Fleshlight Review: How Maximize Your Edging Experience And Results

Introduction: How I Came Across Fleshlight

Like Bathmate and SizeGenetics, this another product I discovered in the gallows of the world wide web. I wanted to know there any products that could really enhance my edging results.

There seem to be worthwhile products for just about everything these days. You just have to be willing to look for them.

At this point in my male enhancement journey, I am more than accustomed to doing just that.

Either way, I was practicing edging through masturbation. I had been doing so for three months and saw decent results. I convinced that edging does work when practiced consistently.

But I wanted to kick things into overdrive. On some creepy forum, one guy pointed me inn the direction of this odd device called Fleshlight. I thought I would look into it.

I began searching it on the web. I came across A+ reviews on forums. A lot of people had good things to say about this product.

These forum reviews really made want to try this product:
-Thinking Of Getting Fleshlight
-Fleshlight Owners Fess Up...Are They Really As Good As They Say?
-Fleshlight 6 Month Review

thought I would at least give the product a try for a couple weeks and see how I like it. Then assess the situation and go from there.

After a couple weeks, the results were pretty apparent. I stamina was far greater and my cumshots were even larger than they were before. It help me keep control over my orgasm as well.

I saw great results using this product which is why I wanted to bring it your attention.

However, let's back track first. Let us explain the function and context of this device. Then how you can use to reap the benefits.

​What Is Fleshlight? What Does It Do?

This is really an odd device but kudos to whoever thought of it. It is literally a vagina shaped like a flashlight. The vagina part is where the light would be in a flashlight. Hence the name "fleshlight".

With a warm lubricant, this feels very close to a real pussy. This device is primarily as a sextoy to have mind blowing orgasms or for various types of sexual training.

Fleshlight is great for the two things I mentioned above. Fleshlight is actually the top selling male sex toy in world. Go figure. I am not too surprised actually.

After using it for edging (and some pleasure), I felt the same way I did after using Bathmate. My thought was... "Great. A product that actually works." Good products are hard to come by these days.

Some guys who have used this swear it is as good or better than a real woman. In my opinion, with warm lubricant it is the closest thing to a tight and wet vagina.

Using Fleshlight is WORLDS BETTER than jerking yourself off. The sensations and the climax are just better and more fun. I will admit,

I think it is more fun to have a real women. Having an actual person to enjoy your sexual experience with is great.

However, Fleshlight is the closest thing to a real women out there. At least in terms of sensations, feeling, and physical stimulation.

Because a lot guys use fleshlight for various types of sexual training because it replicates sex so well. That is what I bought it for.

This device is commonality in the adult industry for males for that purpose alone. This device is nice to have if you are not the best at pulling girls or need some sexual experience.

​The Benefits Of Fleshlight

I wanted to use Fleshlight for Stamina training and that is what I bought it for. Fleshlight makes a device specifically for that purpose.

In addition to stamina, you can use Fleshlight to help you control your orgasms, increase ejaculation volume, combat erectile dysfunction, and have strong orgasms.

I used Fleshlight to help really improve my stamina and delay ejaculation when I am near an orgasm. With training 3 to 6 times a week, you will learn to control your orgasms and cum large loads.

This really builds up the strength of and mindful connection with your PC muscle. Very similar to strength training. Feel the muscles work and slowly gain more control over their activation and usage.

Having a strong PC muscle will serve you well trying to increase the size of your dick. It will make sure your erections stay strong and ejaculations become plentiful.

Most guys have underdeveloped PC muscles which why they are slaves to the unwanted actions of their penises. Building up this muscle will ensure you have control over your dick.

​Curing Sexual Anxiety

​Fleshlight can be used for a lot of things. Masturbation, edging, developing a large penis, etc.

However, one of it's most under rating uses is curing sexual anxiety. Because it feels very close a real vagina, it gives inexperienced guys a chance to "practice" and "mimic the experience".

If anything, they will know what to expect and be less scared or mindful about the experience. Hence, significantly lowering their chances of erectile dysfunction.

These things can happen to inexperienced guys whenever they sleep with a new girl for the first time. Using Fleshlight for sexual training can really lower the chances of that happening to you.

It is really a chance to help you get over your anxiety in the bedroom with a new girl if you are inexperienced. It happens to everyone (including me). Fleshlight allows you to do something about it.

My Experience With And How I Used Fleshlight

​I talked a little about my experience above. I first started using Fleshlight last year as I explained earlier. Before getting Fleshlight, my stamina was fairly average but my cumshots were subpar.

I could only cum once and then I was done. On top of that, I would cum in just on squirt and a few dribbles. Pretty unimpressive. At least to me it was. I started edging to combat this issue.

I saw decent results and then bought Fleshlight. Then my results kicked into overdrive.

I was doing my penis enlargement routine in the morning and doing my Fleshlight routine at night. I performed that routine at 5 days a week.

In about 3 months or so, I was delivering much larger cum loads. I had stronger erections and could shoot my jizz further.

More importantly, I had the ability to hold my climax 3 to 5 times before finally cuming. At times, I could also cum more than once. Although, I could not do this consistently.

It took a while to believe that I had control over my penis. However, after awhile, I really believed I was starting to get there.

Although I was doing penis enlargement at the time, before I started edging and using Fleshlight, I was a one rope buster.

Now I can control my orgasms and shoot loads everywhere. I really do believe this is something guys should aspire to do. The desired results are achievable with only a couple months of work.


That is my review on Fleshlight. I will leave you with some closing thoughts before signing off.

I think Fleshlight is imperative for those who are embarking on male enhancement.

When you stretch and expand your dick with Bathmate and SizeGenetics, you dick will need more blood to get hard because you need to cover the extra inches.

This can lead to temporary erectile dysfunction until you body adjusts for the size. But you can speed up and enhance the process with edging.

You can give yourself a temporary erection with the use of Bathmate or Cialis. However, you do not to be too over reliant on them to get hard.

Edging with Fleshlight combats this issue. Guys in the adult industry (who just happen to have huge dicks) use Fleshlight all the time because of that reason.

They also use to it to increase their stamina in bed. Using Fleshlight will allow you to control your orgasms and give you a greater mind to muscle control of your penis.

Controlling your orgasms allows to you to hold back your jizz and shoot huge loads later.

Along with stamina, mind to muscle of dick connection, killing erectile dysfunction, and shooting huge loads; Fleshlight also allows inexperienced guys to combat sexual anxiety by getting some much needed practice.

If you use it to simulate sexual intercourse, you will be better prepared for sex with an actual woman. Seriously.

You can practice with a condom too to get prepared for sex with a condom on as well.

There are so many uses for Fleshlight guys. I could on all day but this post is getting too long.

I highly encourage you try it out. If you use it consistently then you will not be disappointed.


Ray Kingsman