How To Cut Fat With Ostarine and T3 Research


What is up rebels? I hope you all are having a great day and you are making those gains!

I have not made a fitness post and thought now would be a good time to do as I am about to start cutting. 

I know I have said this before in previous posts. Please Iet me explain.

I was supposed to start the cut in April. However, I have had some health issues that made things slightly more complicated. 

That started back in March. I needed to see a doctor and get a lot of tests done to figure out what was wrong. 

I have been in and out of the Doctor's office ever since. Luckily, it seems like I am okay as of now.

I did have a slight condition that I found out about in March. But I just took a prescription drug for March and April and that was taken care of. 

I have to go back to the Doctor this week to check in and do one more test. Once I get I know everything is normal, I will proceed with my cut. 

Either way, I took the cautious approach. I decided to wait until I was fully sure I was healthy and ready to put my body through the ringer again.

I think this was the smart move and more disciplined approach on my part. None of this is worth sacrificing your physical health. 

In these cases, it is always better to display patience then it is to jump the gun. 

There are too many horror stories out there for me to fuck around like that. It is always better to be patient and cautious in cases like these. 

Moving On To The Cut

Anyway, as I start to prepare for my cut; I wanted to make sure I had everything I needed. 

More importantly, I am going to share with you guys how you should approach your cutting cycle and what you need to be successful. 

The two main ingredients are T3 and ostarine.

These ingredients are for guys who are already pretty lean who are trying to lose that last 10-15 lbs in fat. 

Guys who have more fat to lose, will most likely do not need T3 research.

Because their metabolism are likely high enough where they can cut higher intake of calories. Hence, fat will come off you much easier. 

Something like DNP research, would be much more suitable for guys with higher (over 12%-13%) body fats. 

However, the guy who is at 9%-10% body fat and trying to get to 5%-6%, might need to T3 research. 

Fat becomes much harder to lose once you get under 10%-11% range. Because your calories are already lower. 

Meaning you will have to make drastic drop in calories to see more fat loss. Hence, your metabolism will torpedo down even more. 

T3 research will help you keep that metabolism up while you are cutting to the single digits in body fat. 

Plus, ostarine research will help you keep that hard earned muscle mass and strength. 

We will discuss both of these in depth below and how you can maximize your fat loss with them. 

Make Sure You Have Basics Down First

Before I get into the cycle though, I want to stress to the lifestyle and fitness habits you should have down before even going on cycle. 

No one with under 2 years of gym/fitness experience should even consider researching anabolic or performance enhancing compounds. 

No way. Not only will not know how to properly use them but you will not make the most out of them because the results depend on your how good your diet and gym routine are. 

You cannot beat the basics guys. These compounds are not for beginners. You need to get your gym routine and diet down first and always. There are no miracle drugs.

Your physical results from PEDs depend on the work you put into your diet and gym routine.  

You would have needed to have gone on several cuts and bulks before. And know what fitness routines and diets works for your body already. 

You should have already built the discipline to have committed to this lifestyle. 

That is why guys need a bare minimum of 2 years fitness experience before researching these compounds. Most guys will need 3-5 years.

It took me 9 years into the fitness game to get serious about diet. You better put in the work the results or they will not come.

Gym newbies should just stick to natural bodybuilding supplements, diet, and the gym.

Stay disciplined with your approach and experiment with different diets and gym routines for the next 2-3 years.

Gather as much knowledge about your body as possible and use that data to maximize your gains.   

Once you have put in your time and know your body, then you can think about what PEDs can offer you. 

Supplies You Will Need For Your Cutting Cycle To Maximize Fat Loss And Maintain Health

Ostarine: This is a Selective androgen receptor modulator. This basically gives you many of the perks of steroids with a lot of the downsides. I can read my articles about ostarine here

T3: This is hormone your thyroid secretes when your metabolism needs to burn through some food. We will talk more about this below. 

On Cycle Support: This will contain you arimistane, liver and kidney support, heart support, testosterone booster, etc. You will get everything you need in one supplement with Arimacare Pro by Olympus Labs.  

Novladex: This is a SERM used during your post cycle therapy to stimulate natural thyroid production. 

PCT Supplies: These are more supplies you will need for post cycle therapy and are needed to ensure you are healthy after SARM research.

Stuff like heart health, estrogen regulation, etc. Everything else you need can be covered with Super PCT by Olympus Labs

What Is T3 hormone?

T3 (triiodothyronine) is a thyroid hormone that affects so many different areas of the body including body temperature, heart rate, energy levels, metabolism, growth and development, etc. 

Production of T3 is activated by TSH. That is released from the pituitary gland. This is a pretty simple process. 

The higher the levels of the T3 and T4 in your system. The lower your TSH levels will be because your body not feel a need to keep producing more T3 and T4. 

If your body does not have a lot of T3 and T4 in its system, you TSH levels are going to go into hyperdrive to create more T3 and T4 to burn off those calories. 

The half life of T3 is about 2.5 days. While T4 is anywhere from 6-7 days.  

How To Research T3?

The body usually produces 20 mcg - 30 mcg/day on its own. 

From my experience and research, the optimal research dosage for most people is between 50 mcg - 75 mcg/day

Beginners should stick to the lower end of that spectrum for their first cycles and experiment a bit with the research dosage. 

There are a lot of people who believe in tapering up your research dosage for 2-3 weeks.

For safety purposes, this is not a bad idea. It allows you to see how your body reacts to the exogenous T3 and gives your thyroid is smoother decrease in production. 

In terms of fat burning purposes, it makes little to no sense. Why would I research 25 mcg/day and have my natural thyroid shutdown too.

That is only going to bring me back to where I was and not stimulate fat loss. No win scenario.  

