Rebel Ray’s Cutting Log: Week 9


Wow! It's finally here!

Thank God! The cut is over!

We made it. I need to thank you all for your support on throughout this process. 

It really means a lot. This whole process has been so rough. 

Mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

My employment situation did not make it easier either. That was a curve ball that really ate into my time.

I really struggled in other areas of my life and I persevered. I am proud of myself for doing so. 

Although I am still trying to figure out my next move in where I work, I did not let it affect my cut.

It shows you guys that you can have shitty situations going on in others areas of your life and still make progress on your #1 or #2 priority. 

I am living proof of that. 

Checkout my fall cutting procedure and previous weeks (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) logs if you have not already. 

They will get you up to speed on what I been doing over the past weeks so. They contain all the information you need to know. 

Anyway, on to my log. 

My Weight

I weighed in at 206 this week.

Another pound down for last week bitches.

Booyeah! Get at me! 

You can find a picture of what I look like below. 

Although I have a lot more to lose, there is a drastic difference in my looks from when I started the cut. 

Check out the pictures from my fall cutting procedure. It shows what I looked liked before I started this cut. 

I was pretty fat dude. 

I am honestly disgusted that I let myself get that. 

But I am happy I am really doing something about it though. 

I got that from a bout with depression in late 2015 (story coming soon). Long story short, I ate a lot and destroyed my body.

I got up to 240 pounds and lost all my strength in that period.

I had pretty stopped going to the gym completely. I muddled my sadness and anger in shitty food.

I paid the price dearly. 

I pretty much spent all of 2016 trying get my body back.

I went on cycles of RAD 140 and YK 11 (experiences on both of these coming soon) simply to help me recoup, get back in the gym, build my strength, and get my fitness base back to where it was. 

Those cycles gave me a boost in results and motivation to get back to where I was.

Then in the summer of 2016, I told myself "I will get shredded again".

I do not care how long it takes.

Like my employment situation. I dug myself in a hole. I will climb out stronger than before.

It has been a long and painful road. 

But this road has made me more of a man and I am better for it. 

Although it would have been better for me not to get fat in the first place, I could have chosen not to do anything about it and drown my sorrows in more food. 


That is not how success rebels do it.

They live their lives with purpose and get shit done.  

Diet & Exercise

The regime was the same as my previous weeks. I continued to do cardio sessions a day. 

The cardio equaled an hour or more of cardio a day.

I lifted 4 times last week as well. 2 leg and lower body days. 2 upper body days. So I got good work in. 

My strength has stayed the same over the past couple weeks. My deadlifts have continued to go up.

I also made a jump in reps on my barbell row. I have no idea why. But everything is else is the same.  

I averaged 1750 calories throughout the week. 232 grams of protein per day. 84 grams of protein per day. 44 grams of fats per day.

I forgot to mention that I have been taking to multivitamins with every meal given that I am at an extreme caloric deficit. 

It helps my body replenish and stay energized. That is where my micronutrients come from on a daily during this cut. 

My Supplements

My supplementation stayed the same as in previous weeks. Nothing new here. 

Still using my Arimacare Pro by Olympus Labs, ArimeStage PCT 50 by EPG, Red Burner by Red Supplements, and T3 research. 

This week though, I am tapering down T3 research.

So far, I have seen zero side effects from T3 research. 

I never went above 70 mcg/day though. It seemed to keep my weight loss going. So it did it's job. 

Anyway, I am lowering the doses so my thyroid can slowly start producing again and lessen the shock to my body when I discontinue my research. 

I will lower the doses even more in my first week post cycle therapy. Then discontinue research the following week. 

Then I will start taking thyroid stimulating supplements to get my metabolism to rebound in production as quickly as possible. 

This is my first go around with T3 research so I keep you guys posted on how it goes when it comes to natural bodily recovery after discontinuation of research. 

Where Do I Go From Here?

From here, I will taper off (lower doses) my T3 research for one more week. After that, I will keep my same exercise regime for the next 4 weeks.

This is because I will need to keep my calories low so I do not gain a lot fat back while my natural metabolism rebounds.

I touch on this subject in Part 1 of my refeeding guide.

During my T3 research, my natural metabolism will be suppressed or shutdown. And will stay this way for a little while after my discontinuation of T3 research. 

Hence after discontinuation, it makes it really easy to put back on fat because your natural metabolism is very low.  

Therefore I will need to keep up my dieting regime while my metabolism starts to reboot naturally. That should take about 4 weeks. Hopefully.....

Following my metabolism rebound phase, I will start a refeed phase. This phase will be approximately 12 weeks long. 

I will add 65 calories to my diet a week and decrease my cardio by 5 minutes per week. By the end of this phase, I hope to eating 2600-2700 calories a day and doing 25 minute cardio sessions 2-3 times a week.

My weight lifting regime stays the same throughout this whole process. 

I will maintain this caloric and exercise load for a couple weeks. Then I will start another cutting phase in the spring.  

I might gain 3-4 pounds back in during the refeed phase but that is fine because it will most likely be in water and glycogen to my muscles. That stuff comes and goes easily. 

If all goes well. I should be 208-210 when I start cutting again in the spring. 

I will also be starting post cycle therapy next week as well. I will be using a combination of nolvadex, laxogenin (Strength Unleashed by Olympus Labs), and Super PCT by Olympus Labs.

I think this will play out well if I stay disciplined and I think I will. 


Take a look at the supplements I will be using during refeeding phase. This combination of products is meant to help me accelerate my results. 

I will write a 9 week transformation post that details everything I did soon enough so you guys can have updated of my endeavors. 

I hope newbies have learned a few things from this cutting.

1) You achieve whatever you want with consistent or daily effort.

2) You will run into snags but if you stay determined and keep working, nothing can stop you from accomplishing your goal.  

3) SARMs do work for all types of fitness goals. You should try them. 

Those are the most essential things that I can think of. Other than that, everything that I did is laid out in my fall cutting procedure and previous weeks logs (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8). 

I hope my log has inspired you and given you the information you need to replicate the process. 

Success Rebels will take this information and get to work.

So get to work. Success is only a matter of time.