Success Rebel’s Guide To Prohormones Part 1: My Experience


Okay. This is has been long awaited on my end so I appreciate the guys who have been patient with me.

If you have noticed from my cutting procedure and logs​ that I am cycling epi androsterone (epi andro) along some ostarine. 

Epi Andro is a prohormone and a precursor to 1-DHEA. I have quite a bit of experience cycling pro hormones.  

I have had good results and a great safe cycling experience overall using this stuff in the past in past so I as excited to use it again. 

Prohormones have gotten me great results in the past and I think they can do the same for anyone else who uses them safely.  

In this article and the next couple articles to come we will get into the nitty gritty about pro hormones and performance enhancing substances.

I will explain how to use pro hormones safely, what to expect in terms to of results, side effects, why you would want to use pro hormones, who should be using them, post cycle therapy, on cycle support, between cycles, my experiences, the history of pro hormones and legal situation, etc.

I might break this up into separate articles. I am not sure yet but I will keep you guys posted. I will first begin with my experiences, why you would want to use pro hormones, and reasonable expectations to have. 

This will give you guys a good perspective on where  to start, how to go about doing your research and due diligence on these products, and how to set yourselves up for success. 

Where It All Began?

I started thinking about using pro hormones back in the fall of 2013 after I started working a full time job. 

I could not spend 2+ hours a day in the gym like I used to in college and high school. It was not feasible after working a 10+ hour day at the office.

One of the downsides of a full time job, is that I could not focus my time on the things I wanted to. Although I was happy to be financially independent. But digress.... 

I used to very much against those who used any type of pro hormone or steroids. I thought they were cheating and gaming the system. 

I also thought they were not necessary. I started lifting when I was 14 years old in 2005 and saw great gains for next 8 years. 

So I thought, if I can make gains naturally then so can they. But they do not want to put in the work so they are taking the easy way out. Losers. I was wrong though. 

I knew a few guys in college who competitive bodybuilders and trained in mixed martial arts (I trained in Mauy Thai for three years in college) and used steroids, pro hormones, and SARMs. 

However, I began to notice that those guys were in the gym or on the mat as much as I was.

While I was hitting plateaus, having extreme muscle soreness, and dealing with nagging injuries, Those were making gains, packing more muscle, recovering from workouts faster, and staying injury free.  

I always thought that these compounds cannot be that powerful. There is no way. 

I did not want to think "cheaters" could get ahead of me in my goals. I thought I as doing it the right way, even though they were putting in just as much work as I was. 

Looking back on it, it was foolish and a good thing at the same time. In my teens and early twenties, was a bit too early to be using performance enhancing compounds.  

I will get more into who and what age you should be using pro hormones in a bit.

At the same, I judge those who did use them as "cheaters" or those were undisciplined.   

Neither could be furthest from the truth.

Those "cheaters" were working as hard as I was but simply wanted to make sure they were doing everything possible to succeed and get the most out of their work. 

That is when it dawned on me. This is why athletes pay top dollar for stuff like this.

If they have something that will make them that much better at a sport, that could mean making the roster and millions of dollars or not making the team at all.

That is food for their families and way to a better life. 

All any of these guys wanted to do as maximize their chances of success. 

When I finally came around 2013-2014, I started to look at it that way. I want to do everything thing can to make the most out of my time in the gym. 

I had been lifting for 8 years naturally and had probably squeezed out every piece of genetic muscular offering my body had left.

I had reached my ceiling. That was a hard pill to swallow.  

I am not a maintenance lifter. I hate lifting just maintain my looks and strength.

I want change and results. That is what always got me in the gym. 

Maybe one day I will do maintenance. But not now. Definitely not in 2013.  

How I Came Across Epi Andro, 1 Andro, and SARMs

I began to do my research about pro hormones and how to safely take use them. But everything I found was from bullshit supplement supplement companies trying to sell me overpriced products. 

So I called up one of my gym buddies from college, He was 2 or 3 years older than me and was amateur bodybuilder. He had actual experience using pro hormones. 

