How Penis Enhancement Changed My Life And How It Can Change Your’s Too


Hello Everyone, 

What is going on? A lot of you seem to come to this website for either penis enhancement information. 

You guys have enjoyed our guides on Bathmate and Penomet Hydropumps, Phallosan Forte And SizeGenetics Penis Extender, jelqing, penis stretching, male edging, Kegels, and so on. 

I have tried to depict my own experiences for you guys. I wanted to talk about what has worked for me over the years. 

In terms of techniques to enhance your size and sexual performance, I think I have covered 80% of the stuff that has worked for me. 

These days I am in maintenance mode. Meaning that I only pump Bathmate 2-3 times a week and wear my extender 30 hours through out the week. 

I am more focused on my business and fitness goals these days.

Trying to escape from the blue pill lifestyle
along with cutting fat while maintaining a corporate is a lot to have on a single plate. 

But I manage to maintain a level head and stay productive. I need to for my sake and your's. 

With all hat though, I have gotten several questions from young guys about why I got into penis enhancement in the first place. 

What made me dabble into this stuff? I explained a little bit of this in my Penomet Review. But I want to tell the whole story. 

It might be a little long so i apologize in advance. But it might be worth the read because a lot guys out there will be able to relate to my story.

Hopefully, my story can inspire some of you to take action or at least help you realize you are not doomed.  

Anyway, on we go. 

Let's Rewind Back To High School

Let's go back to the summer of 2008. This was the summer before my senior year of high school. 

Life was pretty simple back then. I just did school, practice karate, and lifted weights. I always got good grades in school and that kept my parents off my back. 

Me and my nerd friends basically no sex lives. Our idea of a fun Saturday night, was getting together and playing video games or watching the newest movies that came out. 

We definitely did not roll in the cool crowd or have access to any of those parties. Therefore, we did have access to many hot girls on a regular basis. 

So whenever the opportunity did arrive, I would want to take full advantage of it. Through my family, I meet a pretty attractive girl that lived one town over. 

I remember thinking this: "Sweet. A girl who does not know that I am a loser and a nerd."

Looking back, I was way too harsh on myself. I was pretty jacked back then too. Dressed reasonably well and got good grades in school. 

But us high school kids were dumb. 

Our first date went well and it was clear that she was into me. She kept mentioning that she was free for the rest of the night. 

Now another guy with balls would have hoped on this situation. Even nowadays, I would have not wasted any more time once I got those tell signs. 

However, I did not do this. I was too scared. Not only was I virgin at the time, I also had sever body dysmorphia. 

Not of my physique. But of my penis. I thought I was small in size and that she would not want to be with me once she saw my penis.

Penis Dysmorphia

I would actually have nightmares about this stuff too. It created an extreme phobia for that scenario.

I do not know how this developed. I would guess from watching too much porn during that time. 

Jerking off to watching those guys with huge dicks plow through this MILFs and young college girls with big tits. 

Anyway, I was very sensitive about my size. Believe it or not, it was so bad where I prefered not to get naked with a girl.

Even though, I had an above average (decent muscle mass with around 14% bodyfat) body. Pretty sad. 

Anyway, I drive her back to her place to drop her off. She awkwardly waited to get of my car. I decided that was a tell sign to try and kiss her. 

So I did. I reached across the glove compartment of the car and pulled her in and kissed her for a couple seconds.

As I mentioned earlier, I am pretty inexperienced with women at this part of my life. I had only kissed a handful of girls up until that point. 

At that time in my life, I felt that kissing a girl was awkward. All that could go through mind was to make sure I am closing my eyes and moving and lips and head correctly. 

She must of thought that things were going just fine. When I started to pull away she pulled me right back in. 

After a while, she moved my hands all around her body and began to tug on my dick through my pants. 

Luckily, I did have a boner. Anyway, things hot and heavy. Before I knew it, she was sprawled out over the glove compartment and was unzipping my pants to pull out my penis. 

I was "Oh no....". I did everything I could to try and think about MILF porno I had ever watched and breathe slowly. 

This help send more blood to my dick. She pulled my penis out of pants and immediately put in her mouth. 

Anyway, this girl gave me a fierce blowjob. I spent the entire time trying to calm myself down and to stay hard. 

All I could focus on was her non acknowledgement of my penis size which I took as dissatisfaction. 

The Cycle Continues

This was the beginning of a dangerous cycle that continued for the next couple years. 

I began to have more and more fear of sexual interaction with women. 

I would rather not be with them at all then live through the shame of them telling me that I was inadequate in size. 

Although that never did actually happen when I was with a girl, no one told that I was "huge or even above average". 

