How Much Size Can I Gain From My Penis Enlargement Routine?


This is a very common question about penis enlargement. 

Everyone how wants to know how much are they going to gain from using a specific device or doing specific exercises.

And how long will it take to get there.

Although I address this in my personal stories about Bathmate, Penomet, SizeGenetics, and Phallosan Forte ; I wanted to give you a general idea of what results to expect out of PE routines. 

More importantly, I want to keep your expectations in check with whatever routine you currently using for your PE.

Many guys think they can gain 2 inches in length and in few weeks. That is just not true. 

Although beginners can make massive gains quickly, long lasting results take time. 

You will not become Mandingo over night. 

On the flip side, many guys think penis enlargement is a scam and no gains can be made. That is not true either. 

Gains can be made. The amount of gains depend o a couple things though. I will get into that in a bit. 

Why This Is A Silly Question

First of all, this "how much will i gain?" question is impossible to answer for several reasons.

No one will be able to tell you exactly how much you will be able to gain with a specific routine or device. 

If they are claiming they can, then they are trying to scam you and get you to buy something that does not work.

Do not buy into that bullshit. 

They can give you an idea of what to expect (like I do) but nothing more.

Plus, this is a questions you should be asking in the beginning. You need to just put your nose down and get to work. 

Start that jelqing and penis stretching routine or that Bathmate and SizeGenetics routine right now. 

Stop thinking about the results and make them happen. That goes for any goal in life. 

But let me explain below why the "How much will I gain?" question is ridiculous. 

What Results You Should Expect From PE

You should expect a 1"-2" growth in both length and girth of your penis if a consistent effort is given over the course of 1-2 years. 

Those are my results. Those the results of most of the people I know who have taken penis enlargement seriously for a long span of time. 

What Determines How Much You Grow?

There are several different factors that will determine how much size you can add to your dick.

I have these things listed below. It will shed some light on how the PE game works. 

  1. Genetics
  2. Yes. Genetics do matter when it comes to dick growth, unfortunately. This will be one of the biggest factors in determine how much you gain. 

    But like most things in life, everyone can become above average with a little bit of effort and consistency.  

    Your genetics really only determine your ceiling for growth. Some guys are not meant to have 8 inch dicks. 

    But if you start off slightly below average (<5 inches in length erect) and add 1.5 inches over a year and a half, then you are now way above average. 

    Your PE journey is now a success. Although genetics can be limiting, they by no means can keep you from achieving above average penis size. 

    Every guy can add an at least inch on to his erect length and girth size. No excuses. Even if you start off with 4.5 inch long dick. Get to 5.5 inches. 

    Now you are above average. Just put the time in guys and the results will come. 

  3. How Seriously You Take Your Routine
  4. This is another huge determining factor. This is very similar to the bodybuilding analogy. 

    Two guys can have bodybuilding goals. But the guys who decides to lift 5 days a week with killer intensity and diet his ass off will see better results. Always. 

    The same philosophy can be used with penis enhancement to a degree. You want to go hard but not be stupid. 

    Do not jelq until your penis is purple. That is not smart. But the guy who is consistent, takes his training seriously, and get proper rest; will always see much better results. 

    Do not be the guy who only trains 1-2 week and gives a half effort at doing so.

    You will have subpar results and it will be due to the amount of work you put in. 

    Just like everything else in life. You get out what you put in. 

  5. Manual Exercises vs. Penis Growth Devices
  6. This is not nearly as big of a determinant than the first two. But it is a determinant none the less. 

    Using penis growth devices is a bit more effective and efficient than doing manual exercises. 

    You will see long term results quicker. Hence, lowering your chances of quitting as a whole.  

    These devices I recommend are Bathmate or Penomet (hydro powered penis pumps) and SizeGenetics or Phallosan Forte (penis extenders).  

All of these things are individualistic traits and make it difficult to pre-determine gains.  

Short Term Mentality vs. Long Term Mentality

Have a long term outlook when it comes to penis enhancement. This stuff is a marathon, not a sprint. 

For most goals in your life you will need a long term outlook on things in order to stay committed. 

Having short term mentality will only hinder your results. Results come with time. 

With short term mentality, you will expect results immediately. That goes not happen in the PE game. 

So by having this mentality, your chances of quitting are way higher because will not see results immediately. 

By having a long term mentality, you set yourself up to thrive.

You focus in the work ahead and have reasonable expectations in terms of when you might see results.  

Most importantly, you are patient. You are disciplined enough to wait. Therefore your chances of success in increase.

Always look at your life in the long term. Be patient and put in the work. Go hard for a long span of time. 

I guarantee you will see results this way. 

Ask What To Do?......No How Long

This plays off the thoughts I just mentioned. You should be asking be asking how to do things. 

Not how long they will take. You should be focused on putting the work you are putting in a daily basis.

That will be the backbone of how the results come to be. This again apart of the long term mentality.

Another reason, why those who view their goals over a long period of time will set themselves up for success.  


So I think you guys get the message by now. Have a long term outlook over your penis enlargement training. 

Overall, most dude can expect to gain 1-2 inches of length and girth within 1-2 years of consistent and dedicated training. 

That size addition will probably put you in the above average range in terms of penis size. That is a good place to be.

Either way, stop asking questions like "How much will I gain?". That is the wrong mentality. It leads to short terms expectations. 

Just focus on the work that needs to get done over the next couple months to hit your goal.  

This will ensure success moving forward. 

I hope you guys found this article helpful. Please share it if you did. 

Please comment and tell what your your experience is with penis enlargement and your ideas on expectations. 

I love to discuss this stuff too. It also helps foster a growing community. 

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Thanks again for reading everyone.

To your gains and success.

Ray Kingsman 

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