Does Ostarine Really Work? Insight From Personal Experience


A lot of guys have asked me about my personal experience with ostarine. Did it really work for you? What did you eat while on cycle? How did you train? Lifestyle choices?

So I think it would be helpful to share more details about my first research cycle on ostarine. I think you give you more perspective whether ostarine will work your research and what to expect (hint: it will work when used properly). 

I know a lot of you guys are looking for a safer alternative to androgenic anabolic steroids but that still produces pretty awesome results. I truly believe that ostarine fits the bill in this case. 

What Brought Me To Ostarine

So as you guys probably know by now, ostarine is a SARM (selective androgen receptor modular). It is completely non steroidal and still stimulates anabolic activity.

Ostarine's selectivity in the tissue it binds to basically does not allow the researcher to experience any of the androgenic side effects that you would usually see with AAS or more aggressive prohormones.  

Not only that, it does not suppress your natural testosterone production too much. Therefore, your HPTA (hypothalamus pituitary testes axis) will have an easier time recovering during your post cycle therapy. 

This was the late winter or early spring of 2015. I was off cycle and coming my 1 Andro cycle. Of which my experience was not so great. 

During 1 Andro cycle, I experienced a some bad effects. I was tired all the time, got some acne, rose resting heart rate and blood pressure, and experience some hair loss. Not to mention it was heavily suppressive on my HPTA.

I actually cut the cycle short because I hated dealing with the side effects. I intended on doing 6 week of 1 Andro. I shortened it 4 weeks. Call me a bitch. Whatever. Once the acne started occurring, I drew the line and said..... "Fuck this!"

All of those side effects ceased a little after the cycle though except for natty testosterone. That took a bit longer to recover. That was not fun. 

The gains were great but they were not worth the shitty side effects. I wanted to try something new but that was very low on side effects. I had a great experience on Epiandrosterone and was thinking of cycling it again. 

But one friends, we will call him Johnny Testosterone, told me that I should try ostarine. He told me all the things that I just told you and that it worked really well as a bridge from him between AAS cycles. 

He said it would really well for a more "natural" (I use that term loosely) bodybuilders, like me. Johnny was a pretty intelligent user of AAS and other performance enhancing compounds. He has also done right by me before.

I decided to look into it. I hit some creepy underground forums on the internet to find out more about the stuff. I read about people's experiences, the pros and cons, and the clinical studies. I liked what I was reading.  

After a few weeks of research, I was convinced. I decided to give it a try and see the results for myself. 

My Dosage. Cycle Length. 

I planned on doing an 8 week cycle of ostarine followed by 4 weeks of post cycle therapy. I started my cycle mid April of 2015 and ended it 8 weeks later in June. 

Even though I was trying to add muscle, I did not to want go beyond an 8 week cycle since it was my first time using ostarine. I thought about only doling 6 but I thought what could 2 extra weeks hurt.

I dosed 10 to 20 mg/day. 20 mg of days I lifted and 10 on cardio and rest days. I decided to keep my doses on the lower side to see how my body would react to the stuff. 

My Diet And Exercise

During this cycle I was eating about 2700 calories/day in mostly clean food. I was taking about 250 grams of protein a day, 250 grams of carbs, and 60 grams of fats. 

My protein came from white meat, protein powder, egg whites, eggs, and black beans. My carbs came from black beans and organic whole grain bread. The fats came from the eggs and almond butter that I would spread on my toast. 

My exercise routine consisted of lifting weight 4 times a week. I focused mainly on compound lifts and isolation movements for smaller muscle groups. I worked my to exhaustion in the allotted time I had in the gym. That was usually about an hour or so.

I did 25-30 minute cardio sessions 3 to 4 times a week. I did this to keep my cardiovascular system in shape. Plus, it helped me keep fat off during the bulk. It did low to moderate intensity cardio. Usually, the elliptical or the recumbent bike. 

On and Post Cycle Therapy

I did on and post cycle therapy for this cycle. My on cycle therapy consisted of Arimacare Pro from Olympus Labs. I worked really well in keeping my estrogen levels in check given that it contains arimistane. 

Plus it provided me with the proper cardiovascular and liver support. Even ostarine has no evidence of showing those side effects in its researchers, I wanted to be on the safe side. 

My post cycle therapy consisted of novladex (SERM, selective estrogen receptor modulator) and Sup3r PCT by Olympus Labs. 

Some say novladex, is over kill for ostarine post cycle therapy. Even ostarine is only slightly suppressive on testosterone, I did not want to take chances when my HPTA rebound. I think you should do the same. 

The Results

Over the course of the I gained 6-7 lean pounds and muscle maintained my levels of body fat. I have a picture of how I looked at the end of my cycle in my other posts about ostarine.

My strength increased on my lifts and energy levels were higher overall. I was pretty happy with the results and how I felt. 

My HPTA production rebounded pretty quickly. So I did not go wrong with my post cycle therapy. Not to mention, I experienced zero side effects while on cycle and post cycle. I became a fan of ostarine. 

The Present

I am using ostarine now for my fall cut. I am actively trying to lose fat now. Not gain weight. My goal has been to cut 15 pounds over the course of a 9 week cut.

During this cycle, I have been doing marathon cardio sessions and lowered calories to 1700 per day. Usually, this is would send my body into complete catabolism. That means my body would feed into my fat and muscle for energy. 

The ostarine helps prevents catabolism from taking place. Instead, it allows for steady fat over the course of the cut and complete muscle preservation.

Usually my strength would torpedo downward as well. But it has only slightly decreased so far. I have lost about a rep or two on all my compound lifts except for deadlifts. Not bad. 

I started off at 225. I am at the end of week 6 now and I am at 210-211.I am pretty much almost at my goal. Pretty fucking awesome and I have 3 more weeks left in the cut. I dosed ostarine at 12.5 mg/day. Booyah.

What You Can Take Away From My Experience

Ostarine works! When researched properly, you will see clear cut results. Expect to put on to put on 5 to 10 pounds in muscle over the course of a 6 to 8 week cycle.

Ostarine is completely safe and non steroidal. It does not cause the same shitty side effects as AAS or hardcore prohormones. It also does not aromatize so you do not have to worry about crazy estrogen spikes.  

However, you will need to really train your ass off and keep a great diet in order to maximize the use and results of ostarine.

The muscle does not come over night. You will need to earn your results. Ostarine just puts you in the best place to fully maximize your fitness efforts. I am sure most of you guys already know this. But I must restate it to the few of you that are not clear. 

Start off with a 10-12.5 mg dose for the first couple days to assess how you body feels. Then double the dose. Use you on cycle therapy religiously. Follow your cycle up with proper post cycle therapy. 


I hope this post makes my experience more transparent to you guys. Now you know exactly what I need and how you can use ostarine to best benefit your research.

You can go about as I did or take a slightly different approach. It is up to you. Just do you research and be safe.

Happy Gainz!