How To Achieve Your Hardcore Goals For The New Year


What's Up Guys?

2017 is upon us!! I know a bunch of us are excited to begin the new year with a clean slate.

We all have the new ideas and passions that we want to pursue throughout 2017 and beyond.

We believe that this year will finally be different and we can achieve the long laundry list of goals we have put off to the side for so many years.

More importantly, it allows a lot of us to forget about how 2016 did not go the way we wanted.

It allows us to forget about our mistakes from the past 12 months (and beyond) and allows us to refocus. 

What I Know That You Do Not

If you are on Success Rebellion and happen to make it past the first page where I talk about growing your penis and anabolic compounds, the chances are you are goal oriented male. 

You are in the top 1% of guys who are willing to put in the work to see success happen.

That is who Success Rebellion is for. It is for the top 1%, not everyone else. 

Everyone will forgo their goals for the next party or basketball game. Or let their anxiety get the better of them.

Needless to say, the never wanted success that badly. Not if they are willing to forgo their goals so quickly. 

People who want to success do not wait until the new year gets started to get work.  

Guys in the to 1% are not afraid to put in the hours. 

Sure, being a goal oriented male has its downsides. 

We are guys who are hard to please. We struggle to find time to have to chill to or have fun.

We are very critical of ourselves. We want more production for ourselves then the hours in the day allow.

We experience a large amount of failure because success and failure go hand and hand.  

Failure can bring sadness and hardship but Success Rebels pick up and move on because success matters to much to us to stop. 

What I know that you do not is last year went pretty well for a lot of you guys. 

If you achieved one major goal last year than 2016 was a success. A solid year to say the least.

How To View Last Year

Think about it. 

What did you achieve last year?

Did you get back in shape? Did you get ripped? Achieve the looks and physique you were looking for?

Did you get a new job that allowed you actually save some money and move away from home?

Did you start working on an online or services business? Did you the ball rolling?

Did you finally start getting laid consistently? Did find you harem of girls? Did you beat approach anxiety?

Did you improve your grooming and style?

Did you finally hit that 3.5 GPA that you wanted?

If you achieved any one of these things than 2016 was a good year. 

Forget about what you did not do. Remember what got accomplished. 

Trust me when you sit and think about it, it is a lot more than you think. 

Goal oriented guys tend to caught up in what they did not get done or what they want to improve on next year. 

I am telling you this right now, there are only so many hours in the day. You need to pick 1-3 things and focus your sole efforts on that. 

There is not way you can get ripped, start a business, get laid, improve you style and grooming, get a 4.0 GPA, etc. all in one year if you are starting from zero in each category. 

It is impossible and if you make it a goal to be successful in all those things in only 12 months then you inevitably fail in all those things. 

For sure, I have been there. I know a lot of you guys have too and already know what I am telling you. But simplicity it is a concept a lot of us overlook and forget when setting goals. 

Maximizing Your Chances Of Success 

For guys who are new to the whole goal setting thing, chose 1 thing that you want to accomplish this year. 

Work toward that one thing all year. Make your goal realistic of course (that is a whole other conversation for another day).

Most of you will make significant strides, if not crush you goals entirely. Then 2017 will be a success and you will riding off into the sunset. On to your next conquest. 

For guys who are more experienced with goal setting, who can pick one major and one smaller goal. 

The major goal taking up some of the your free time while the other take up handful of time during your week. 

Major goals can be like putting on muscle in the gym, starting a business, getting a 4.0 GPA, etc. 

While smaller goals only take up a couple hours in your week can be like adding inches to your penis size or cutting fat. Those are just examples. 

If you have a full time job, just pick one thing outside your job to pursue at a time. 

What Can You Pursue In 2017?

Wow. There are plenty of things you can do in 2017. A mentioned some before but here is another short list:

- Pack On Mass While Using Anabolics For The First Time
- Cut Fat And Use Anabolics To Keep My Muscle And Strength
- Add Inches In Girth And Length To Your Penis Using Manuel Exercises or Specific Devices
- Getting 3.5 GPA (Success Rebel Guide coming soon)
- Start An Internet Business
- Beat Approach Anxiety And Start Getting Laid
- Improving Your Grooming And Style
- Get A Good Job And Move Out Of Your Parent's Place
- Move To Thailand To Live Cheaply And Work On Your Business Full Time. 
- Have Fun More. Go One Big Trip This Year. Do One Cool Thing Every Month. 

Those are just a couple ideas. Your goals can be anything you desire. Given that they are realistic. You have the time dedicate to them.

And that you have a plan to execute (daily action items to complete) on them to make them come true. 

Which leads me to my next point.....

Create An Action Plan

If you have or had a corporate job, you probably have heard of this concept before. It is quite simple and very effective. 

