Do You Know Your Enemy? Discover The Truth About Your Freedom


So I was in the gym jamming out today. I was getting my usual workout and lifting session.

I am preparing to cut hard this summer. I have couple more pounds of fat I need to shave off.

Anyway, the intensity was up and pumps were great.

One of the reasons was because of the music I was listening too. Like I mentioned earlier, I was jamming hard.

Today, I was bumping some classic Rage Against The Machine hits.

In particular, I was listening to one of their most famous songs called "Know Your Enemy". 

This song is creative protest against the federal government. In which they say, the government is an enemy of the common man.  

It does not sound like at first but when you really listen and digest the lyrics, the message is very clear. 

They are talking about the millions of people in the Western Hemisphere that live under the submission of the federal government. 

Of which that government is controlled by the elite (the rich: corporations, groups of rich individuals, very wealthy entities, etc). 

Many of us who work and try to survive in the real world (who have woken up and view the system for what it is) can really relate this message. 

We live on the wrong end of that equation everyday. Although this living this lifestyle is far better then growing up in Syria or Darfur, it does not make are realities any different. 

It is a tough pillow to swallow. Believe me, I know. I am right there with you guys. I am working to try to get out of it as we speak. 

Anyway, this song well-articulates these feeling of frustration and anger one might have toward the system. 

Not only does is the song beautifully produced and sound great but the message is very powerful, like a lot of Rage songs from the 1990s. 

In this post, I will go a little more in depth into the meaning of this song and you can learn about the world from these lyrics. 

I will take bits and pieces of the lyrics and give you my analysis and interpretation of what they mean. 

Definitely, listen to the song before reading the rest of the article. I have it posted below. It really is a great rock song.

"Born With Insight And A Raised Fist...A Witness To The Slit Wrists...Move into '92....Still In A Room Without A View...Amp Up And Amplify. Defy."

So try and digest these snippets from the first verse of the song. I will break down what I think the literal interpretation and then give my thoughts.

Many of use were born with greater insight then those around us. 

We see the world for what is really is. A cog. A wheel that turns to keeps the elite in power and everyone else suppressed. 

Today, it is just done by more peaceful and humane ways in most parts of the world. 

We the slit wrists and wounds of the mass millions that suffer of these systems all over the world. 

Whether they live in a war zone or stuck of the middle class wage slave ship. The pain is on their face for everyone to see. 

They are not living the life they want to be living. Far from it actually.

This is mainly because they are stuck in a cog of fighting for their own survival and/or keeping the elite in power. 

We look out the window of our rooms for hope or a path forward but we see none. In fact, there is no view at all. 

Just our current reality. The reality we all live day after day. 

We see things for what they are and anger are. The anger begins to boil deep within us.

Now we want the defy the reality written out for us by society. To show the world we will not be contained. 

Rebel Ray's Analysis:

This message is pretty clear. When I hop on the metro everyday to go to work, i see the battle scars on everyone's face.

It is like they would rather be anywhere but there. Stuck in the system of making others rich. 

When should be making ourselves rich. The sounds starts to turn in another direction and talk about defiance. 

That is the next step after the realization and anger. In this song that might mean protest, but that is a waste of time. 

Your time is much better served focusing on personal goals like starting a business and getting of the corporate world forever. 

That is my version of defiance. Focus on what you want out of your life.

Protesting the government and corporations gets you nowhere.  

"I'm A Brother With A Furious Mind. Action Must Be Taken. We Do Not Need The Key We Will Break In. Something Must Be Done."

"About Vengeance, A Badge, And Gun. I'll Rip The Mic. Rip The Stage. Rip System. I Was Born To Rage Against Them. So Fist In Your Face..."

Now we are transmuting our anger into action and protest toward the government and the system.

Something must be done and we have to take action or else nothing will change.  

When we really think about it, the order of the system we abide by is keep in place by the barrel gun. Through that, the fear instilled in us by the system. 

Armies, police, armed personal, etc.; are all meant to keep the average man in check and make sure that everyone obeys the rules. 

Because we are enlightened by our thoughts and awareness; we decide to start the rebellion for a better life and future. 

Rebel Ray's Analysis:

So I do not think they preaching violence here. Once again, I think they are talking more peaceful protest.

I think they are absolutely right, something must be done. But it should not be aimed at the government. 

It should be aimed at improving our lives and moving away from middle class bubble

Going against armies and the police is losing proposition. It will usually end with you dead or in jail. Do not do it. 

Focus on yourself instead. Level up and become a better version of yourself until you have joined the elite. 

"Fight The War. Fuck The Norm. Now I Got No Patience. So Sick Of Complacence. Defiance."

"Mind Of Revolutionary. Clear The Lane. Finger To The Land Of The Chains"

In this set of lyrics, they are telling the listener to join the movement. Fuck the norm. The norm will make you like everyone else. 

The norm will make you complacent. The norm is meant to keep you in submission and under the order of the system. 

The norm is meant for you to help keep the elite in power, at the expense of your own freedom. 

Hence why the mass media, school, etc has feed you lies and propaganda all your life. 

Now it is time to do something about it. 

The west is only becoming more and more restrictive of its citizens. 

Passing laws that tell what we can and cannot put in our bodies. How we can or cannot defend ourselves. 

