Why You Should Not Give A Fuck About Politics


What is popping rebels?

I hope you are all doing well. I am coming at you today with a more thoughtful post today. 

This post will help a lot of you stay on track toward your personal goals, as well as remind you all of several painful realities about the world.  

I know in politics are touchy subject in the Red Pill Community and Manosphere communities. 

We can all agree that political establishment (federal government, elected officials, congressional committees, etc,) rarely benefits the common man. 

On top of that, the establishment can be easily manipulated by the richest entities (people, corporations, countries that are worth billions and trillions of $$$$). 

This usually happens at the detriment of the average person who make of the vast majority of population in Western World. 

We all know this. This is not news to you guys. However, I need to reiterate this for the context of this article. 

These realities are becoming a lot mainstream nowadays. Millennials are fairly hip to how the world really works. 

As expected, it pisses a lot of people off that establishment rarely ever acts in the best interest of the people that they are supposed to represent.

Only to appease a certain few that hold most the country's financial assets (therefore they have the most power). 

I live and work in Washington DC, where this comes out to the forefront every fucking day of my life. 

I have lived here for over 7 and half years. Everyone has an opinion. For better or for worse. 

In my time living here, I have come to realize several things about the establishment, the world, others in the world, and myself. 

All of these things lead me to the same conclusion that I have had now for a couple years. 

Fuck politics and the establishment. 

It is an absolute waste of my time to think or argue about any of that stuff when I could be working on my own personal goals. 

Fulfilling and achieving my personal goals are what is going to propel me in life.

Not wasting time bitching about politics and the establishment. I have better things to do. 

I have dreams of getting rich and a business to build. I am working on getting ripped this year. I also gotta keep my dick big. 

I got real fucking goals I am working toward them everyday and so should you. 

Let me further detail my thoughts below so you have more understanding of what I mean. 

Reasons Why Paying Attention To Politics Is Worthless

1) The Establishment Does Not Give A Fuck About You. 

I think it is evident that no matter who is President or in Congress, that the establishment does not give a fuck about you. The common man. 

What they care about making sure themselves and their stakeholders maintain power. That means keeping themselves wealthy and in office. 

That is their sole concern. They will appease the public as much as they need to get re elected. Nothing more. 

A politician's or elected official's true elegance are to the people who endorsed and funded their rise to the top. 

Hence, the millionaires and billionaires of the territory they were running in. That is where their loyalty lies. Not with you or me.  

Hence why the rich always get tax breaks and financial concerns of the middle class keep going up. 

Stop waiting for the government to do something about it. They never will. There is no use bitching about it. 

You are better off working on creating a business and getting rich. Put yourself in a position where the government has to give a fuck about you. That is the path I am on. 

2) The Establishment Was Not Meant To Benefit You

Laws are continuously made to benefit those who are rich. Those who funded the campaigns of the politicians and have stake in large corporations.

The policies are made to make the rich, even more rich. The rich have the power and exercise it to the highest degrees.

This has been true with almost every political establishment every created from faciest to communist regimes. From republics and democracies. From dictatorships and totalitarian governments. 

They are all meant to solely benefit those who contain the most wealth. Until their is a revolution, the masses take power and put the leader in charge. 

The leader becomes very wealthy, puts his close friends in power and makes them rich as well, and appeases the people for a short time. 

Then the leaders shifts the power back to the rich and away from the people due to their own thirst for more power and wealth.

Then the cycle repeats itself. Over and over again. Someone will overthrow that guy and put a new administration is power to benefit a select group of people.

That is past several thousand years for you in a nutshell. Nowadays, these are called elections in the US. 

Back in the day, these were rebellions and full scale wars. Some of these wars would last decades. 

But eventually, the regime that is power will fall. They always do. History always repeats itself. 

The point is that whoever gets in power will always look to make themselves and those close to them as powerful as possible. 

Even in that comes at the expense of the well being of the vast majority population that they are supposed to serve. 

It has always been that way and I do not see that changing anytime soon. 

That is another reason not all give a shit. The establishment was never meant to help you.

It is just there to make a select group of people very powerful or even more powerful. Plus, keep the current regime from falling to rebellions and non allied powers. 

