Rebel Ray’s Fall Cut Procedure


What's popping rebels?

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In this post, I plan on sharing with you the details of a fall cutting regimen I plan on going in the coming days. 

I believe it would be helpful for you guys to see what I do when it comes to burning fat. I think my procedure is repeatable given that I have done it several times.

So a bunch of you guys will be able to use this plan or aspects of it to shred fat. 

Now this is not the first time I have used this procedure and most likely will not be the last. 

But given my prior experience with doing this I know it works. 

A lot of you guys are going to read this article think...."Wow this an aggressive program!"

Sure. That might be true but I am mesomorphic and hold on to fat very easily.

It will always be easy for me to put on muscle (and fat) but it will always be a bitch for me to lose the fat that comes along with it and that sucks.

However, what got me in the position I am in now was not a dirty bulk.

It was a reverse dieting procedure that I had completely screwed up and did not stay disciplined to following like I had done in the past. More on that later. 

The Goal

My goal is to lose to about 15 pounds in about 8 to 10 week period.

That is average of 1.5 to 2 pounds a week. 

This is definitely feasible given the dramatic means that I am going to lose to cut fat. 

This is a clear cut goal that I will be tracking weekly, not daily. 

I do not track my weight daily because your weight can fluctuate on a daily basis.

Plus I noticed that I stay more focused when I do not look at the numbers too much.

I just stay focused on the work getting done.

In this case, that would be making sure I hit cardio, lift weights, and stay to a specific eating regimen over the course of this cutting period.

I will not get hung up on whether my weight is going down everyday.

With that said, I am only going to check my weight Saturday morning.   

I really suggest go about checking their weight this way. This way you will minimize your obsession with the scale. 

Too many guys fall in love with what they see on the scale and if it does not go their way (especially in the beginning), they end up quitting way too early into their cut. 

That is ludicrous. 

Focus on the work and the results will come. 

Sorry I cannot show my face online right now. In the near future I will. Promise.

​Where I Am At Now. And How I Got Here.

​Right now I am 225 pounds as 9/11/2016. I have a fair amount of muscle mass on me. 

The photo to the right is where I am now.

But I also have a fair amount of fat. I believe a lean version of me is about 20 to 25 pounds lighter.

A ripped version of me is 30+ pounds lighter. That is the eventual goal. It will probably take two or three cutting cycles to there.

In the meantime, I am focused of hitting my goal of 15 pounds on this cut.

I have a supplement stack to help me keep as much muscle on and keep my metabolism going as I cut calories. More on that in a bit. 

Back in January, I was a lean 200 pounds. I looked good.

My body fat was between 10% and 11% but I want to get even leaner.

So I decided to cut even more. I went on a quick 4 week cut in which the goal to lose 8 pounds. 

I was able to lose 10 pounds. 

However, work started to become very stressful after my cut. 

I started working 12 hour days and it was hard for me to focus on my diet. 

Worse off, I ate out for every meal. My caloric maintenance was pretty low. 

Need to say, I gained a lot weight back bewteen Febrary and April 2016

The Plan 

The plan is pretty simple actually. 

I know my genetics. 

I have to go to drastic means to lose weight. 

I cannot just cut a few hundred calories and expect significant results.

I wish I could but I can't.

Whatever. It is what it is.

This just means I have to play the cards I am dealt. 

That means be more disciplined about my approach than some of you ectomorphs out there.

Not hating on you guys at all though. You all have good genes but you all have it hard when it comes to bulking. So it is not a silver platter for you guys either. 

Anyway, I am going hamb when it comes to this cut. 

Here is the plan:

  • Wake up at 5 am Monday through Friday and hit 45 minutes on the ellipitical on an empty stomach. 
  • Lift 4 times a week. This is the same routine I use for strength and size.
    A lot guys make this mistake and it costs them a lot of hard muscle during their cuts. 

    One day for chest, back, and arms.
    One day for Shoulders, arms, and deadlifts.
    Two days for Legs, abs, and glutes. 
  • Eat no more that 1700 calories a day. Ideally, I want to be in the 1500 to 1600 range. 
    I have had great success with this calorie range in the past.

