Rebel Ray’s Cutting Log: Week 2


This is the Week 2 of my cutting phase for this fall. This is to update you on my current status and progress. 

Also to inform you about any snags I ran into. Also what has been working and what has not been working for me.

The goal is to give you guys more knowledge about how to properly cut fat and keep the muscle and strength.

I would suggest you read Week 1 and my cutting procedure overview before moving on this article though.   

I dealt with a lot of the same issues and snags as last week. I will get into that in the post though. 

Without further or do, on to the update. 

Week 2 Update

This week I am down to 218 pounds. Wow! 

That is down from the 221 pounds that I was last week and way down from the 225 pounds I started at.

I am escastic about the results so far. It really seems like strategies are working out very well. 

Weekly Snags I Ran Into

Same old shit. Work is a bitch because it is so draining. 

This actually runs a much deeper issue. I do not hate my job but it is not what I want to do for the rest of my life. 

I am in the process of saving up money to move abroad to Asia where I can really work on this website, start building an online business, and cut my living costs down. 

This corporate world is draining and ultimate waste of energy. However, it does  provide a means to end.

In this case, it is gaining position and saving money. I am investing in my future.

That means being little miserable now. But honestly, working a full time job that pays decent money is not all that bad. 

It could be way worse, I do not make six figures but I do make a pretty decent salary for age. 

Because I live pretty frugally, I can save 50% to 60% of what I make after taxes.

I have done this for the past 3 years. So I have a pretty fat savings account.

I am in a good spot. Those thoughts and my goals get me through the day. 

Plus the people I work with are pretty cool and nice. It is a stressful but tamed environment. Once again, I digress. 

Working a full time, can be soul sucking and that ultimately takes away from energy I could use toward my cut. 

I pulled a 12 hour day on Wednesday and did not get home until 9pm. 

I was supposed to lift that evening but that did not happen. I decided to go to sleep instead. 

Cardio is the priority. Which happens Sunday through Friday at 5:30 am.

Had I lifted, I would not have gone to sleep until 11pm at the earliest. Probably closer to midnight honestly. 

Plus, I had already done legs on Sunday and I could afford to miss a leg workout.

Sleep was more important at that point and what I prioritized. I believe it was a good decision. 

What Went Right

I was definitely not as hungry through the day as I was during week 1. 

This might mean my body is adjusting quickly to the diet change and exercise change. 

I did not slip at all this week during the cut. No snacks or overfeeding. 

I had very little food cravings until Friday.

Friday I had start really checking myself on a lot of stuff I wanted to eat. 

If it is not helping my cut, then I cannot eat it. Straight up. 

I got in cardio 6 days this weeks at 40 minutes on each day. 

So I was burning calories and destroying that fat. So far, so good. 

What Supplements I Have Added To My Stack?

I had to add on cycle support to my supplement stack.

As you guys know, I am taking ArimeStage PCT 5. This supplements contains androgenic compounds Epi Andro and Ostarine.  

When on cycle, you need support because your organs will be put under more pressure than usual. 

Having the extra nutrients from your on cycle support goes along way in staying healthy and having little complications during your cycle. 

Therefore, I added Arimecare Pro by Olympus Labs. 

This literally has all the on cycle support you will ever need in one supplement. 

It is high quality and top of the line in terms how many products it has in one. 

I have used it before and I am a really big fan. 

Things I Learned This Week

I need to create alternative plans of action if I cannot lift on a certain a day.   

I need a "make up" lift day or something of that nature.

Something to make up for the lost workout. I do not like skipping lifting days. 

Therefore, I back up plan needs to be created to make sure I get all my lifting in during the week.  

Other than that,  I am going to keep it moving. What I am doing is working so there is no need to make any radical changes. 


So far, so good. I am still pleased with my progress. I will keep you guys informed with my progress moving forward. 

I think I will have a dramatic drop in weight soon. It is only a matter of time. 

I am excited for that to happen by I am by no means making it an expectation. 

If I can keep losing 2 pounds or more a week then I will hit my weight loss goal. 

I cannot wait until a year from now.

When I am in China or Thailand, building up this website and getting ripped.  

It is going to be a lot of fun. The future has a lot of good things in store for me and I am looking forward to them. 

Let's keep it moving.