Success Rebel’s Guide To Male Edging

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So I decided to go a little more in depth on this discussion. I want to cover all the ins and outs of edging to give you guys a comprehensive view of what it is, the benefits, and how it can help you reach your male enhancement goals.

Edging is another one of the techniques that you have to go to the depths of the internet to find. However, more universities are talking about it in terms of sexual health.

This is a step in the right direction. Whether you use to last longer in bed or to increase your cumshot volume; edging has a place for a lot of guys in their male enhancement routine. I know I did.

When started doing manual exercises (jelqing and penis stretching) in 2014, I was a pretty quick buster in terms ejaculation stamina.

I could never masturbate for more than 5 minutes because I would bust on myself quickly and had no desire to continue. Pretty common.

During sex, I would cum in the first 3 to 5 minutes. This was very displeasing for my partner. Lucky for me, I was able to stay erect. So I would wipe myself, switch condoms, and keep going.

However, this was very frustrating to deal with during intercourse. After a year of jelqing and stretching and a couple months of using Bathmate and SizeGenetics, my stamina and cumshot volume only marginally increased.

I wanted to find a way to have better control of my ejaculations and I wanted to be able to shoot my cum like a pornstar (I was watching a lot of porn at the time).

I thought there must be some exercise I can do to reach these goals. After searching the depths of the internet, I found one. It is an exercise called edging.

Edging is an commonly done my male pornstars in the adult industry for the exact same reasons I mentioned above.

Below we explain what it exactly it is, how you benefit from it, how to do it, and common concerns.

What Is Edging?

We covered the definition of edging in this article. Check that out to have a good understanding of edging.

I will not go too far into that here. But let shed light in the concept so that this post is easier to read for you guys.

Edging is process that involves engaging in sexual activity (sex, masturbation, sextoy, etc.). Stimulating your dick until you are about to climax and then stop.

Stop yourself right before you climax and decrease the stimulation to your penis. Relax and take deep breaths for 30 seconds. Then resume sexual activity. Rinse and repeat for 20 to 30 minutes.

The goal is to gain much better control over your climaxes and increase your ejaculation volume. Every time you stop yourself from climaxing, cum will build up toward the top of your cock.

In a 20 minute session, you are bound to start and stop a couple times. This means when you finally ejaculate your cumshot will be huge, your orgasm will be amazing and prolonged, and you will be able to hose girls down (LOLZ).

​How To Edge?

Edging is fairly is easy to learn and do. You have options when it comes to how you want to edge. You edge during sex, when your masturbating, or can use sextoys.

All that matters is that you have some method of stimulation and arousal. If you choose to masturbate (like most guys do), this is actually make the act productive instead of totally time wasting.

Before we get into how to edge. You need to understand the different stages of the sexual stimulation process. There are really four you need to know for the purposes of this post.

Stage 1 - Extremely aroused. Continuous physical stimulation on your penis. Breathing heavily. You feel blood rushing into your penis and you are fully erect. You feel the semen starting to gather in your penis.

Stage 2 - Extremely aroused. You feel your penis pushing the semen toward the top of your penis. With a couple more seconds of stimulation, you will ejaculate. The only way to stop that from happening is to cut off the physical stimulation on the penis.

Stage 3 - Done deal. You are right about to cum. There is no turning back. Your penis and body are ready to let the jizz loose.

Stage 4 - Full ejaculation. Bust your nut. Explosion. Cumming. I think you get the idea.

This is the sexual stimulation trail. The goal is climb up the trail and stop yourself before Stage 4. Bring yourself back down a couple stages and climb the trail again.

Now before you begin edging. Find a comfortable spot and some lubricant handy. Have a timer is also a great idea. Now we can start our edging session.

Edging Session

Step 1 - Begin to become aroused and stimulate your penis. Let your penis become hard. Focus your penis and the sensation.

Step 2 - Begin to embark on the sexual stimulation trail. Increase your physical stimulation. Enjoy the the intense increase sensation.

If you are masturbating, try not touch the head of the penis as it is very sensitive and could ruin your arousal and physical sensation.

Step 3 - Be mindful of your penis and where you are in terms of physical stimulation. Stop all physical stimulation when you are near ejaculation or between Stages 2 and 3. Do not wait until you are at Stage 3.

Step 4 - Wait 30 seconds and take deep breathes. Slow down and stop sexual activity. You will feel your arousal drop slowly. You might feel you penis and body coming down a little bit.