    Consume at 230 grams (a little more than my current body weight) in protein. This will help will my energy levels up and preserve muscle mass during my cut. 
    My protein sources will come from eggs, egg whites, chicken breasts, and protein powder. 

    I will consume about 50 to 100 grams of carbs. I will eat 30 to 40 more grams of carbs (closer to 90 to 100 grams in total for the day) on the days I lift. I will need to keep the energy up during my workouts. I will consume less on days I do not lift (50 to 60 grams). 
    These food sources will come from organic whole grain bread and black beans. 

    I will consume 40 grams of fats a day. That will come from the eggs, butter that I put on my toast, and Omega 3 fatty acid fish oil softgels. 

What Supplements I Am Using

Here is what you guys are probably the most interested in. 

I have built out a nice little supplement stack for the cut to help enhance and accelerate my results.

Below in the supplement stack that I will be using. I list the main ingredients to each product under the product name. Here it is:

EPG ArimeStage PCT 50: 1 pill every morning with food.
  - Ostarine (12.5 mg)
  - Epi Andro (50 mg)
  - Artimistane - Estrogen Blocker - 25 mg
  - Natural Testosterone Booster - 375 mg 

I am going to begin to talk more about SARMs and Pro hormones on this website very soon.

I want to include very detailed descriptions about what I take, when I take it, and why.   

More on that another time though. 

ArimeStage PCT 50 is meant to be a "bridge" for guys coming off and between anabolic steroid cycles.

Because synthetic androgenic compounds will cause natural testosterone production to decline significantly, when you come off cycle your natural testosterone levels will be very low. 

Depending on whatever compound you take, your body can go into a severely catabolic state given your low test levels between cycles (especially right after you come off). 

ArimeStage PCT 50 is meant to help steroid users keep seeing gains between cycles. This is a mild anabolic. 

Mild anabolics are great for cutting because they enhance fat loss while allowing to see very little or no decreases in strength. 

This is because it keeps your testosterone levels high. Which accelerates fat loss. 

Plus, this product also contains an estrogen blocker. Artimistane. This prevents testosterone from being converting into estrogen. Which typically happens when testosterone levels from rise. So estrogen levels stay low. 

I will cycle this for 8 weeks. 

San T2 Xtreme. 1 pill in morning and another in the afternoon. Both with food.
  - 3,3' Diioodo L Thyronine - 100mg
  - 3,5' Diiodo L Thyronine - 100 mg

This is compound that is said to convert in T3. T3 is the main hormone secreted by your thyroid that burns through food. 

Your metabolism slows as you cut calories to prevent your body from starving. A T2 supplement is an effort to keep my metabolism burning as I cut calories. 

It is also non stimulant and great for energy. I will cycle this for 8 weeks. 

Red Burner: 1 capsule every morning before cardio.
  - Caffeine - 100 mg
  - 3,5' Diiodo L Thyronine - 100 mg
  - Dendrobium
  - Green Tea Extract
  - B-phenylethylamine
  - N-Acetly-L Tyrosine

This is pretty good stimulate fat burner. It does have a lot caffeine and does not give you jitters. 

It can be stacked with non stimulates as well. I will cycle it for 8 weeks. 

I usually take this for energy right when I wake up and need to start doing cardio in the morning. It gives your body a kickstart. 

BioGreen Labs Thyroid Support: 2 capsules every morning with food. 

I take this from similar reasons I take San T2 Extreme. It slow the decrease in function in my metabolism. 

This a natural thyroid support supplement though that can be taken year round. 

Kirkland Signature Daily Multi Vitamin: 2 pills every morning with food. 

This is self explanatory. You need to keep your micro nutrient intake up while on a cut.  

Cyto Sport Muscle Milk Whey Isolate Protein Powder: Usually two 1.5 serving shakes a day.

This is just a very cost effective and non time consuming way to meet my protein quota for the day.

Plus its low in calories (130), high in protein (27 grams), and decent in taste. 

My Timeline

I shared my timeline with you guys earlier. I am going to cut for about 8 weeks. 

