Rebel Ray’s Cutting Log: Week 3


​Okay, so this was a very shitty week but not because of the cut. 

I will get into the details in just a bit. 

In terms of the cut, everything went fairly well. 

I made some corrections to lifestyle to make sure I get in the work I need to in order to be successful. 

Now that you know my routine and what I doing pretty well, these posts will become much shorter. 

I will focus on the things that have been working and the things in my routine and lifestyle that have been hindering my results. 

My Weight

At the end of week 3, I weighed in at 217 pounds. 

This is a little bit higher than I was expecting given that I have been losing 3 to 4 pounds a week so far. 

As I explain below, my diet and exercise routine was pretty solid this week. So I do not know why the weight loss slowed down. It could just be water weight. Who knows. 

Either way, I am not going to dwell too much on this. I will keep it moving and keep working.  

I am starting to notice some differences in the mirror though. That is exciting and will develop more as I lose more fat. 

​Exercise And Diet

​Got in my cardio 5 times this week for at least 45 minutes a session.

Got in my 4 lifting days a weeks. 2 legs days and 2 days upper body days. 

Got that shit done playa. 

This week I averaged 1673 calories a day. 234 grams of protein. 81 grams of carbs. 45 grams of fats.

My strength in gym has slightly slipped a bit though. 

I have lost a rep or two on all my major lifts except for my deadlift. Ironically, my deadlift went up.

Whatever. I am not too concerned with strength right now. That can always be gained back once I reverse diet and increase my calories. 

However, I did eat a whole pack of oreos on Saturday. So I will not be shocked if a gained 2 pounds on Saturday. 

Ya. That happens to me when I eat too much. That is what got me in this situation. 

The photo below was taken on that Saturday morning at the end of week 3. 

Still looking pretty fat in my opinion. However, the saying that camera adds 10 pounds might be true. The camera makes you look worse than you really are.  

Either that, or I do not know how  to take good selfies. It is one or the other. Maybe both. I do not know. 

Either way, it is a real representation of the way I currently look. I am 8 pounds down. No drastic difference in the way I look. 

I will probably not see a real difference in the way I look until I am near 200 pounds. That is a loss of 25 pounds.

I do not know if I will get to 200 pounds on this cut. My goal is 15 pounds but I might surpass that. Probably, by nothing more than a few pounds though.  

This is going to be a 10 week cut and weight loss is bound to slow down near end as my body adjusts to the caloric deficit.  

Also when I reverse diet for 8 weeks to get back to caloric maintenance.  I will likely put on 3 to 4 pounds back on. 

So getting to 200 pounds and staying there is not likely on this cut. 

My Job

So this was a pretty shitty week at work to say the least. 

So this past Monday, I got a call from the consulting firm I work for.

They told me that the contract with the government entity we were data analysis for is up and there is no longer funding for my position.

He told me my last day would be that Friday. Not only that, I would also be not be paid while they would find another project for me to work on.

I was pretty pissed. I knew this could happen but I had been pretty safe throughout the past three years in terms of my job security.

I had also made myself very valuable to the team I worked on. So I was shocked that I got cut.

This put a lot of stress on me. Because I had been saving money very aggressively over the past 12 months in order to make a move to Asia in 2017 to work on this website.

If it takes them 2 to 4 months to me a new project to work on, that will heavily hinder my saving plans.

I could take a temporary job in the mean time but that is not ideal because I would not as much money. 

However, it is better than nothing. I can also collect unemployment payments while mass applying to other jobs in hopes of finding a higher paying job.  

That is definitely possible. I could still move abroad in 2017 but just get a teaching job that pays well.

What I am realizing is that I am not completely fucked but this just creates more stress and instability inn my life that I do not need right now.  

Discomfort really hinders my productivity in this website. I have been really trying to grow this and want to continue to do so.  

Alas, it is was is. I can only do what is my control. That's it. 

I am going to hone down and figure out a plan to move my life forward. 

I will land on my feet like I always do. Just as long as I take action and keep hustling. 

Anyway, it was a task to stay focused on my cut during the week because my job situation was all I was thinking about.

I was able to push through and get the work done in the midst of this shitty situation. 

Luckily, this cut does not take too much time out of my day and I am still able to prioritize other things. 


So that was my week. Overall, the cut went pretty well. I am sticking to my plan and it is working out quite well. 

I have ran into some issues which I think I know how to tackle moving forward. Nothing new or out of the ordinary here. 

The only real distraction for my cut is my job situation. That shit needs to be figured out soon so my saving plan stays on track. Or at least minimize the damage.

Either way, I will be fine. Talk to you guys later.