One of my fuck buddies my sophomore year of college actually told that I had a nice penis but she had seen bigger. 

This made my world come crashing down. I thought I was a loser and was not fit to be a man. Let alone, please a beautiful woman. 

The only times I could really get 100% hard and maintain a boner was when I was watching MILF porn or thinking and jerking off to MILF porn. 

When I Decided To Do Something About It

This problem came to blows in 2012. I was in bed with a beautiful girl that had happen to f​all into my lap.

As I was about to penetrate her, I went limp. I could not get the least bit hard again. She jerked me off and blew me but it was to no avail. 

It was so humiliating and seemed like my worst fears had come true. She said it was not a big deal.

But it was. It was a huge deal. This problem and phobia that I have has been disrupting my sex life for years and I am sick of it. 

It is time to find a real solution to this problem. 

What I Did Next

Now it was time to take action. I began to read up on how to deal with penis dysmorphia and sexual anxiety.

I wanted to digest all the useful and actionable information out there.

The mainstream were saying the typical bullshit. ​"Get out of your head" and "Get over yourself". That shit does not work. 

I had tried all the bullshit supplements, testosterone boosters, and penis pills. None of that shit works. I know from experience.
I wanted real answers. I knew I could not find them on mainstream advice blogs or outlets. 

So ventured over to creepy forums to figure out how to really solve my problems. These forums were on multitude of social media websites like Reddit, Good Looking Loser, others.

I told people my problems and I received some good advice and positive feedback. 

Baby Steps Are Taken

I spend a couple days doing all the reading (on creepy forums) I can about cheap ways to fix my problems. 

I spilled my soul online to people I did not even know (kind of like what I am doing and the consoled me. 

Many of them told me I was not alone. They also let me know that I am not below average in size at all.

That there are plenty of things that I can do increase my size, cure my anxiety, and maintain stronger erections in the sack. 

This is where I learned about jelqing, penis stretching, male edging, kegels, and the bandage extender. These were revolutionary exercises for me.

I put these practice because they were free to do and seemed like the first concepts I learned about that might actually work. 

Guess what? They did. 

My dick grew about 0.5 inches in about 4 months of performing my jelqing and penis stretching routine about 4 days a week. I was stoked about the results.  

This finally me some added confidence about dick. The light shined and my anxiety slowly started to diminish. I would grow to not be as ashamed to pull down pants in front a female. 

Although it took about 3 months to internalize that my dick is now growing and getting bigger, the progress kept me motivated and going through those boring manual exercises. 

How I Came Across Penis Growth Devices

Although I no problem doing the manual exercises, I could not deny or ignore the disadvantages. 

My routine became time consuming and tedious. I needed a more efficient way to make gains and take my penis enhancement to next level. 

Hence, I was back on creepy forums. I came across a multitude of great suggestions again. 

But the device I was told I needed to get was Penomet Hydropump. Which a water based pressure device meant to help exhaust the penile tissue on your dick. 

Therefore, force the tissue to expand. Thus becoming stronger and bigger at the same the time. You can read all about it my review of Penomet

This product was amazing and I enjoyed using it. This pump made my life so much easier.  

No more tugging on my dick for an hour at time. It could just hit this bad boy up up 15 minutes at a time for 3 days out of the week. 

This is where I really started to see my anxiety about my size dwindle down. After using the pump, I would see my dick inflate temporary (as I explained earlier). 

Seeing the instant gains was great for my mindset and I would feel great afterward. 

The feeling is very similar to bodybuilding, you feel the blood rushing and the adrenaline rushing when you are moving your body and lifting heavy weights. 

The same was true when using Penomet. I would have a great pump and a great mood after doing my PE exercises. 

Then I Hard About Bathmate!

I was basically told this was a better version of Penomet Hydropump and if I wanted to maximize my growth that I needed to use Bathmate instead. 

This is not necessarily true. Although the newer Bathmate models are better pumps (in my opinion), they do not make a world of difference in terms of gains. 

Meaning I could have stuck with Penomet and had been just fine. 

But they design of Bathmate pumps, I enjoyed a lot. Plus they better suction on my penis. 

Adding In Extenders

I had been using my Bandage Extender for awhile now but I had been running to some issues with it. It kept falling off, it was hard to put off and on again when pissing, and grew difficult to keep my penis stretched for more than a couple of hours at a time. 

These issues brought to light a new issue I was dealing with. That was maximizing the length of my penis. 

I not only wanted to be thick in girth (which is Bathmate and Penomet focus on), I also wanted to have a long flaccid sized penis.  

