Jelqing: Common Questions You Might Have & Answers To Them


​This are answers to some common questions that get about jelqing and penis enlargement. These are some of most common issues beginners run into.

We address many of these issues below. We might add to this list overtime if come across more information that is useful to know for beginners out there.

Warning. This is a long list of questions and answers. I tried to highlight and bold the "need to know" information for your convenience. I hope this helps.

Also check out our jelqing quide before you check out the list of questions and answers below.

What Age Should I Start PE And Jelqing?

So legally....we have to insist that you wait until you are 18 years old or older to begin jelqing and other forms of penis enlargement exercises. However, there are plenty of people who start at the age of 17 and have great results.

Like I mentioned earlier though, it is best you stay on the safe side if things. Wait until you are an adult because your dick might grow naturally in your later teen years. That is also pretty common.

Do I Need To Be Circumcised?

Nope. Jelqing works no matter how much foreskin you have covering your dick. Your results are dictated by your consistency and correctness of performing the routine and your genetics.

So do not worry if you not circumcised. Guys who are circumcised are not at an advantage when it comes to jelqing or penis enlargement.

​Hold Up. Genetics Play A Role In My Results?

​Unfortunately, yes they do. I use bodybuilding as a common analogy when talking about penis enhancement. When you are trying to put on muscle, there is usually a genetic threshold that your body will eventually reach if you train long and hard enough.

Anyone who has been weight lifting for a good deal of time will know this. Unless you take performance enhancing drugs (steroids, SARMS, stuff of this nature), there will be a limit to how much muscle to will be able to put on.

The same is true for penis enhancement. Your will be slightly limited by genetics your genetics.

However, do not let this discourage you. Anyone can grow a dick a between 6.5 and 7 inches long with 5.5 inch girth while erect. This is still way above average for young males.

Genetics only play a factor for the guys that want an 8 to 9 inch long dick with crazy girth. There are some gifted freaks who can achieve that but they usually have naturally large dicks to start out with.

Keep your expectations in check and do not worry about this too much. As long as you do not want a 10 inch long dick with the girth of a water bottle, than you are straight with this stuff.

How Long Does It Take Start Seeing Results?

Like I mentioned earlier, this is completely up to you. If you stay determined and consistent with your penis enhancement routine you will start seeing measurable gains within a matter of weeks.

It is definitely possible to put on half an inch on to your penis in about 3 or 4 months for beginners.

How Long Until I Hit My Goals?

Once again, this is entirely dependent on you. You will need to define your goals and set reasonable expectations. This plays a huge role in who quits and who sticks to the plan and achieves their goals.

Next, stay consistent with your jelqing and penis exercises. This is very important. If you are inconsistent then you will see no gains at all.

It is perfectly common to put on over an inch in length and half an inch in girth within your first year. This is just with manual exercises too. You potentially add more if you use some specific devices but we will talk about that soon.

How Do I Prevent Uneven Girth Growth On My Dick?

This can be avoided by applying equal amounts of pressure to the entire shaft of the penis. Do not focus on one specific area unless it is already uneven.

That is the simplest way to deal with this problem. Practice it slowly on your own until you are comfortable with the exercise.

This really only happens to people who overdo too early and do take time to rest. They end up doing damage to their dicks over time.

Can I Jack Off While Jelqing?

There are mixed opinions on this in the community. From my experience, this never made a large difference as long as you not a full boner, cum out early on, and did your jelqing exercises properly.

Many guys cum from the jelqing exercises themselves near the end of their routine or they jerk off during their warm up.

Just make sure your dick does shrivel up in either case scenario. That hurts your chances of doing the exercises correctly.

How Many Sessions Per Week Should I Start Out With?

I started with one day on and one day off and that worked pretty well for me. After a couple weeks and you are more comfortable with the exercises, you can move up to two days on and one day off. Then three days on and one day off.

You guys get the idea. Take it slow at first and give your dick a chance to adjust and condition. Do not be impatient and go hard in the beginning. You will fuck yourself up. No bueno. This can be easily avoided by taking your time with the routine.

What Should I Do If I Start Seeing Red Dots?

This is not a big deal unless you feel a stinging pain. If there is no pain, just take a couple days off until thee red spots disappear completely.

If there is a stinging pain, then you will need to see a Doctor and figure out what is wrong. Do this as soon as you can.

What If I Stop Feeling Sensation In My Glans?

Stop jelqing and doing penis enlargements exercises immediately. See a Doctor pronto! Get checked out by a healthcare professional and find a medical solution.

Do I Really Need To Warm Up And Cool Down?

Absolutely. These portions of the routines are essential. Warming up allows for blood to start traveling to the penis which prepares it for strenuous activity.

Cooling down and lathering your dick with nutrient rich skin cream (such as lotion) does a couple. It allows for your dick to slowly return to the blood flow levels you had before the jelqing exercises begins.