Then I will re-assess my progress. 

I am thinking that if I am still losing weight at the end of 8 weeks, then I will continue to cut until for 2 to 3 weeks.  

This is very unlikely. From my past experiences, it usually takes my body about 7 to 9 weeks to adjust to my cutting regime. 

Once my body adjusts, the weight loss tapers off and eventually ceases. This is usually around the 8 week mark.  

I could just until Thanksgiving. I am still thinking about it.

I wanted to cut as long as I am on ArimeStage 50.

Ostarine and Epi Andro will accelerate rates of fat loss but you should not cycle either one for more than 8 weeks. 

After that, I will begin an aggressive post cycle therapy regime. 

My testosterone levels will be lower given that Epi Andro and Ostarine are suppresive to natural testosterone production.   

Therefore, it makes sense to end my cut around the same time I end my cycle of Epi Andro and Ostarine. 

I want to slowly reverse diet and re feed as my natural testosterone levels begin to rise again and to normal. 

Low caloric intake while trying to get natural testosterone back up to normal is not get a idea. 

In fact, it can inhibit or slow down your post cycle therapy and recovery of your natural testosterone output. 

My PCT may be overkill given that I am running both compounds at very low doses but I would rather be safe than sorry.  

I will talk more about post cycle therapy in the very near future.  

My Expectations

I also mentioned this earlier. I fully expect to lose 1.5 to 2 pounds a week for the next 8 to 10 weeks.  

My goal and expectation is 15 pounds in total over the course of this cut. 

I am hoping to surpass that goal. If do, then great. I will be very happy. 

I expect my strength levels and amounts of muscle mass to stay same. 

This would be due to the cycling of Epi Andro and Ostarine. 

I am cycling these compounds to help me preserve muscle and strength as I dip into a lower caloric intake. 

I expect my plan to work as long as I stay consistent and disciplined with my eating and exercise regimen. 

What I Plan To Show You Guys

I am going to share my daily log with you guys. That will consist of the food I eat, supplements consumed, and workouts done. 

I will have weekly pictures of my physique and the scale for you guys as well. 

This will allow you to track my progress in real time. 

I also plan on sharing my struggles with you guys too. 

I am 25 years old and have a few responsibilities (job, rent payment, bills, car, etc.) than I did 5 years ago. 

Balancing those things and staying disciplined with your goals is tough. 

But we have to do it if we want to get anywhere in this world. Right?

Other Aspects Of Life I Am Juggling

So there other things (responsibilities) that I am juggling in my life right now that might make cutting fat a bit more difficult. 

The main one is my job. I work as a data analyst at boutique consulting firm in Washington DC and the hours can be brutal sometimes.

Right now, we are in one of the busiest times of the year. I have usually be working 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday with a 30 minute door to door commute to the office.

Plus I work a couple hours over the weekend as well. 

It is what it is. I am actually putting myself in the position to quit my job and leave the corporate word for good in the next 18 months. Hopefully, more on that another time. I digress. 

I am usually mentally drained when I get back from work. 

That is why I do cardio before work because I hate doing it.

But doing it as soon as I wake up makes it easier because I feel fresh and well rested. 

If I wait until I come back from work. Then I will use my tired state as an excuse not to do as much cardio as I should.  

As opposed to lifting (which I enjoy), I can get excited for muster up the energy to get a decent lift. Which is all I need during a cut.

The goal there is just to maintain strength and muscle mass. That's it.   

So I shuffled some things around in my day to maximize my chances of success. 

If I have to wake up earlier in order to get the most out my cardio then so be it. 

The pain is temporary and the success is forever. It's worth it. 


That is my plan in a nutshell.

Remember, I have done this before and feel this cutting plan will work very well.

My goals and expectations are set. 

I know how accomplish my goal. 

I just have to implement, execute, and stay disciplined. The results will come. 

My job is the only thing I can see getting in the way of my results but I have taken steps to minimize that chance. 

However, I am still open to suggestions on everything I have posted here. 

I am always looking to improve and learn.   

So should you. 

I hope this helps a lot of you guys.