That was my original image I had in my mind was I thinking about getting hung. A long and thick shaft that is ready to go. 

By then, I had had the thickness part handled. I wanted to get longer. This is where I was introduced to penis extenders. 

Penis extenders hold your dick in stretched position for long periods of time. I thought I needed one but there is so much conflicted information online about which ones to get. 

I did not want to spend anymore money because of the few hundred I had spent earlier this year on Bathmate and Penomet. 

So for the next few weeks, I went through a series of cheap and crappy extenders. None of them worked. 

They would either fall off during the day or were so uncomfortable that I had to take them off. 

So I decided to pony up and spend some money on a good extender. I first bought x4 Labs penis extender (review coming soon) then I upgraded to Phallosan Forte to use when I slept. 

That was impossible to do with x4 because it was not too comfortable when sleeping.

Phallsoan Forte was sticking out through my pants a little too much when I used it during the day so I decided to buy SizeGenetics (super comfortable). 

Then I started doing combined BAthmate & SizeGenetics routines. My length gains exploded.

I began edging with Fleshlight and doing kegels in the Bathmate too. My boners and ejaculations became really intense. 

The rest is kind of history. 

My Results And How This Changed My Life

A year went by. I spent roughly $2000 on different penis enhancement devices. I spent hours jelqing, penis stretching, pumping and doing kegels in the bathmate, having my extender on, and edging with Fleshlight.

With all that time and work, the results came. 

In that span of time (about a year), I added roughly 1.5 inches of erect and flaccid length. Plus, an inch of girth as well. 

My erect penis length was a quarter inch shy of the 7 inches. Every girl I was with in 2014 noticed the gains. 

Seeing the shock on their faces after I would always reluctantly pull down my pants was so gratifying. Being told that I was "huge" was unbelievable. 

Experiences like those slowly helped change my mindset. The results and progress towards my goal slowly helped me change my mindset. 

This insecurity and anxiety I felt about my penis are actually a great thing in retrospect. Those insecurities pushed me to become a better person. 

Penis enhancement really did help become a better person. I targeted an insecurity and improved myself to the point where I was no longer feeling anxiety about my penis size.

This experience taught me a lot of things. Mainly, I learned a lot about myself and what I value. 

I value focusing one 1 or 2 big goals at a time. Making progress and seeing results. And using those results to forge a new reality and really change your mindset.

This is the exact same way I felt about bodybuilding and school when I was teenager. The goals, progress, work, and results manifested themselves the same way. 

What You Can Learn From My Experience

To wrap this all up here. There is a lot you can take away from my experience with dealing with anxiety and penis enhancement. 

The first is that insecurity and anxiety are not always a bad thing if you do something about it. 

I know how crushing these insecurities can be. Your life obstructed due these anxieties you have about your size. 

I remember it like yesterday. Getting blow up from an attractive girl and only caring about what she thinks about my dick size and how it looks. 

Being ashamed to pul down my pants when a girl is literally begging (okay...not literally) me to get inside her.

Not enjoying myself or her at all. Completely letting my anxieties take over and ruin my (sex) life. 

It took some years but I finally did something about it. I learned through research, trial, and error. 

Your anxieties can be buried with action taken, progress, and results.

I am living proof of this. It is impossible if you make it a top priority in your life and do whatever it takes to make progress. 

It is just like achieving any other goal in life. Work=Results. Results and positive reinforcement help cure your anxiety and adjust your mindset. 

Although you cannot measure levels anxiety or insecurity from a quantitative sense, you can feel them diminish slowly over time. 

You will know when they are thing of the past when they are not holding you back in different areas of your life. 

That is my experience. 

The second, is that some penis growth devices and techniques actually do work. 

These will become your biggest weapon in helping you make progress with penis enhancement goals and slay your anxiety. 

If you have the anxieties that I have mentioned in this article then you need to jelqing, penis stretching, edging, and doing kegels

These are manual exercises. The can be time consuming and boring at times but they are completely free to do. You can also start doing them at any time. 

If you have some cash to spend then buy Bathmate or Penomet, SizeGenetics or Phallosan Forte, and Fleshlight

These products are legit as fuck. They will help you grow your penis and enhance its function. 

Everything I mentioned above actually works. Do not try anything else as it will probably be a waste of money and/or time. 

That is all I got for now. Remember guys that if you have the issue, the best care is to take action and make progress. 

That is the solution to most problems in life. At least from my experience, that has been the case for the overwhelming majority of my life.  

I wish you all the best of luck. Please let me know how it goes. 

Please leave comments and questions below. Please subscribe to our newsletter as well too. 

Thanks again, 

Ray Kingsman