How Not To Let Women Fuck Up Your Life


What's up guys?

Ray Kingsman. Coming back at you with another Rebel Post. Today I wanted to talk about women. 

Usually, every manosphere blog talks about how you can pick up and fuck girls and all that shit. 

If you have been around here for awhile, then you know I preach to prioritize making money over spending energy trying getting laid in your 20s

In the article I linked to above, I talk about how that energy spent pursuing pussy in your 20s could be used to build a offline or online business that could make you a ton money for the rest of your life. 

A lot of guys in the manosphere spend 2-4 years just picking up girls and trying to get laid as much as possible in their 20s. 

Before I go on, let me say this. I think there is nothing wrong with picking up and fucking a lot of women. I am all about it actually. 

I absolutely love women and I think you guys should definitely have them in your life.   

Women are one of my motives when working on enlarging my dick and getting ripped.

There just needs to be a balance. These girls need to kept in check so they do not engulf your life to an unhealthy degree. 

Our most limited resource is time. You will only have so many years of that limitless in your 20s.

I want to spend that time on something that is going to net my returns for the rest of my life. In the form of money.

Getting laid just does not yield a high enough return for me and the opportunity cost of building a business is too high.  

That 2-4 years spent chasing girls could have used to build valuable business experience.

Or build your first successful business and now all of a sudden you never have to work a 9-5 job ever again.

Then you spend your 20s expanding your business and maybe starting some other ones as well since you have a winning formula now.

You start outsourcing a lot of the work so your business can operate you without you for days, weeks, or maybe months at a time if you wish.

That is all possible within the span of 2-5 years. You just have to spend your time grinding in your 20s when you have all that fucking energy.

Victor Pride started B&D in 2011 and in 6 years he has built as empire. Chris from GLL also started his blog in 2011-2012 and since built four profitable businesses.

This is what you need to spend your time doing. Once you have built up your business enough and have the cash flow, hire someone to take the busy work off your hands. It is that simple. 

If you do that in your 20s and keep hitting the gym, then you have plenty of time to chase ass in 30s when you in your sexual prime. 

Then you will be even more attractive to women to high quality girls because you will have good looks, style, great body, maturity, and money.

You will probably have more sexual options in your 30s than you in your 20s if you keep your shit together looks wise and you have successful business or two.

I am 25 guys and I am prioritizing business. This is my plan guys. So I am not trying to bullshit you here. 

Anyway...on from my rant. Many guys will not follow the advice I have laid out above. 

Many of you will still spend many years in your twenties chasing ass. Like I said earlier, nothing wrong with that at all. Have fun. 

Just know the opportunity cost, risks, and the potential harm it could do to your life.

The latter we will talk about more below. 

The #1 Thing That Destroys The Life Of An Top 1% Male

When I say the top 1% male, I mean the male who has big plans for his life. The one who is going to go out and work hard for what he wants. 

Who will ignore the critics and will not let anything stand in the way of his success. Who knows that he will need to fail time and time again to get to where he was to be. 

These guys make success and happiness their #1 priorities in life. Everything they do in life is to make them happier and achieve they want. 

They know life is a game and you have to move the chess pieces around swiftly to get what you want. 

These guys are going to get what they want in life and are the people that I write for on Success Rebellion. 

These guys have the world going them. But it only takes ONE bad decision to make that go to shit. 

The #1 thing I have seen that fucks guys up their twenties for life is......not cops or dudes or's WOMEN. Hands down.  

More guys get caught up in dumb shit with women than with cops, strangers, or drugs combined. 

Women know how to hurt you and can destroy your life pretty quickly. You need to be aware of how to avoid these situations so you can continue with your mission in life. 

I will provide a list below of the most common cases guys run into with women, explain how they happen, and how to avoid them. 

8 Suggestions To Avoid Life Shattering Mistakes With Women

1) Do Not Get A Girl Pregnant 

This is pretty obvious. Having a kid with the wrong woman when you do not have the financial means to support the kid is a very shitty situation.

Let's assume this girl does not want to get an abortion either and wants to have the kid. Plus, you do not stay with this long term either.

You are fucked in this situation. Because she can bring you into court and milk your ass dry of a lot of the cash you bringing from your job or business in child support. 

