The Future Of Success Rebellion: What We Are Working On


Hello Everyone. Coming at you again today. 

We just finished a discussion a couple days ago about goals setting and my own personal goals

In that post, I outlined some things I wanted to do for this blog. This sparked a question of where Success Rebellion is going. 

Many of you asked for more specifics on my goals as it pertains to this website and our community. 

Rightfully so.

But first, let me make one thing absolutely clear...

Success Rebellion will remain the hardcore, non mainstream, and honest community for ambitious and hard working males that it is now. 

I refuse to get away from this type of theme. It is the one that best reflects who I am. It is also a theme that I know many of you identify with as well. 

The content and interactions on this website will continue to reflect that wholeheartedly. 

That will not change at all. Do not worry. 

With that said, 2017 aims to be a stellar year for the community. I am taking the momentum built in 2016 and bringing it right into the new year.

2016 paved the way for this community to thrive but it has not even scratched the surface of its potential.

This community can be so much more and I plan to really explore that. 

I am several things in production that will elevate the quality of our community. I will begin to explain those things below. 

Success Rebel LifeStyle

This is a more lighted hearted and mainstream version of our community. 

On this website, we talk about more thought provoking aspects of self development plus all other experiences I have gone through in my life that I believe you guys can really learn from. 

This website already talks about a wide range of topics. Bodybuilding, goal setting, stretching, massage, supplements, clean bulking, exercise injury prevention, mainstream guide to cutting fat, and etc. 

I plan to add more to this website. I want to talk more about goal setting, discipline building, combatting depression, my experiences in the corporate world, learning experiences from college, style and grooming, and much more. 

That website will not be updated as much as this one but those are a few areas I plan on expanding on in 2017 on my Success Rebel LifeStyle


This is sub section of the website I meant to start last year but it got pushed to the wayside in favor of the male enhancement section. 

This will include my experiences and reviews of certain nootropics. That list includes kratom, noopept, modofilin, kava, phenibut, piracetam, and more.

I want to give you guys the low down on these compounds and show you how you can use them to maximize your mood, well-being, and productivity. So stayed tuned for that. 

Depression And Anxiety

This will have a lot to do with nootropics section above. But I will go over certain techniques I used to beat depression back in late 2015. 

I had it bad just over year and world came crashing down. I was sad and anger all the time. Had no energy for anything and gained 30 pounds in just over 3 months

It was awful. But I beat it and now life is swell for sure. These posts will go back and forth between this website and Lifestyle depending on where it makes more sense to put the post. 

But I want to share my personal experiences with you guys and you a roadmap on what worked for me.

More Anabolics, Male Enhancement, Sexual Enhancement

I will be adding more review of hardcore anabolic supplements and compounds. I know you guys want more of that so I will add more posts.

I have reviews of S4 (andarine), RAD 140 (testolone), YK 11, cardarine, SR 9009, epiandrosterone (Epi Andro), 4-Andro, and arimistane (suicidal estrogen blocker) up soon for you guys. 

Same with male enhancement. I will soon have guides up for male edging, kegels, Flesh light, Phallosan Forte, cailas, other male enhancements products and practices, etc. 

I also plan on making my own Bathmate log which should be up in a matter of days. 

I want to show you guys how I use Bathmate and SizeGenetics to add an inch of girth and length to my penis. That should be fun.

Like my old cutting log, this log will contain everything I do as well as all the hurdles I experience along the way. 

I will include pictures of my dick as well. This is to give you proof on my results. Because we do not bullshit on Success Rebellion. 

YouTube Channel

The Youtube channel will finally get up and running (hopefully) by the end of the month. 

My goal is accompany each post with a YouTube video. I also want to do some Q&A and have random discussions on there as well. 

Lifestyle and Success Rebellion will each have their own YouTube channels to better organize the content. 

I think this will allow me to better interact with you guys and give you an alternative platform to consume my content. 

Social Media

I have a Twitter handle and Facebook on the way too. This might take awhile until traffic on the website picks a little more. 

So it might a couple months until we have that being an active part of the community but it will happen later this year. Promise you that. 

We are here to enrich your life and grant you the tools to succeed. Let's make 2017 a great year! Time to get started and make it happen.


That is what we got coming down the pipe in 2017. As you can see, I plan on making major additions to the website and enhancing everyone's experience on it.

Of course, you will continue to get great, informative, and interactive blog posts from me but I want to see this grow into a thriving community for young men.

Guys who really want real and non mainstream advice (that actually works and not repackaged garbage like you get on mainstream websites) on how blaze through life and best utilize their twenties to lead them to success and happiness.  

That is what this community is about. That simple. It is about you becoming the best version of yourself possible. I want to give you all the tools to get there and grow with you. 

Anyway, that what is going on here. I hope I made it clear what to expect and I am excited to see this community grow. 

Thanks guys, 

Ray Kingsman