Fleshlight STU Common Questions And Answers


Welcome to another "Common Questions And Answers" Guide. The fleshlight edition. This might also be a long one so please take your time going through post.

As usual, this is a combination of the most frequently asked questions about this product. This is meant to be an "all in one" resource for any questions you might have about Fleshlight.

There is a ton of good information here about this product. I tried to be as detailed as possible in my responses below. I think you will find this resource pretty useful.

How Do You Edge Using Fleshlight?

Basically you want to repeat the process we have that is posted in our guide to edging. The only difference is using the Fleshlight device for masturbation instead of using your hands.

Use Fleshlight to masturbate and hold squeeze your PC muscle to hold back your jizz 3 to 5 times and you should be fine. It is pretty simple. It just takes time, patience, and practice.

​What Type Of Lube Should I Use With Fleshlight?

Water-based lubricants work the best with Fleshlight. Therefore, I recommend Astroglide. Astroglide is pretty awesome lubricant that works very well with Fleshlight.

If you run your sleeve through some warm water and use Astroglide, it feels pretty close to a real pussy.

Do not use oil or silicon based supplements as they will destroy the fleshlight material over time.

​What Is Your PC Muscle And How Do You Work It?

Egding and Kegels. But the goal is increase the mind to muscle connection with your dick.

You can do that pretty well with edging and kegels. Especially if you are practicing penis enlargement. This stuff will help you maintain erection quality as your penis grows.

So Do I Have To Do Kegels In Male Enhancement Routine?

You should. Really helps maintain erection quality as your dick gets bigger. It does this by helping build the mind to muscle connection with your penis along with edging.

Kegels are basically squeezing or contracting your PC muscle right before you climax to keep yourself from cumming. I will have a guide to kegel exercises soon.

Which Fleshlight Model Should I Use?

​You want the Stamina Training Unit. This version is meant for guys trying to improve their quality in the sack. This is also the version that most male pornstars use.

I have used this one for almost a year and it works very well. The kit comes with lube and "ready to use" fleshlight.

​Do I Need To Warm My Dick Up In Order To Use Fleshlight?

​I would recommend it. I always did. It may not be completely necessary but you should stay on the safe side.

Follow our warm up guide. Take a warm shower for 10 minutes or warm up your dick up in a warm moist towel for 10 minutes.

How Long Does Fleshlight Last For?

That is a good question. I am not sure. The website and label say years. I have had mine for just under 18 months and it is in great shape.

Just make sure to clean it and take care of it and you should be good to go for a long time. I do not think you will have worry about it wearing down on you for a couple years.

​What Material Is Fleshlight Made Of?

Another great question. That is a secret that only the original creators of fleshlight know.

Material in which it the device is made with is not open for public knowledge.

They have multiple US patents around the Fleshlight material and the process in which it is made.

What Is The Best Way To Use Fleshlight?

The Fleshlight company recommends running the sleeve through warm water first. Then re-inserting it back into the tube. This will make the sleeve feel nice and warm.

Make sure you apply warm water based lubricant and began playing around with the Fleshlight.

You could also take the sleeve out of the tube and play with it the shower. This way you will not have worry about the sleeve staying warm up and you won't need lubricant.

You also do not have to worry about cleaning up the tube after you are done using the Fleshlight for the day.

Is It Okay To Use It In The Shower?

Yup. Just make sure the water is not too hot. Do not run any soap, shampoos, creams, conditioners, etc over the fleshlight. Just water. Do that and you are good to go.

Is The Packaging And Delivery Plain? I Do Not Want The Whole World To Know I Have This Product.

The packaging is plain and inconspicuous. It comes in a plain brown box and with your name and address on it.

Nothing about the box screams "sextoy" or "penis enhancement". So no one will know what it really is besides you upon arrival.

What Do You Suggest If I Have Nosy Parents And Roommates?

Be as clandestine about your Fleshlight usage as possible. I would recommend wrapping up in a thick sock, stocking, towel, or t shirt.

Only use it in the privacy of your own bedroom. Do not leave it around in plain sight. Having a "go to" hiding that you can use when you are no at home.

Do not talk about your usage of the device the people you live with. Just keep things under wraps and you should be just fine.

​I Am Not Circumcised. What Should I Do?

This should not matter. There are tons of uncut guys that use Fleshlight. You probably want to stick to the Stamina Training Unit. It is gentler on your dick.

Otherwise, just use the device in the shower or more lubricant to make your dick slide in and out smoother. But do not worry about this though. It is not a big issue.

​Does Fleshlight Really Feel Like Sex With Woman?

It's pretty damn close man. Definitely the best device available to help you experience the real thing.