In most cases, she will get sole custody of the child. So you and mommy are not on good terms and you want to be in the kid's life, then you are shot out of luck.

Unless she is extremely nice to you, you be regulated to seeing that kid once every two weeks.

That is tough pill to swallow. But this can be easily avoided by using #2 suggestion below. 

If you are in an exclusive relationship then make sure your girl is on birth control. 

Say if you have sex with a girl that you bring home from the bar and condom breaks when bust inside her, clean up and head to the nearest 24-hour pharmacy immediately. 

Buy Plan B and make sure she swallows that fucking pill. Check her mouth afterwards if you have to. Take this seriously guys. 

2) Use Condoms When Having Sex With Random Girls And Fuckbuddies

Wear condoms when fucking random girls and fuckbuddies guys. This is also a pretty simple one. 

I know condoms suck. They are fun most of the time and it kills sensitivity but consider the worst case scenario here. 

You do not want to catch any STDs or STIs. That shit is not fun. Most people do not even know they have them too. So be safe. 

They are a bitch to get rid of too. Some of them you just need a pill to get rid off. 

But others (like Herpes, HPV, or HIV) are way harder to get rid of (or cannot be rid of at all) and some of them are symptomless in males.

So you might not even know if you were infected wth something until you get a test done. That is unsettling. 

This is true for random girls and fuckbuddies because of your fuckbuddy most likely has another guy or two on her radar. 

She is not going to wait until you let her go to fuck that other guy since you are not exclusive.

Plus, she is not going to tell you about that other guy either. You do not know if that other guy has an STD or of they are having unprotected sex. 

You have to be cautious guys. Do not get caught up in your short term high here. Use precaution and wrap you dick up. 

This goes in conjunction with suggestion #1 but one clear difference I would like to make. 

I think it is perfectly fine to raw dog a girl that you are in an exclusive and committed relationship with. 

Just make she is on birth control and get her tested for STDs before you start having unprotected sex with her. 

3) Do Not Fuck Girls Who Are In Relationships

Oh man. This is a big one. Messing with girls that have a man is asking for trouble. 

Let's take karma out of the equation here. For one, you do not know what this chcik's significant other is capable of. 

He could have supreme anger issues or not give a fuck about his life and look to end your's.

So many guys go ballistic when they figure out their girl is fucking another guy behind their back.

That guy could go through his girl's phone or instant chat messages and find ass. Show at your workplace or home and kill your ass.

Just avoid the chicks who are in relationships. Do not let this be you man. Do even think about it. Hit on her single friends instead.  

4) Do Not Take Home Sloppily Drunk Girls From The Bar Or Club

You never want to mess with sloppy drunk girls at the bar. I am talking to you about girls who are slurring their words and cannot stand straight.

This could end very badly for you if they go home with you. If she does not remember anything, all kinds of thoughts go through their head. 

Especially if you were a dick to them the next morning or kick them out during the night. Any type of insensitivity can spark worst scenario thinking in women. 

In a lot of cases, girls will not tell their friends about this. But when they do, their friends usually reinforce the terrible thoughts going through her head. 

She might start to think something happened that she did not consent to. She might chose get the police involved. 

The system very much works against men in this case. With these types of charges, you are guilty until proven innocent. 

It will likely be your word against her's too. Who are they going to believe?

You, at the very least, are looking at very expensive lawyer fees. At worst, could be looking at jail time for a number of years. 

For one dumb decision you made a bar with some really drunk girl that you do not even know. 

Obviously not worth it guys. Aim for the girls with just a couple drinks in their system and are still coherent. 

Stay away from the girl taking too many shots and cannot properly pronounce their name due to intoxication. Little good can come of that. 

5) Do Not Mess With Crazy Or Emotionally Unstable Women

This is probably the most common way guys fuck their lives up. They date or get in serious relationships with emotionally unstable women. 

These women are soul sucking and high maintenance. I have seen these happen to several of my close friends. 

Where they spent multiple hours a day arguing or pleading with their girlfriend over some dumb shit. 

Any girl that thinks it normal to have loud or outrageous arguments everyday in emotionally or mentally unstable and you should stay away. 

