Can Steroids Help You Bulk And Cut On A Shitty Diet?


So this a common question and misconception that gets brought up all the time. 

Many guys out there think steroids or anabolic compounds are the magic pills (or needle) to getting them where they want to be with their physique. 

And that they can bypass a lot of the harder aspects of the gym game. Such as giving your all in the gym and dieting to perfection. 

I felt the need to address it because their are a lot of guys not making the most of their cycles because of bad misinformation. 

In some cases, putting their health in jeopardy. There is no reason for this happen if you go about your cycle properly. 

So I will address this question above and talk what you can do to make the most out of your cycle.

I will explain what I mean below so you guys understand where I am coming from. 

I Can Be Lazy With My Gym Routine And Diet If I Am On Anabolic Compounds Right?

No. You cannot. 

In all honesty. Traditional steroids, designer steroids, SARMs, etc....are nothing more than glorified supplements (that actually work). 

That are meant to amplify the results of the hard work you are already putting in the gym. 

The same is true for every other supplement out there. That is why they are called "supplements".

They supplement and enhance the results gained from the work you are already putting in from your already engrained and disciplined lifestyle. 

You Cannot Bypass The Basics

This is a simple concept that a lot of guys forget when go on cycle for the first time.

Guys who have not given it their all naturally with their diet and gym routine for a couple years have no business even using anabolic compounds.

Not only will they waste their money, but they might also put their health at risk. 

Because these guys are impatient (because they want quick results), they will more than likely not use these anabolic compounds properly. 

Depending on what anabolic compounds they use or research, this can be very dangerous. 

Hit Your Genetic Peak Naturally Before Considering Using Anabolic Compounds

As I mentioned earlier, you want to put in a couple naturally before even considering using steroids. 

I recommend that you come close to your genetic peak in muscle and strength before going on cycle. 

For many of you, that will take about 3-4 years of consistent work in gym and in the kitchen. 

Also for a lot of you guys, that will be as big as any of you will ever want to be anyway. 

There will be those few of you though who want to take things a step further and this is fine as long as you have the experience and knowledge to go about cycling safely. 

My issue is a lot of you guys do not. I urge you gym newbies to stay disciplined do things naturally for now. 

Gain your experience and do your research. You will be surprised how far you can get naturally. 

After a couple years of doing things the right way, then decide if you still want to go on cycle. 

If you do then great. Now you will be knowledgable, disciplined, and prepared to make the most out of your on cycle experience. 

That is the ideal steroid user and the guy who will run into the least amount of complications while on cycle. 

Exhaust All Natural Muscle Building Supplements Before Considering Using Anabolic Compounds

You should be using and have gained experience with all natural muscle building tools to help you put on mass before going ever going on cycle. No exceptions.  

You should be using creatine, multivitamins, whey and casein protein powder, BCAAs, veggie and fiber shakes, etc. You would also be using these supplements while on cycle. 

Another reason is these natural supplements really do make a difference for natural users. They should not be overlooked. 

With that said, you can get amazing results by just having a great diet. But it will take awhile and some experimentation to figure out what exactly works for you. 

In the meantime, you can use some of these natural supplements to give you a boost in your training. 

So should how to use these supplements, how they work, know which ones work, and have years of experience using them for you before you consider going on cycle.

Either way, using natural supplements cannot replace a shitty diet either. So get that idea out of your head please. 

Back To The Basics

As mention earlier, get your diet and gym routine down first. Then start experimenting with different diets and gym routines. 

Figure which routines work best for you. Once you have that down, you can start experimenting with different natural supplement stacks. 

From there, you will have figured out what works best for your body and ideally have 3-4 years of bodybuilding experience. 

If you have taken things seriously from the jump then you are probably close to your genetic peak in muscle and strength. 

Now you can consider trying to research SARMs, traditional steroids, designer steroids, pro hormones, help take your physique to next level. 


Sorry this article is a little shorter then my usual lengthy discussions. I just needed to address the question in the title of this article. 

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Thanks guys. I hope this post was helpful to you.  

Ray Kingsman