Others believe in just starting off with your optimal research dosage to burn fat.

I have researched both methods. I have noticed that is does not actually make a significant difference in terms of fat loss. 

I would taper up just to be safe your first researching T3 but I do not think it is necessary. 

Then you stay at your optimal research dosage for the duration of your cutting cycle. 

During your next research cycle, just start at your optimal dosage and run that for a couple weeks. 

During your post cycle therapy phase, you want to taper down your research dosage by 5 mcg, every 3 days or 10 mcg/week. 

Whatever works for you. You can look below in the article in the article to see what a proper T3 research cutting cycle looks like. 

Does Your Natural T3 Production Shutdown During Research?

It does not completely shutdown but it does slow down significantly. When ending your T3 research, you should taper off your usage.

Meaning research less and less over your last 2-3 weeks of cycle. Do this decrease your research dosage by 5 micrograms every 2-3 days. 

Once you are completely off T3 research, you thyroid will take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to regain full operation of your thyroid. 

How long it takes the thyroid to recover depends on a couple factors. Mainly genetics, how long your cycle was, the research dosage during cycle, and what other compounds you were researching. 

Overall, you should gain back your full natural thyroid operation within a few weeks. 

While your thyroid is recovering, you still eat and exercise like your are cutting because metabolism will be very low. 

Your body will not be burning off a lot of what you eat. So keep your calories low, your cardio high, and keep lifting heavy. 

Keep this up for 8 weeks just to be safe. Then begin the reverse dieting process to get your caloric maintenance up slowly. 

Get your TSH levels tested 4 weeks after T3 research has ceased. Then every 2-3 weeks after that. 

This is to see where you are at with your metabolism. This will let you know when you can start re feeding

T3 research will draw out your recover time from cycle by a couple weeks but you will most likely hit your goals faster anyway. 

Realistic Expectations For T3 Research During A Cut?

So there are a lot of misconceptions and beliefs when it comes to T3. 

There are many people out there who think they research T3, eat whatever they want on a cut, and still cut fat. 

That is not the case. I tested this actually. The researched T3 on 50 mcg - 60 mcg/day and was not conscious of what I was eating. 

Guess what? I put on fat. What a surprise. 

So do not do that. When you research T3 you need to have a strict eating regime

You need a diet that is macro nutrient dense and create a intense caloric deficit to burn fat. 

This is where T3 will shine. But keep your expectations in check. 

T3 will really only help you lose an 1/2-1 pound a week and get you to your goal a 3-4 weeks faster. 

These are realistic expectations to have for your T3 research. It gives you a good and reasonable boost in fat loss. 

Why Research Ostarine For Your Cutting Cycle?

Ostarine (mk-2866) is a selective androgen receptor modulator. Very similar to LGD 4033 and RAD 140

The latter SARMs are way more potent and stronger for anabolic purposes, hence they are not as ideal for a cut. 

Ostarine is great because it has just the right level anabolic strength for you preserve muscle and strength while still maximizing fat loss. 

No not expect to gain muscle or a ton of strength when researching ostarine while cutting. 

What ostarine always you to do is maintain your muscle mass while at an extreme caloric deficit.

This is almost impossible to do naturally. Hence, anabolic steroids were used to cut for years. 

However, those come with many shitty side effects. Those are hard to deal with while you are cutting. 

Balancing those side effects and with the disadvantages of an extreme caloric deficit is tough. 

SARMs are great for cutting because they do not have a lot of the shitty side effects that come with traditional androgenic anabolic steroids. 

There is no aromatization (bitch tits), no cardiovascular issues, no kidney or liver issues, etc. 

The only side effect is a little natural testosterone suppression. A post cycle therapy phase will properly take care of this. 

What Dosage Of Ostarine Research Is Necessary For Cutting?

I keep my dosages of ostarine research rather low actually. I usually research only 10-15 mg. 

That is what works for me. I am only concerning with preserving muscle and strength. Nothing more. 

When I cut on higher dosages, it took longer for me to cut fat on the same diet and exercise regimen. 

I suggest you keep the research dosages on the lower end. But you can you also experiment with the dosages and see what works for you. 

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What A Successful Cycle Looks Like On Paper?

So I want to break dow what a cutting cycle looks like in terms of the compounds you are researching.

Primarily T3 and ostarine. I will break down how this will look over a 13 week cut. Followed by 4 week post cycle phase. 17 week cycle in total.  

Ostarine/T3 Cycle

Week 1-13: 15 mg/day of ostarine, 50-60 mcg/day of T3, 1 serving/day Arimacare Pro.

Post Cycle Therapy And T3 Taper Off

Week 14: 20 mcg/day of novladex, 1 serving/day of Super PCT, 40 mcg/day of T3.

Week 15: 20 mcg/day of novladex, 1 serving/day of Super PCT, 30 mcg/day of T3.  

Week 16: 40 mcg/day of novladex, 1 serving/day of Super PCT, 20 mcg/day of T3. 

Week 17: 40 mcg/day of novladex, 1 serving/day of Super PCT, 10 mcg/day of T3.

This is what you want your cycle to look like. This is very simple yet quite detailed at the same time.

You can use this framework for your cutting cycle. I definitely will be. Just make sure to get all your supplies, research compounds, and supplements together before you start your cycle.

You should expect to lose anywhere between 1-3 pounds per week. That weight loss should be straight fat. Expect to keep your muscle mass and strength in the gym as well. 


There you have it. I think answered a lot of the questions on how research cycle T3 with ostarine fat loss. 

Please let me know what you thought of the article or if you have more questions in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading. To your fat loss and soon to be ripped physique.  

Ray Kingsman

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