Try to build a mind to muscle connection with your penis and enjoy the sensations. Take control of your dick, as they say.

You might lose part of your erection during this period but it will come right back during the next round of physical stimulation.

If you feel your jizz going back into your body or a backward rush then you are doing this correctly.

Step 5 - When you feel the need to cum has passed, start up on the sexual stimulation path again. Slowly begin arousal and physical stimulation. You should feel the blood rushing back into your penis.

Every time you stop, wait a bit and start back up again. Repeat this several times for 20 to 30 minutes.

Step 6 - After you have reached your designated time limit (20 to 30 minutes), stop for the final time. Do not ejaculate.

Come down from ecstasy and move on to another activity. Shift your mind away from sex and on to something else.

Can Edging Really Help My Sexual Performance?

Oh yeah. If we are talking about stamina and erection quality then absolutely. Because you will be able to have better control over your ejaculations, you will be able to hold back your jizz.

This will allow you to be able to pleasure your partner for longer and have mind blowing orgasms when you do want to climax.

Will It Effect My Orgasms?

Oh yeah but for the better.Because you will be able to control your orgasms more, you will be able hold back and release when you want to.

This allows for you to have multiple mind blowing orgasms. At some point when you have a great control over your dick, you will be able to have dry orgasms as well. Many guys are able to get there in under a year of consist work.

I Want To Increase My Cumshot Volume. Will Edging Help?

YES!!!!!Edging basically builds up every load of cum when you start and stop. So when you finally do release, it will shoot all over the place.

It is such an awesome feeling to release loads of cum on your partner. That is the product of edging. It allows you to build up and up and up and then finally release when you want to.

Are Any Devices That Help With Edging?

Yes. Flashlight (guide coming soon). It is sextoy that mimics a vagina. It feels very real and is very popular within the adult industry. Male pornstars use it to practice edging in the penis enhancement routines.

What Are The Side Effects?

Yes. Larger cum volume, longer stamina, and enhanced orgasms. But that is the reason why to your doing this. Right?

There are no adverse side effects on your health.

Can I Do This With My PE Routine?

Yes. In fact, it will promote penis growth. As your dick becomes wider and longer, your erection quality might diminish in the short term.

Your dick needs to adjust to the greater amount of blood flow needed to get your dick hard due to the increase in size.

Edging is great to do during recovery periods because it promotes more blood flow to the penis. More blood flow promotes enhanced recovery and harder erections.

So this is great to add along with the use of Bathmate, SizeGenetics, and manual exercises.

Slide edging in on off days or a couple hours before or after your penis enhancement routine. Just make to get to it 3 or 4 times a week.

Will There Be A Chance Of Any Erectile Dysfunction?

There should not be. Edging is done, in part, to combat against erectile dysfunction. The point of edging to gain greater control over your penis.

We want to be to enjoy our sensations and not be a slave to your our bodies. Erectile dysfunction is usually mental. Edging allows you to take control. So no, erectile dysfunction should be an issue.

​Are Dry Orgasms Healthy?

Yes. They are. In fact, it can make your orgasms more powerful. Dry orgasms basically allow you to climax multiple times without ejaculating.

It is awesome. I truly encourage you to work your way up there and experience what it is like. Dry orgasms can actually be a lot of fun if you allow yourself to have them.

Can I Gain Complete Control Over My Ejaculations And Orgasms?

Yes.Male pornstars can basically cum on command. You can get there as well. It will just take time and a lot edging.

Edging gives you the power to hold back on your orgasms and fully experience the sensations that take place in your body and penis during sexual activity.


There you have it. I wanted to make a more comprehensive guide to edging. Although we already discussed what it is. We did not go too in depth in the last post with details. That is what this post is for.

Edging can really add pleasure to your sex life because you can control your climaxes. You will no longer be a slave to your penis like tons of other guys out there.

Building a mind to muscle connection with your dick will basically solve all erectile dysfunction issues as well. Edging allows you build that connection along with cum huge loads on yourself or partner.

Edging is where it's at. You can slide it in on your off days. There is no need to take your time with it (like Bathmate, manual exercises, or SizeGenetics) because how easy it is to do and the health benefits.

I encourage you to give it a try for a couple weeks and see the how you like it. I will have a review on Fleshlight and other resources about edging coming soon.

I hope this clears a lot of things up. This has worked very well for me so I encourage you to give it try. 

Let me know how it works for you guys. Or if it has worked for you guys then please comment in the below. 


Ray Kingsman

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