These are the type of girls who lie to people. Who might accuse you of things you did not do to get the police involved. This is done out of spite and revenge.

This is not normal. Girls who act out spite to that degree are not normal and you need to be nowhere near them. 

Do not even hook up or fuck these girls. It does not matter how hot she is. It will not be worth the energy to keep it going or the energy to break it off properly. 

Stay away guys. Let the losers handle those crazy girls. 

6) Do Not Advertise Your Player Lifestyle

For those who do not know, unless you are really rich and hansom. Being a player is not the most socially unacceptable lifestyle amongst your normal peers. 

Do talk about your player life to your friends or acquaintances. You will be chastised for it and they might tell the girls you are romantically involved with out or jealously or ethical duty. 

Guys will be jealous of you and girls will feel disgusted with you. This can also get other people involved. 

Some of those girls you were pimping might have been in an relationship and lied to you about it.

Or she might have a couple male friends that have no problem coming through to where you live and fucking you up or killing your ass because you played her. 

All this can happen because you could keep your mouth shut or keep social media (Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook) contained.

If you are a player then keep a low profile, do not tell anyone what you are doing in regards to women.

Just keep a written/video journal to yourself or write online forum under a different name. Talk about it there where no one knows you. 

7) Do Not Get Married In Your Twenties To Wrong Person To Feel Like You Are Progressing In Life

I am not a fan on marriage at all and never force myself getting married for reasons I talk a little more about below. 

But I am 25 and more and more of my friends are beginning to get engaged and married. 

On top that, they are getting married married to women they have only been in relationships with for 2-3 years. 

Or with the same girls they had rocky relationships with in college. I have talked to several of my friends who are getting married and most of them say the same thing. 

"It's about that time man. We have dating long enough and we are getting to that age."

Oh God. The translation goes a little something like this, "my girl is putting pressure for me to out a ring on it or she might walk. And I am too old to be single again so we getting married. Plus she is the best I will ever do."

They should know that the divorce rate is 50%. It is considerably higher for couples who get married in their early and mid twenties.  

Because they are making brash decisions and do not have their finances together. 

Money is the #1 cause of divorced marriages. #2 is age of the couple. 

Rushing into marriage is a mistake, that will most likely end in divorce. Meaning your hard earned assets being stripped from you and given away to your wife. No fun. 

Now your in your late 30s or early 40s and have to start all over. This is easy to avoid though. Just take your time with relationship and figure out your career path. 

Even if you are sure she is the one. Take a couple years to get your money right first. This will give relationship time to foster and grow. 

There is nothing wrong with getting married when you are in your early or mid thirties and you can actually afford to do it the way you want to.

8) Do Not Get Married In Your 20s Without A Prenup

This is absolutely necessary if you chose to get married. You need to protect your assets at all costs. 

This another reason why I suggest waiting until your thirties to get married. Ideally, late thirties. But at the earliest, early thirties. 

This gives you time to protect as many of your assets as possible.

If you hit big with a business in your twenties, you can reel in the cash for another 10 years.

Then have it legally protected from your wife in the cases of a divorce. Because she will go after all your assets, especially was a traditional housewife. 

The best way to protect yourself is to not get married at all. That is my suggestion. Do not get the government involved in your shit. 

But I know some do not want to do that. If that is you, then accept the financial risks and protect yourself as much as possible. 

What To Take Away From This 

The biggest thing you can take away from this post is just to think a bit before you make a decision that can fuck up your life. 

A lot of the things I have listed above are easily avoidable. Just take proper precaution and you will always be fine. 

I want to remind you guys. I think you should have women in you life. Women are great. Wild sex and romantic relationships are beautiful things to have a young age. 

Just do not get caught up guys. Keep your priorities in check. Hustle for your own personal goals and happiness before trying to make someone else happy. 

I always suggest you do what you want in life. But do not be dumb. Dumb decisions can fuck up the rest of your life. Be smart instead. 

I hope this post was helpful to you. If so, please share it others and subscribe to our newsletter below. It supports our community a lot. 

Thanks again. I am going to hit a Bathmate session right now, then go to the gym to getting swole. So I will talk to you guys later.  

Your boy, 

Ray Kingsman