Hence, do not waste your time trying "make things better". Use that time to make yourself better. 

Focus on your own self improvement and wealth generation. That way you will slowly level up in society and do it on your terms. 

3) Your Opinion Does Not Matter

I know you think you are voicing your opinion when you vote. I know you think people are listening to you when you talk about your political opinions in an intelligent and intellectual manner. 

We all like expressing our opinions on things that matter to us. I am no different. Believe me. 

However, the truth is that no one really cares about you think. Especially, not the establishment in power. 

Your opinion means next to nothing to elected officials. Remember, they represent their stakeholders and endorsers. Not you. Even if you did vote for him or her. 

They will push their own political agendas (gain more power) and agendas of their rich sponsors. 

As I said earlier, they will appease the masses just enough to stay in power. Nothing more. 

Do not waste time your time going to town halls or press conferences to voice your opinions. They do not care. 

4) Politics And News Are Nothing More Than Entertainment. 

The News has become nothing more than entertainment these days. It is a distraction. Nothing more. 

On top of that, it is one that makes you angrier by the day. 

So if you are looking for entertainment or a distraction. Why not actually do something fun or that makes you happy. 

I would rather watch basketball. Although just as meaningless as the news, I enjoy watching sports and seeing people exercise their competitive spirit toward something positive. 

I do not enjoy watching arrogant idiots in office or shitty news anchors exploit the intelligence of others. 

They are all bad too. CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, etc. They all suck. Stop watching them. 

It is bullshit. And like all other bullshit, it needs to be cut out of your completely. No exceptions. 

Instead, do something productive that leads you closer toward your personal goals. 

If you do not want to do that and choose to waste your time. At least do something that makes you happy. 

Who Does The Establishment Benefit?

This question does not need much explanation. I believe I answered it above anyway. 

But just in case it is not clear, the establishment only benefits the the elite. The elite are the rich and those who hold the most political power. 

You know this already. Most of us do not fall into this category in our 20s. That is fine.

The elite are meant to be a small and exclusive group anyway. That is the way it has always been. 

What Should You Be Doing With Your Time Then? 

I also think this is an easy question to answer. Success Rebellion is literally all about becoming the best and happiest version of yourself possible. That is what you should prioritize. 

That is it. That is my whole brand in a nutshell. It is that simple. 

How does paying attention to politics serve that in the least if they are not meant to benefit you in a single way? 

It does not. 

When you prioritize your self improvement and your happiness. Cutting out politics from your life becomes a pretty easy decision to make. 

Work on getting to a point where politics and establishment do not affect you. 

In most cases, that means becoming rich and joining the top 1% income. 

However, I do not believe in exploiting others for my gain. If you are the same, make enough to afford the lifestyle you want. 

Build you wealth empire and sit on it. No one can touch you at the top of your mountain. 

You can also work on improving other aspects of your life too. Whatever moves you toward becoming a more happy, improved, and enriched person. 


So that is how I feel about politics. I promise this will be one of the few political posts you will ever see on either of my websites. 

I made this because too many people in daily life and in the Red Pill Community keep talking about Donald Trump. 

I know Victor Pride, Mike Cernovich, and Good Looking Loser endorsed Donald Trump.

I look up to those guys too. I heavily respect their opinions. Their reasons are legit. 

But you guys gotta get over Trump. He is nothing more than a power hungry politician and billionaire.

He is an amazing marketer that used controversy to create attention. It worked beautifully. I know he is the symbol of what you guys aspire to be. 

Wealthy. Hot wife. Can do whatever he wants. Has society by the balls. 

But know this. He does not give a fuck about you. Nor does he care about helping you either.

He never did and never will. He is out there for his own personal gain only. Capture as much power for him, his family, and stakeholders. 

That's it. 

All politicians are the same. Hillary Clinton was the same. Barack Obama was the same. Bush was the same. They are all the fucking same.

Am not saying the establishment does nothing for the public. Far from it. It helps keep us free and living in the opportunistic land that we live in. 

But.....Stop wasting precious time thinking about that political bullshit and work on making yourself a better person.  

That is all for now guys. 


Ray Kingsman