Do You Have A Bullet In Your Head? Free Your Mind From The Propaganda


So I have been listening to a lot of Rage Against The Machine (RATM) lately. Usually while working out at the gym in the early morning.

I have been listening to Rage (RATM) for years. Since I was in middle school actually. 

But I never thought of anything more than a great rap metal band with awesome acoustics and a cool sounding vocalist. 

However, as I delve further away from the blue pill and embrace the ugly truth of reality and the world, I began to actually listen to the lyrics of their songs more.

Their music talks a lot about the brutal realities realities of the world. 

One of my favorite songs is called Bullet To The Head. I have posted a Youtube video with the song below. 

It is really good. The song talks about how we enter the world as clean slates when we are kids. Only to have our minds filled with bullshit propaganda on how we should live our lives.

Hence, the "bullet to the head" represents how the media, government, and corporations literally brainwash us and kill our free thoughts. 

Why would they do this?

To keep us obedient and civil while we work our whole lives to keep the elite in power and stay financially constricted due to our massive debt (student loans, mortgage, auto loans, marriage, family, etc.).

If you are a part of this community, the chances are you already know this and working to prevent this lifestyle from happening to you.

This song's lyrics go into a bit depth on this topic. In this post, we will talk about the gritty analogy of this song and what you can do free your mind.

Throughout this post I select some select lyrics from the song, explain what they mean, and give you my analysis. 

Song Quotes

"This time the bullet cold rocked ya."
"A yellow ribbon instead of a swastika"
"Nothing proper about ya propaganda"
"Fools follow rules when the set commands ya"
"Said it was blue, when ya blood was red"
"That's how ya got a bullet blasted through ya head"
"I give a shoutout to the living dead"

Rebel Ray's Lyrics Analysis

I love the first three lines of this verse. Zac De La Rocha (lead vocalist) is talking about how careful and crafty the brainwashing is by the government controlled media. 

The "yellow ribbon" is sign meant display the support of US troops overseas. That the US is fighting for freedom and justice for all.

When "swastika" represents displaying superiority, genocide, and selfish means.

Zac is saying the Yellow Ribbon and Swastika are in fact the same in reality when analyzed more closely.

That the US displays its superiority to the rest of world through militaristic force. 

The media portrays the illusion that US is in fighting the good fight abroad. When in reality, they are mindlessly killing the endogenous people for their own selfish means.  

Those selfish means usually mean keeping the elite in power or gaining more power. 

This is the difference between that bullshit propaganda and the truth. 

"Fools follow rules when the sets commends ya"

"The set" means the TV set. Which was the main outlet for the media back in 1992 (when the song hit the radio).  

Now the main outlet for the media is the internet. As mentioned earlier, the government controlled media is feeding you commands on how to live your life. 

They tell you to live a blue collar life instead of doing what you want with your time. That is the bullet to the head

You were brainwashed and now you are dead. Like everyone else who goes mindlessly to their jobs every morning and back to their families. 

Just trying to keep their middle class boat afloat and pay down their enormous debt. 

"Who stood and watched as feds cold centralized."
"So serene on the screen, you was mesmerized."
"Cellular phones, sounding a death tone."
"Corporations turn ya STONE before you realize"
"They load the clip in, omnicolor."
"They said park the nine, and fire it at primetime"
"The sleeping gas, in like every home was like Alcatraz."
"And muthafuckas lost their minds"

Rebel Ray's Lyrics Analysis

The government "centralized" and gained more power while the American just stood and watched it happened. 

The government gave the centralization of power a positive spin in the media and western society bought it. 

Cell phones are just another distraction to prevent you from realizing the truth about society. 

They distract while corporations seize more control in the government and your life through the TV and social media. 

The media provides the gas the clouds your vision and mind. The gas they used at Alcatraz prison to keep the prisoners subdued when they got too rowdy.  

"Just victims of the in house drive by"
"They say jump, you say how high"

Rebel Ray's Lyrics Analysis

"The in house drive by" represents the TV and computer that are full of that bullshit propaganda. 

The have the government controlled media that blows your brains out and fills it with ideas on how you should live your life. 

They give you commands and you follow them. That is how the system works. 

"No escape from the mass mind rape"
"Play it again Jack, and rewind it again and again"
"Until your mind is locked in" 
"Believing all the lies that they are telling ya"
"Buying all the products that they're selling ya"
"They say 'Jump', you say 'how high?'
Ya brain dead You got a fucking bullet in ya head"

Rebel Ray's Lyrics Analysis

That phrase "mass mind rape" could be better suited for what the media does to your brain. 

