How To Maximize Dick Size: Penis Growth Revisited


What's up freak bitches and rebels?

Ray Kingsmans coming back at you with another post about your dick and how make it bigger. 

As if you did not have enough of these posts on here by now. Right?

This article is targeted at beginners. Guys just beginning their dick growth journey.

I notice I get a lot of the same questions from you guys about dick growth.

So I thought this post would be appropriate in breaking down the basics of penis growth and what you need to do get that 7 inch mandingo dick.

The good thing is most beginners can get to that size with 12-18 months of consistent work and training for 15-20 minutes every other day.  

Some will grow more then others simply because they have better genetics.

However, everyone can grow a dick that is well above average in size.

Every dude can get to the point where when a chick pulls their pants off, she will look back at him and say "Wow. That is big."

That is achievable for every guy. 

But do not expect to grow an 8 inch dick overnight. First of all, an 8 inch might not be in the cards for you.

However, 6.75-7 inches in erect length is way more realistic for most guys.

Second of all, growing to your full potential could take as long as 2 years. Slow and steady wins the race. 

Like learning how to talk to women and putting on muscle, dick size does not come overnight. So stop expecting it to. 

I will teach you how to get the most out of minimal effort (1-1.5 hours or work per week) but it will take time to put on permanent results. 

So establish a long term mindset and you will be good to go. Now let us get on with the information needed. 

Growing Your Dick The Free Way

Yes. There is a way to grow your dick for free or on the super cheap. It consists of a couple exercises.

Now these methods are more tedious and time consuming. But I think they are a great place for dedicated and/or broke beginners to start.

Basically you will start with jelqing and penis stretching. I have a beginner's routine here you can start with.


The posts linked to above will show you how to perform each exercise. Jelqing is primarily for girth and erect length growth. 

Penis stretching is for enhancing limp and erect length of your dick.

Basically, you start with doing a 100 jelqs every other day for a week or so.

Then you will add 100 jelqs to your routine per week or every week. How many you add depends on how well your body responds and recovers from these exercises.

Erect Length

The same goes for penis stretching. You start by adding the essential stretches to your routine at first.

These are the forward stretch, side (rightward and leftward) stretches, upward stretch, and downward stretch.

Those are really all you need. But if you want to maximize your results and your body responds well to the initial exercises, then you can add diagonal and behind the leg stretches too.

You need to work your way up that though. That takes some time. So stick the basic stretches for the first couple of weeks.

Limp Penis Length

After getting that down, you will need a penis extender. This is to keep you dick from shriveling up after doing these exercises. 

Keeping your dick in that compressed state for too long can undo your gains.

Plus using a penis extender increases your limp penis length and can give that hung look women love so much. 

Now we cannot all afford a fancy penis extender. Do not worry, there are cheap alternatives.

This alternative is the bandage extender. This is basically using ACE bandages (think of the gauze paramedics use to wrap up really bad wounds) to keep your dick extended for long periods of time. 

You can start with 2-3 hours at first for 2 weeks. Then increase time length by a half hour every week.

Wrapping Up Manual Exercises

These methods are great because they cost next to nothing and you can get started right now.

However, as I mentioned earlier, these methods are boring as fuck to do. 

That is why I eventually moved on from them. This happened to almost everyone I knew that went with these manual exercises to start their PE journey. 

They all move on to penis growth devices to save time and their sanity. 

I recommend you do these manual exercises while saving up for some of these penis growth devices. 

Then move on from manual exercises once you have the money to splurge. 

But definitely do not spend the money if you do not have it. That is bad.

Also do not be an idiot and overtrain, be sure to give your dick adequate rest and recovery. 

Otherwise, you can permanently fuck up your dick. Do not take that chance. Be patient and take your time.  

Penis Enhancement Devices

PE devices were made to combat the disadvantages of manual exercises. 

Hence, they were specifically built to make penis enhancement less tedious and time consuming. 

Some would argue the goal was make penis enhancement fun and entertaining as well as effective as manual exercises. 

So let's breakdown which PE devices you need and how to use them to maximize penis growth. 

You will need two items. A penis pump and a penis extender. Let me break that down below. 

Penis Pumps

Alright, if you have been around our community for awhile then you have probably heard of Bathmate or Penomet

These are premier penis pumps on the market nowadays. If you can afford it, I would get one the two listed above. 

In my opinion they are best on the market. They are durable, last the longest, easiest to clean, most effective, and provide a fun experience.

Between the two, I believe the newer Bathmate X-series are the more powerful pumps. However, they are the more expensive ones as well.