When the sleeve is warm and you use warm lubricant, the device feels pretty damn close to a real pussy.

​Is Fleshlight A Bad Idea To Use If You Are A Virgin?

Nope. As long as you are not addicted to the device or pornography then it is a great option.

Fleshlight will prepare you for the real thing and you will not be as nervous when it goes down. Fleshlight will help you figure out what to expect and get your dick used a vagina.

It really helps combat the mental blockages you can experience when you have sex with a girl for the first time.

Fruits, Veggies, Legumes, Fish and Meat are all part of balanced Muscle Building Diet.

​What Should I Do If I Cannot Get Erect?

Well you cannot get hard in the privacy of your home, then you might need to see a doctor.

That is not normal. You should not be having sexual anxiety since you are not having sex with an actual person.

Make sure you are not mixing too many drugs at once. This can be a cause of erectile discussion sometimes.

Go to a hormone specialist or the urologist. Both of these types of Doctors should be able to clear things up.

Should I Heat Up My Fleshlight? If So, How Do I Do So?

Yes. Just it under some hot or warm water for a minute or two. Thiis will get the sleeve nice and hot.

When the skin is heated up and you use warm lubricant, the thing feels pretty damn close to a real vagina.

How Do I Clean Fleshlight?

Run the whole sleeve down with high pressured water coming out of a foccit. This will clean it quickly and get some of the semen sluck deep in the device.

Do not wait to wash either or else the tube will go mold. That is not a pretty site.

How Do I Dry The Sleeves Of The Device.

You can use a blower or set Fleshlight in front of a fan. This the quickest way to dry the device. Other ways slowly destroy the material inside.

Why Is The Masturbation Sleeve Sticky When I Try To Rinse And Dry It After Washing It?

This is not a signal of bacteria so do not worry. It was probably loaded with jizz and lubricant that has added over time.

Wash it. Then air dry it. These two things will make sure the stickiness never happens again.

This usually means you need to wash your Fleshlight more frequently and thoroughly. Then really let it air dry.

​Sometimes The Sleeve Develop Black Spots. What Should I Do?

Make sure they stored in ventilated areas when wet. Make sure they can properly air dry. Or use a hair dryer or a fan to dry the device.

You could also pick the black spots off on with a utensil or your fingers. Then wash the Fleshlight device again and let it air dry.

Which Lubricants Do Suggest I Use With Fleshlight?

Astroglide is great in my opinion. This is what I used when using fleshlight. But you can use any water-based lubricant. Just no oil or silicon based lubricant.

Can I Use Different Types Of Oils As Lubricant?

Nope. Oil based lubricant destroys the Fleshlight material over time. We do not want that. Stick with water based lubricants.

What About Vaseline As A Lubricant?

Nope. This is still an oil based lubricant. It will hurt the fleshlight sleeve over time. Try to stay away from it.

You are much better off using it in the shower or using Astroglide. Any water based lubricant will do while using Fleshlight.

What Insert Or Type Is Right For Me?

You basically get a sleeve that is 9 inches long while erect. It also can support up to 7 inches of girth.

Guys who are bigger will better off taking the sleeve out of the tube and fucking that instead.

Take your penis measurements and do not get Fleshlight that is too small on your cock.

What Is The Shoe Method?

It is a style of "hands free" use of fleshlight. You put the narrower or smaller portion of the fleshlight into a shoe. This way the fleshy material is facing upward.

Put a pillow over the shoe or surround it with a blanket. Now you have make shift missionary position. Have fun.

​Is There An Age Limit For The Users Of Fleshlight?

Absolutely not. Fleshlight is great for men of all ages. It allows all men to train for stamina and male enhancement. Or just have a good time.

As long as you have a healthy dick, then you are good to go on using Fleshlight. I give you the green light.

Is It Fine To Use Fleshlight For Quickies?

Yup. This is what the device was intended for. It was made with the intention to replicate sexual situations at your convenience.

So have as many quickies, long masturbation sessions, or edging sessions as you would like. That is what Fleshlight was made for.


There you have it. Another "Common Questions And Answers" guide in the books.

This is a great resource that shows and tells you how to use the product. I believe I touched on all the common issues someone could have while using this product.

This product can really do wonders for your sex life and male enhancement goals. Using Fleshlight is a great way to maximize your edging experience.

We have talked about the benefits before and my experience with Fleshlight. Other than that, it is just a great product that is fun to use and worth the money.

I believe a lot of you guys will benefit from using it. Not only that, have a blast in the process as well.

Check out our other guides when have the chance. Such as Jelqing, Penis Stretching, Bandage Extender, Bathmate, SizeGenetics, Phallosan Forte, and Male Edging

Thanks guys. That's is it for now. 

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