If you have a grand goal that you want to complete over a long span of time, then you need to make that goal down in actions that need to be taken.

A yearly goal need to be broken down into actions that need to be taken place throughout the year. 

Those actions need to be broken down into monthly goals and actions that need to be taken. 

Those monthly goals need to be tapered down into weekly goals and actions that will need to be taken. 

Those weekly goals will need to be brought to daily goals and actions that need to be accomplished. 

This process allows you to visualize your goals and focus on the work at hand.

This allows you to avoid getting caught up in fantasy land...that doing nothing will yield a new or different result. 

I know you guys are smarter than that but I have to state it and emphasize it some it does not happen to you. 

Ray Kingsman Goals For 2017

To give you an example of what I am talking about let me list my goals for 2017 below. 

In each goal below. I have a quantitive figure that I am aiming for. I figure out the that number, then I breakdown what I need to do everyday to put me in the best position to reach that number. 

1) Build Success Rebellion And Make Money From It

My quantitative aspiration here is a specific monetary goal. I want to have a certain income per month from Success Rebellion by the end of this year. 

This is will be a series of daily and weekly goals that I need to complete throughout the year to make my dream come true. 

This will be my #1 priority this year. This is where 70%-80% of my free time will go towards. 

My other two goals, I log on that this website for information and value purposes. 

How do I that?

- Add one post or review to this website per week to improve the product
- Add one YouTube To This Website Per Week For SEO Purposes
- Add One Guest On Another Website Per Month To Build Backlinks
- Run Ads On Google Adwords And Facebook To Build Email List
- Build Presence on Social Media By Tweeting and Posting/Engaging On Instagram and Facebook
- Optimize Posts And Landing Pages For Visitors
- Find Better Ways To Find And Convert Targeted Traffic

2) Get Ripped

I go about 12-13 week cutting cycle from March-May. Followed by a 4-5 week long full post cycle therapy

My goal will be to drop 20 pounds in that timeframe. Which for me would be to go down from 205 lbs (where I am at now) to 185 lbs. That would be phenomenal. I would be below 10% body fat at that weight. 

How Do I Do That?

- Do 45 minutes of cardio every morning on an empty stomach
- Drop caloric consumption to 1700 calories/day while taking in 230 grams/day of protein and 80 grams/day of carbs. The rest of my calories will be consumed in fats. 
- Lift 4 days per week. 2 legs days. 2 upper body split days. 
- Consume 15 mg of OstaStrong (Ostarine) per day to conserve muscle mass.
- Take on cycle support to minimize HTPA suppression and protect organs. 

I talk about this more in my cutting results guide. That has more details and I will follow the same procedure this time around. I am currently refeeding or reverse dieting to get my caloric maintenance back up. 

3) Add Size To My Penis

My goal is to add an inch to my penis length and girth this year. I will do that with the following approach. This is very simple approach. 

- Use Bathmate HydroPump for 20-30 minutes/day only times a week. 
- Wear my SizeGenetics Penis Extender for hours throughout the day. 

My #2 and #3 will take up significantly less time than the #1 goal. Penis Enhancement might take 3-5 hours out of my week. Working out and preparing my meals might take 10 hours out of my week.

My #1 goal will take 20-25 hours of my week. I believe that is realistic to get what I want to accomplish in 2017. 

That is breakdown of my goals and what I plan on doing to accomplish them. This is rough outline of how your goals look. If anything this gets you on the right track. You can breakdown each action item as well. 


You want to budget your time and expectations appropriately so you do not over extend yourself. 

When you that, you get exhausted quickly. Thus increase your chances quitting and failure. 

The goal is to have a plan that is sustainable for the long haul. Then have the daily action items that you work on everyday. 

No swagger or overthought is necessary, just consistent and never ending effort. 

We do not want to overextend yourself and burn out while seeing little or no results. You will quit under those circumstances. Trust me. 

2017 can really be your year guys. If 2016 did not go the way you wanted, make a vow right now that 2017 will be different. 

I want to hear stories of you guys are killing the game, not how much better things could be. That is the Success Rebel way. 

For me, 2016 had its ups and downs bur was overall a pretty good year for me. I cut fat, got this blog off the ground, beat depression, and found more direction with my life. Not bad. 

The road to success can be unpredictable but I plan on making 2017 another good year of accomplishments. I know how I want and what I am going to do to get it. 

You can do the same if you are start working on it right now. Do not wait. Success waits for no one. You got to go out there and get it.

Although you should not need the New Year time stamp to want to get your life in order, you can use it to start fresh and get the ball rolling. 

Make 2017 a career year guys. I love to hear success stories and cannot wait hear your's.


Ray Kingsman

P.S. Leave comments below telling me your goals for this year. What are you guys trying to accomplish? Or how will this be an improvement from the last? 

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