in while, I battle the never ending streams on anxiety.

This my "go-to" resource when I am down and need practical advice and how to heighten my mood and mentality. 

For many of you still dealing with the depression and negative mindset, this resource will help you do the same.  

It will give you the tools necessary to slowly move past your negative state into a healthier and more positive one. 

This is Alex. The founder of the "Fix My Broken Mind" community. 

Knowledge And Advice That Comes From Actual Experience

The one thing that legitimizes this resource over many of the others out there is that this guy has actually experienced what it is like to hit rock bottom and work his way out if it. 

He is not like these other "self improvement gurus" that churn out the latest scientific research or reiterate the same shit they heard on Dr. Phil.

Not at all. Alex has had a rough upbringing to say the least.

He grow up without a father. Battled cancer a very young age. His family was constantly in debt. His mother battled severe depression. 

Plus, he has dealt with a variety of physical injuries over the years from the gym and casual physical activity.

Some have left him with chronic pain over the past couple years. 

You can read more about his story here. He has not had it easy. Quite the opposite actually. 

Despite all of those uphill battles and hurdles, Alex now lives an enriched and positive lifestyle. 

Like all of us, he has his dark days, but he now knows how to handle them. 

Now he has documented his experiences and is sharing it with the world. 

How Fix My Broken Mind Has Enriched My Life

A few weeks ago, I was at work and just thinking about my life. I was reminiscing on all the bad choices I have made over the years.

Such as not prioritizing getting laid in college when I had plenty of girls down to have sex with me. 

Or how I am working everyday to make someone else richer (literally making the owner millions of dollars while he chills at his $2 million beach house in Ocean City) at my job. 

How I wish I started a business when I was in college so I would not have to subject myself to (even though my job is not bad at all) the harshness of the job market. 

I felt so down about my life and everything I had done in the past. 

In turn, I started crawling around Alex's website just to read the latest stuff he had posted.

I came across his article titled "Enjoy The Little Things OR Learn To Embrace Unhappiness". 

In this article, he talked about how he had a bad dream. One where he made a horrible decision that fucked up his entire life and he could not bare the sight of himself afterward.

The emotions he felt in his dream were mind shattering and soul crushing.

He was sad and angry about the life he had created for himself. 

Then he woke up and he realized that it was all a bad dream. That it was not real and everything was normal again. 

The next day, Alex was grateful and appreciative of everything he had in his life. He was just happy to be alive and free in the world. 

That article really put my life in perspective. Be grateful.

I was an ungrateful piece of shit. At that moment in time, I had no appreciation for the blessings life had granted me. 

With all things considered, I was dealt a pretty good hand in life. 

I have a good job that pays the bills and then some. I have a loving family that I do not talk to nearly enough. 

Parents that would give their lives for me at a second's whim. Even though they were tough on me growing up, it was because they cared. 

They were able to pay the fees for college that my scholarship did not cover. They gave me everything I needed growing up to live comfortably. 

Plus, they installed in me a great work ethic and constant need to level up in my life. One of my main attributors to my overall success so far. 

I have a healthy and fully functional body that I strive to make better everyday. Overall, I am an above average looking guy. 

I have good friends that genuinely enjoy my presence. 

Life could be way worse man. Like....a lot worse. 

There is no day in my life where I should be feeling like my life is not adequate because that is just not the case at all. 

Now do not get me wrong, I still aspire for more and work toward my dreams everyday. Never get complacent. Keep working and growing. 

However, my life is pretty good as it is and I always need to remember that. Always. 

Things like this you will be able to pick up Alex's website. Like it did for me, it can really help you through some dark days. 


You can have experiences like mine and much more when you read what Alex has to say. 

He provides rational and actionable steps on how to beat depression and anxiety and have the results actually stick with consistent effort.

His knowledge and advice is backed up through real life experience which he details in depth through his posts.

He has a lot to share with you guys. He is not trying to sell you anything. There are no gimmicks or catches here. 

We are not shady internet marketers trying to get you to click somewhere. 

All of Alex's information is free (for now). This can really be your first step toward beating depression and leading a healthy life. 

Check out Fix My Broken Mind. I believe it will help you as much as it helped me, if not more. 

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below.


​Ray Kingsman