Passing laws that detrimental to mass public and/or only benefit the elite and rich. 

I could go on all day but you get the point. 

Either way, we are sick of abiding by the rules. We must do something in order for things to change. 

Rebel Ray's Analysis:

These are feelings that I think we have all experienced in some shape or form. 

It is a fact that the government restricts your actions through law and enforcement.

We are all held in check by the barrel of a gun, as I explained earlier. 

We are made to accept the blue pill lifestyle and a life complacence and obedience. 

If you are like me then you do not accept this lifestyle at all. You want something more. A life actually worth living. 

The answer relies in doing what you want and ignoring the vicious chains of society. You know this by now. 

You defy but only in the confines of the law. Meaning do not try to overthrow government, as I mentioned earlier. 

Instead, start an online business. Move to Asia. Travel the world. Get yourself away from the spectacle and live your life on your terms. 

Do not settle for student loans, a nagging wife, expensive kids, a shitty mortgage, bad auto loans, life sucking middle class job, etc. 

Go out and get what is your's. The time is now. If you cannot make it happen right now then start putting yourself in the position to do so. 

"What? Land Of The Free? Whoever Told You That Is Your Enemy! Now Something Must Be Done. About Vengeance. A Badge. And A Gun."

These lines are meant express the fact that The Western Hemisphere is not the land of the free. 

It never has been and it never will be. That was an illusion sold to you in school (set up by the establishment). 

They sell you that propaganda in order to mold you into an obedient servant.

A servant that will ultimately work the rest of his life to serve the elite and keep the mass empire afloat while rich get richer. 

Almost every empire has functioned like this. The western establishment has set up an elaborate scheme over the past 150 years. 

They have constructed the illusion of freedom by selling you on a dream that does not exist. 

This dream was sold to you in school, the mass media, books, etc. You know this already. 

What you have to realize is that this is no accident. The system was constructed this way on purpose. So the elite can retain power over many generations. 

And if anyone steps outside the boundaries of the sociological borders set up by the establishment, you will be shamed by your peers. 

It takes a lot of mental strength to look past that, move forward, and do what you want with your own life. 

Rebel Ray's Analysis:

These are probably my favorite lines throughout the entire song. They powerful to me.

They lay out who the enemy (or the people fighting against your freedom) really is. 

Lone behold! It is the government. The people who are supposed to enforce our freedom. 

Hypocrisy! What a fucking surprise. 

Like all of you, I knew the establishment was rigged.

But when the language is that raw, it just hits you in the face and makes you understand how things really are. 

It's one of those gritty and raw examples of real life that is hard to ignore. 

"Yes. I Know My Enemies. They Are The Teachers Who Taught Me To Fight."

"Compromise. Conformity. Assimilation. Submission. Ignorance, Hypocrisy, Brutality. The Elite. All Of Which Are American Dreams." 

These lyrics confirm what we already know. That the media, culture, and the government are our enemies. 

Those are the ones restricting our human rights. They are the ones keeping us from our dreams and living our lives the way we want to. 

The last part of that verse talks about what it really means to pursue The American Dream. 

The American Dream is voluntary submission, conformity, ignorance, assimilation, and servitude to the elite. 

The pursuit of the american dream will not make you free. In fact, that is what will keep you from what you want to the most. 

Which is to live your life on your terms. That is where the hypocrisy comes in.

We are told we are free but nothing could be further from the truth. 

The system is brutal and that is why you have to get out. 

Rebel Ray's Analysis:

I love the ending to this song. It also a gritty and real analogy on life and how the blue lifestyle trap goes. 

They literally destroy the concept of the american dream and how big of a lie it really is. 

That could not be more true. As most people will have to go into crippling debt (student loans, mortgage, marriage, car loans, etc.) before achieving that lifestyle. 

And it is all to serve the people already in power and keep them rich.

I have to admire the elaborate scheme a little bit. But deep down it makes me sick to my stomach. 

Obviously though, life does not have to be this way. We know the enemy and can put our middle fingers up.

We just need to do it in practical way. One that yields us more consistent happiness.

You can say "hell no" to having kids, getting married, working for somebody else, taking on crippling debt, and brain washing. 

You can start an online business, move to foreign country, and live life the way you want to. 

My advice would be to start putting that plan in motion now. You have no time to waste. 


This is a great song. I encourage you all to listen to it. They really break down the structure of society and why you need to rebel. 

The western establishment is meant to hold you back and keep you subservient to the elite. Nothing more. 

However, there is a way out.

I talked about how to escape the blue pill lifestyle trap (Part 2 and 3 of that series) and how to thrive in this world. 

Do not waste time protesting and trying to overthrow the government. Your attempts will be futile unless you have a large army. 

I am assuming most of you do not have that. So instead, remove yourself from the establishment and live your life on your terms. 

That is the message you should take away from this song, It is the main idea that is worth discussing. 

Hopefully, this article gives you perspective on how and why things are the way they are in the world.

Just remember, you can remove yourself from that western lifestyle and pursue a more enriching one.

That is up to you to make happen. No one else.

All that is important for now is one thing. 

That you know your enemy and are aware of the system you in. 

That is the first step to freedom. 

Let's Go!

Okay. That is all for now. 

To Your Freedom. 

Ray Kingsman

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