Rebel Ray’s Cutting Log: Week 7


Welcome to Week 7!!!

If you have not read my fall cutting procedure. Please read that first.  It will inform you what I have been doing over the past 7 weeks.

You will see my initial diet plan, exercise regime, supplements that I am taking, and other stuff. Although I have changed some things along the way, most things are the same.

Please read the my previous weeks (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) logs to see how I got here. They also provide you with a wealth information behind my cut.  

I know I say the same thing every week but this is has been such a journey.

I say because I really mean it. I feel like I grow stronger every week because I am sticking to my goals and not getting lazy.

I have been consistent despite the bullshit taking place in other areas of my life.  

However, I did have a more troublesome week. I will get into that in just a bit.

I have 2 weeks left in this cut and I plan to go so hard in the paint. I really want to get rid of this fat.

This has felt like more a marathon than a sprint. But I have learned a lot from this marathon. 

Marathons have smooth portions and shitty portions of the trail. I ran into my first shitty portion the week. 

Week 1-6 were smooth with some minor. Week 7 was definitely more of a struggle. Once again, I will talk more about that in a bit. 

On to the log and my thoughts about week 7. 

​My Weight

My weight this week was 210. I have lost 1 pound since last week. I have officially hit my goal.

This feels amazing. I am two weeks ahead of schedule on my goal. Anything else I lose beyond this point is icing on the cake. 

Although I am a little bummed that I only lost a one pound this week, this is still amazing progress for me. 

Hopefully, I can shed another 3-4 pounds over the course of the cut. We will what happens. 

My Diet And Exercise

This week was a little tougher to stick to my regime. I definitely ran into some snags that impacted my workout game.

So this is the second week of my new temporary job (hopefully the last, I might have found a higher paying job. I will keep you posted on this.).

So at this job, they expect me to work long hours. So I have pulled 10 hour days over the past week, along with a 45 minute commute each way.

What this told me is that I need a new job. But these days have really zapped my energy. So I only had the energy to pull two-a-days on cardio on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.     

I only did one cardio session Wednesday through Friday. One Thursday, I only did a 30 minute cardio session (in the morning) too.

I was pretty upset with myself. It is better than nothing but it is not the work I committed to doing every day. 

By the time I get back from work, I only have two hours of free time (in which I work on this blog)before I need to prepare for tomorrow and go to bed.

I also ate a glazed donut on Friday morning, I felt terribly immediately. It was a bad decision. But I have kept up my discipline throughout this whole cut.  

I am allowed to slip up every one in awhile. But this should be the last time I mess up like this.

I need to go hard and stay consistent down the stretch of this cut in order to stay keep the results coming. 

You cannot get results cutting corners all the time. I have not done that and will not in the future. I made an honest and conscious mistake. I will do my best not to repeat it. 


So my supplement stack is still the same. I have upped my T3 dosage. I am ingesting 50-60mg//day.

Since I only lost one pound this week, I am not sure it is working. This is frustrating. I started using this to increase my fat loss.

It has been two weeks since hopping on the stuff and I have not seen any increase in results.

Maybe that is because of the ostarine is mitigating catabolism but the increased doses should have done something.

I am going to need to see something drastic in terms of results to make me want to try it again on my next cycle. 

I will use it for another two weeks and see what happens.

I also want to see what the effects will be immediately after discontinuation. I know my thyroid will still be shutdown for a couple days. So I will feel terrible for 1-2 weeks afterward.

The Arimestage PCT 50 is doing its job. I am keeping a good deal of my strength. But my extreme caloric deficit is taking its toll. 

I hope there are no extreme side effects using the T3 and ostarine together. This is the first time I using them together. 

Hopefully nothing too crazy in terms side effects. 

My Thoughts

So there a couple things going on. The first, is do not think the temporary job that I have now is sustainable for the future.

The commute and work suck, the pay is shitty, the work environment is far from ideal. This job has very much impacted the work for this cut.

I will not make excuses. But having this new job has not helped my weight loss goals. That is for sure. 

I might of found another job. One that is better in all categories. I am not completely sure it is in the bag yet though. I will know by the end of the week. 

If it does go through, it would be much easier for my cut and reverse diet.  

I really need to stay consistent down the stretch to achieve my goals. I also need to do my best not go extremely catabolic after my cycle.

I think coming off T3 will help that since my metabolism will still be shutdown for a couple days and it will take couple weeks for my thyroid for rebound fully.  


We are coming down to the last two weeks!!

I am so excited to get this over with and see the results.  I am definitely seeing the differences in the mirror and I am happy the results so far. 

I have already hit my weight loss goal. So everything from here is gravy.  

After I reverse diet though, I am likely to gain 3-4 pounds back. So I might be sitting at 210 when this all said and done. 

I plan on going on another cut next spring anyway to cut another 15 pounds and again this time next year.

By the end of that cut (a year from now), I should be shredded an hopefully around 180 pounds.

That will be a while from now though. I gotta focus on getting this work done now. 

Thanks for the support everyone. 

Once again, check out the log from my previous weeks (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) if you have not already along with my cut procedure

Until next time,  

Ray Kingsman