You are literally force feeded propaganda by the government and corporations, in form of the media. 

It is played so much where you literally have to isolate yourself from the rest of the world to get away from it. 

Most people are not willing to do that. It is easier to be subservient.

Hence, most people will swallow that blue pill and take the bullet to the head. 

Instead of making money for themselves, they will be making money for someone else. 

Plus, they will giving their disposable income to the big corporations in form of monthly bills and useless shit that media has sold them on. 

"Standing in line"
"Believing the lies"
"Ya bowing to the flag"
"You gotta a bullet in ya head"

Rebel Ray's Lyrics Analysis

Well these lines are pretty clear. They represent a world full of people that believe the crap sold to them by the government. 

The people that are bought in to a fake cause and do not even know it. In reality, they serve the elite. They took the bullet to the head in full. 

The masses reality is that they live to serve and keep the elite powerful and wealthy. 

Wake Up To The Realities Of The World

If there is one thing you can take away from these lyrics and this post, it is to wake the fuck up and realize how the world really works. 

The truth is not pretty. In fact, it is very ugly. The truth is quite disgusting actually. Hence, why the media sells you on a pretty "white" lie. 

They need to in order for the system to continue the way it is. Or else the masses would rebel. The elite cannot have that. 

Lucky for them, they have learned from the mistakes of their predecessors. 

They have created an elaborate system to give the masses the illusion of freedom, choice, and the pursuit of happiness. 

When in reality, none of that exists under the structure of life the government has sold you on. 

That is because that structure is meant to serve only the top 0.01% of the world. Not the masses and definitely not you.

So wake up and see the world for what it is.

The sooner you do this, the sooner you can start to build the lifestyle you want for yourself.   

The System Wants You To Be Obedient And Complacent

This is the only way the system can stay intact while the elite continue to exploit the mass majority of people for their own selfish gain.

This government controlled media, and the culture it creates, are widely responsible for keeping society subdued. 

The media sells the masses on living their lives to be outstanding and obedient citizen of society. Not to follow their own personal dreams. 

Your personal dreams are wrong. Instead you follow the path of "The American Dream" and all the debt that comes along with it. 

Do Not Fall Victim To Distractions

If you are still reading reading this article, chances are fully aware of the true nature of the world. 

You have removed the "bullet" from your head and restored your natural thoughts.

Great. Now it's time to get to work. You need to start creating the lifestyle you want to live. 

Silence the distractions around and hone in on what you want. 


I do not mean for this to be a negative post but the truth about the world is very ugly. 

Very few people are going to tell you that truth. Instead, they will spoon feed you lies in order to keep you calm and subservient to the elite. 

Rage Against The Machine's music tried to expose you to the truth. In turn, their music was banned from radios for years. 

Some of their songs are still banned from the radio. 25 years later. 

Government censorship is not made to protect you. It is made to protect the people in power. 

Censorship is a form of control. Government control. They exert this control on us to make sure we stay in line. 

Like many of you, I have woken up this reality. In turn, I have begun my own rebellion. 

Not a rebellion against the government or corporations. That is an absolute waste of time. That effort will either land you in jail or in a coffin. 

Very few people out there can change he structure of society.

Usually the ones that do, have to become as ruthless as the people they overthrow in order to overcome and rise to power. 

Hence, that rebellion now becomes the elite until someone overthrows them however many years down the line. Rinse and repeat.

Either way, we want nothing to do with that path. Most of us just want to live life on our own terms and rebel against mediocrity. 

We want to rebel toward the things we want in our lives. Hence, the name of this community. 

You cannot do that in jail or dead. Instead, work toward the things you want in life and avoid the blue pill lifestyle traps. 

You need to begin to move your life in the direction you want to go in.
-Start a business and make more money
-Get jacked/ripped, be mindful of your health, get your style in check
-Do not get married, never be in a monogamous relationship.

The first step is waking up. I think most of you already there. 

Now you need to start dismantling the reality the government created for you and start creating your own. 

That will entail some of things I mentioned above. 

I am right there with you guys. I am working my way out of the corporate world too.

It is not easy. It will take time and patience. But it will be worth it when we are living the lifestyles we want.

When are on the outside looking in at all the zombies living their lives mindlessly. Worried about how they have to blow their next paycheck on paying off their accumulating debt and bills

That will not be me. If you work on it now, that will not be you either.

I hope these lyrics taught more about realities of the world or reminded you of them.  

Take that knowledge and use to get started on working toward living your reality. 

That is all for now. 

Ray Kingsman