The lotion helps protect the skin on your penis. The skin cream will give it the nutrients it needs to recover from the exercises performed on it.

Is Girth The Diameter Or Circumference Of Your Dick?

The girth of your penis is the circumference of the shaft. Not the diameter. It is okay. I made this mistake when I started trying to measure my results too.

What If There Is A Week Or Two When I Do Not Have Time Do My Jelqing Or PE Routine?

In the beginning, you will lose your gains if you take significant amount of time off. We want to avoid this. If you can find 5 or 10 minutes of free time just twice during that week to do jelqing exercises than you will be fine.

Life gets in the way sometimes and it is natural to get thrown off course. If you ever pressed for time, just do your best to do the minimum. Then carry on with your routine as soon as you can.

If you follow this advice, then you will be okay.

What Do I Do If I Experience Mild Or Extreme Soreness?

Mild soreness is natural. However, it begins to linger than take a couple days off until the soreness goes away completely.

If there is extreme soreness and pain, then stop all jelqing and PE exercises and get checked out by a Doctor. Once you figure out what the problem is, how to avoid it, and the pain is gone; then you can resume your jelqing and PE routine.

What Should Your Erection Level Be While Jelqing?

You need to be jelqing at a 50% to 80% of a full erection. This allows you to perform the jelqing exercises properly and sends proper amounts of blood flow in the penis which help our size gains.

Jelqing on a full erection can be very dangerous given how strenuous the exercise is. You also do not want to jelq with a completely soft or limp dick.

Remember, you need blood coming into your dick which cannot be done while the dick is shriveled up. Get some blood flowing in that dick and you will be fine.

What Should I Do If I Get Turtle Dick After Jelqing?

Turtle dick is when your cock shrivels up and retracts back into your body. This is not ideal after jelqing or doing PE exercises. You do not want your dick to stay shrived up for long periods of time.

You can use extender devices (which I will talk about another time) or you can wrap your dick in an gauze or an ACE bandage after jelqing.

Should I Take Cold Showers As A Cool Down?

I have never done this personally after PE exercises but I have done it before as a method of recovery after hard workouts. Every time I took a cold shower my dick would shrivel up immediately. This is probably because the cold water shocks your nervous system.

We do not want turtle dick after PE exercises.We want our cool down methods to be a nice and smooth transition back to normal blood flow. Therefore, warm and hot showers are more ideal for cool down periods.

What If I Have Trouble Keeping A 50% to 75% Erection While Jelqing? Is That Normal?

If you notice your are going soft, take a minute or two break from the exercise and achieve a full erection for about a minute. Then let it slowly go back down to mid erection (50% to 70%) level.

Do that every time you start going soft. After that, you can pick up where you left off with your exercises. You should be good to go.

Are Jelqing And PE Results Permanent For Those Who Just Started?

Yes. Absolutely. After a couple months of consistent work. If you jelq and perform your PE routine sparingly in the beginning then the results will be minimal and non permanent.

Just stay consistent and be in this stuff for the long. Accept it might take 0.5 to 2 years of consistent work to meet your goals. If you do this then the results will be permanent.

Will My Dick Get Smaller From Jelqing And PE?

This depends on what you mean by the word "smaller". If you mean your penis getting smaller over a long period of time then absolutely not. As long as you stay consistent and do the exercises properly.

In the short term (like right after the exercises), you need to try and keep you penis from retracting back into the body. That means keep it extended.

You can do this by wrapping it in gauze (although that can be extremely irritating to the skin) or I prefer an ACE bandage. I have also heard of people using plastic wrap. I have not tried that though.

Do I Need To Do PE Long Term To See Gains?

Yes. Penis enhancement (like all other meaningful goals) will be a long term commitment. However with consistent work, you will start noticing gains within a few short months.

But it will take 18 to 36 months to add those 1.5 to 2 inches in length we all want so badly. Do the exercises properly and the results will come. The more consistent you are then the quicker the results will come. Allow your penis time to recover though.

Like bodybuilding, your muscles actually grow when you sleep and rest. The same is true for your penis. This is why proper rest is essential.

Are There Any Other Manual Exercises I Can Do For PE? Other Than Jelqing? For Length?

Yes. There are one in particular that everyone can do. They are called stretching. Stretching is exactly how it sounds. It stretches and extends the penis. This helps with length.

I will be posting a guide on how to this soon and how you can incorporate it into your routine.


There you have it. These are some answers to the most common questions I have come across. All of my answers come from research and experience. I am not bullshitting here. I want to help you guys.

Getting a bigger dick was important to me and I know it is important to you. I hope this helps.

With that said, I will probably add to this list over time. As I come across more questions about PE and jelqing that I think would be useful for everyone to know.

Be sure to check my jelqing guide as a reference for this article, as well our guides to penis stretching, Bandage Extender, Bathmate, SizeGenetics, and Phallosan Forte.

Thanks Guys,

Ray Kingsman