It is always better to get your advice or instructions from someone who has real life experience and can properly voice their past struggles and successes to you. 

Do not trust people or internet marketers with degrees, certifications, or bullshit book knowledge.

Unless you can prove to me that you have you experience in the area I am looking to improve in then I do not want to talk you. 

Mr friend, we will call him FLEXOR, broke down the essentials of using any androgenic compound safely and I needed to do to maximize the usage.  

He suggested I start off on an 6 to 8 week cycle of Epi Andro or S4 followed by a 4 week post cycle therapy since was mildly aggressive prohormone that is often used by guys news new to prohormones. 

Plus you can get it over the counter by trusted supplement companies and have to do shady alley deals like Flexor has done in the past. He says those are not fun. 

How Should Approach The Cycle

He says it is best I have a 1 to 2 trusted supplements companies that I like and try them out. The problem was I had never heard of the companies selling this stuff. 

Therefore Flexor made me some suggestions on supplement companies and how I should approach my cycle.

First, he wanted me to go the doctor and make sure that I do not have any outstanding health issues.

Any outstanding kidney, heart, or liver issues and pro hormones are a no go. They can put a lot of strain on these organs.

Second, gather all the supplements you need for on cycle support and post cycle therapy before you begin your cycle.

This is more being safe than sorry. You want to make sure that you have all the stuff you need and be prepared if you have to end your cycle a bit sooner than expected. 

In other words, shit happens and you want be prepared when it does. Plus, these supplements regulate your estrogen levels so they do not climb too high while on cycle.

Third, create and commit to a diet and training plan before you begin your cycle as well. These two things will be most responsible for your results.

Fourth, once off cycle, do not wait more than 48 hours to start doing post cycle therapy. Ideally 24 hours.

Fifth, time on pro hormone/SARM + time on post cycle therapy = time off everything.

Flexor told me way too many guys only wait 2 to 4 weeks after ending post cycle therapy to go back on cycle.

I was told not to do this. Flexor said if I go on an 8 cycle of epi andro and then go 4 weeks of post cycle therapy, then that is 12 weeks on cycle.

Therefore, my time off everything should be a minimum of 12 weeks. Then I should get blood work done and assess my path moving forward.

Therefore I followed his advice to the tee and began my cycle 2 weeks after talking him. 

My results were pretty good. 

My Results

I went on a 6 week cycle of Epi Andro in April and May 2014. Followed by 4 weeks of post cycle therapy in June 2014. 

The photos of me through the post are me after cycle. I know they are not the best quality but they are all I can find from when I was on this cycle. Sorry guys. 

Unfortunately, I do not have any beforehand. I did not think to take photos of me before the cycle. I never thought I would share this info with anyone. 

I gained about 7 pounds during the course of the cycle. I jumped from 187 to 194 in about 6 weeks. 

I went 10% body fat to 11% as well. So most of that 7 pounds was lean muscle too.

During the cycle, I lifted 4 to 5 times a week. Did cardio 3 times a week.

I ate about 2500 to 2700 calories a day. I would take in about 270 grams of protein, 200 grams of carbs, and 60 grams of fats. All in clean food. 

I was very happy with my what I had accomplished. 

My only worry was keeping the gains. I kept my routine up into my post cycle therapy. 

In the two months after my post cycle, it took about 8 weeks for testosterone levels to fully rebound which is expected.  

I suffered zero side effects. Then again, I only took 200 grams/day of Epi Andro. This is a fairly low dosage but I want to be safe given this is my first time around this stuff.  

I did not want to take chances. 


I wish every cycle after this every as smoothly as this one. 

Unfortunately, that was not the not the case. I got obsessed with the quick results and wanted more.  

I cycled 1-Andro in the fall (October to November 2014) and that did not go as nicely as I wanted. I will get into that story another time though.

This is was beginning of my experience with prohormones. I would begin to experiment with SARMs that next year in 2015. 

In the post, I will get into the specific prohormones I have used and how you can safely use them yourself.