Rebel Ray’s Cutting Log: Week 1


For those of you who care, this a week 1 recap and update of my long overdo cutting phase

I have decided to go on a cut because I an sick and tired of being and feeling fat.

A year ago, I was a lean 200 pounds and that is what I need to get to.  

Eventually, I want to be ripped. Like 7% to 8%.

That will likely take 2-3 cutting cycles and reverse dieting phases though.

Probably over a year too.

Whatever man.

No one gets ripped over night.

It will take time, patience, and discipline. 

With those 3 components, man can accomplish just about anything. 

No Joke. 

Anyway, let's get into the updates for this week.

Week 1 Update

As of Sunday morning, I am 221 pounds!!!

I wish I took a picture of the scale. I will do so from now on.  

There is not much a difference in my physique which is what expected. 

I would need to lose 10+ pounds to see a real difference in the mirror. 

That is fine and I knew that going in. 

I am still happy about this quick result. 

My goal is to cut 15 pounds in total in about 8 to 10 weeks.   

Now, I am almost 1/3 of the way there.  

That's exciting and keeps me motivated. 

I know now that my strategy continues to work.   

What Snags Did Run Into

I worked 52 hours last week. Not too bad.

But felt drained every day this week after getting home work.

Waking up at 5 am to do cardio really affects me later in the day.  

My body probably needs another week or two to get into that early morning rhythm. After that, I think I will be fine.

Right now, I am was just physically and mentally tired whenever I came home from work. 

However, two of my lifting days are on Friday and Sunday. 

On Friday, since I can lift as late as I want, I come home work and take a short nap and then hit the gym. 

So really I only have muster up the energy to lift weights after work twice during the week. That is not so bad. 

Having a job sucks so much time out of your day though it is insane. 

It is just another hurdle to jump over though. 

I hit legs on Monday, Shoulders and deadlifts on Wednesday, Legs again on Friday, and Chest and Back again on Sunday.

Overall, I stuck to the plan. All except for my Wednesday workout had decent intensity.

Wednesday was a struggle because how tired I was. I actually only did Barbell overhead press, lateral raises, rear deltoid flyes, and dead-lifts.

But I just powered through it at an average pace and left the gym. 

I passed out an hour later after a small dinner. 

Overall, I have stuck to my workout regime and I have kept my strength up.

Let's see how this progresses as we get deeper in the cutting cycle.  


Stuck to the diet for the most part. 

Between Sunday and Friday, I at an average of 1620 calories a day.

I consumed an average on 226 grams of protein, 84 grams of carbs, and 38 grams of fats. My food sources were pretty much the same ones I described my previous post about my cutting diet. I did a good  job in sticking to the plan. 

Being busy throughout the day makes eating a little more mindless. One of the  few benefits of having a ball busting job. 

Onward, I did slip on my diet on Friday. I got a 6 inch double meat sweet onion chicken teriyaki sandwich from Subway after lifting on Friday night. 

Sure, there are worse things I could have done but that put me just above 1700 calories for the day. 

I was kicking myself later. Even though the sandwich was delicious. 

On Saturday, I had a re feed day. 

This is my eat some sloppy food in small quantities to stay sane day.

I had eggs, sausage, and two small pancakes for breakfast. A small slice of pizza and a hotdog for lunch. And another 6 inch double meat sweet onion chicken teriyaki sandwich from Subway with two cookies. Plus 2 self made protein shakes. 

This is just a mental break that I use for myself. It keeps me on track and allows to indulge a little while on a cut and suffer very little repercussions. It did just enough to make me want to start dieting again on Sunday.  

I might scale it back a little just to safe and make sure I do not inhibit any weight loss by having this earned indulgence day. 

I will keep you guys posted on this.  

What I Am Doing Moving Forward? 

This photo was taken of me Monday. Still looking pretty fat but progress is being made.  

My plan moving forward is to stay disciplined and keep hustling basically.

Stick to the plan. It is working so why change anything.

I just have to stay patient and put in the work.

I might take it a bit easier on my "cheat" day. This is so I do experience any unneeded weight gain. That would suck.

I will also try and get more sleep. 8 hours of good sleep is necessary. Lately I only get 7 hours which gets me through day just fine but I could use an hour or two more.   

This will also lower my reliance on caffeine during the day and allow me to get more out of my lifting sessions. 

Also, I need to say "no" to free food at the office.  Every once in awhile, we throw a party for whatever holiday or birthday for a co worker and have a lot of free food. 

I cannot slip on these days. 

Sure a piece of bad food here and there will hurt my fat loss but it is damn sure not helping it. 


So this is my progress so far. 

My supplement stack is really helping keep my energy levels up and is working as I predicted. 

ArimeStage PCT 50 is helping me keep my muscle on and is preserving my strength thus far.

San T2 Extreme, Red Burner, and BioGreen Thyroid Support are really helping me burn more calories through the day. 

Overall, I am still looking pretty fat which sucks but its more motivation to keep up my diets and workouts.

I think I will start to see a dramatic difference within the next 2 to 3 weeks.     

That's all for now guys. I will have another update for you next week.