Once again, if you do not have the money to buy these pumps; then stick to manual exercises until you have the money. 

How Do Penis Pumps Work?

Bathmate and Penomet both use water pressure to exhaust the tissue on your penis. This is done make your penis adjust and recover to the tension. 

In turn, your penis tissue will recover and grow stronger. The tissue will also become longer, wider, nd thicker. In short, your dick will get bigger.

As the tissue expands, you will need more blood to pump to your penis. So means harder erections as well.

You can use this pump on a full erection too. That is how you get the most out it. 

Think of this as bodybuilding for you dick. You exhaust and contract the tissue. Break it down and get blood pumping to it. 

You rest those muscles and tissue. They recover and adjust. The rebuild bigger and stronger then they were before. 

The same is true when using Bathmate or Penomet. That is the whole idea behind why these products work so well.

Just remember to have reasonable expectations while using these products.

You will not gain 2 inches in length overnight. Instead, that might take more like 12-16 months on consistent work. 

Also remember to rest your penis. My rule of the thumb is use these pumps ever other day or 3-4 times per week.

Here is a beginner's Bathmate routine. You can use this as example of how to use Bathmate or Penomet safely to make growth gains.

As you can see in the routine I linked to above, you slowly work you way up in how much you use it.

Once you penis adjusts to the tension, then you might be able to think about using these pumps more. 

You can use penis pumps on their own to increase size but growth is best maximized penis extenders. We will get into that in a bit.

First let's talk more about the benefits of penis pumps. 

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Benefits Of Penis Pumps

Efficiency - You only need to pump your dick for 15-20 minutes every other day to reap the full benefits on the pump.

You do not need to jelq for 45 minutes at a time like you did before. Penis pumps are more efficient in terms of time.  

Instant Pump - These devices provide your dick with an instant pump when you use them on a full erection.

Meaning your dick will be temporarily enlarged (length and girth) for a couple hours.

This makes these pumps great to use before sex to give you some added size. This has worked wonders for me in gaining more confidence in the sack.

Fun To Use - The temporary pumps on your dick, make penis pumps a blast to use. Watching your dick grow in real time is fucking awesome.

If you do kegels while using Bathmate, then you are really in for an experience.

More Effective - These devices are just more effective than manual exercises in gaining last lasting results quicker. 

Can You Bathmate Or Penomet To Focus Specifically On Length?

With Penomet or Bathmate, you can do specific stretches to maximize your length.

However, these techniques are not for beginners. They are definitely more advanced. 

I suggest beginners, who want to maximize length, get a penis extender and that to your PE routine. 

We will talk about how to do that below. 

Penis Extenders

Penis extenders are second part of the puzzle when it comes to increasing size with penis growth devices.

They are very different from penis pumps. Do not go thinking they are same and fucked yourself up.

These devices, along with penis pumps, will maximize your limp and erect dick length.

The mechanism of which is does so is pretty simple. It basically holds your dick in a low tension stretch for hours at a time. 

This lengthens the penile tissue slowly over long periods of time.

It basically works the same way as the bandage extender. Except it way more effective.

You would use it the same. You would wear for hours at a time throughout your day.

This device can be used on its own to increase length. But it can be utilized after using Bathmate or Penomet.

Some people have a tendency to have their dicks shrivel up after using penis pumps. Some call this "turtle dick".

Turtle dick can occur when you sit or lay down. Sometimes it can hinder gains as well. Penis extenders are the greatest defense against this. 

Phallosan Forte or SizeGenetics

Phallosan Forte and SizeGenetics are the best penis extenders on the market in my opinion.

They are both super comfortable to wear during a busy day. You can running errands or walking around and you do not have worry about either of these devices falling off.

Also, there is no chaffing, scratching, or pinching on your dick either when device is applied correctly.

SizeGenetics is the better of two to wear during the day. Because there will be less of a bulge on your pants.

So if you are like me and work in office, SizeGenetics is probably the way  to go.

You can have it on through out your whole day. Plus it is easily detachable.

That is handy when wanting to take a piss or needing to get blood flow back to your dick. Phallosan Forte is a little harder to take on and off.

Phallosan Forte is great when sleeping on your back bc of how comfy it is when it pulls to the side. 

It keeps your penis in place and stretched while you sleep. 

The best way to utilize these devices would be use them in combination with each other. One for daytime and the other for nighttime. 

If you can only afford one, then you need to figure out which one is better for your lifestyle. 

Is it easier for you wear an extender when you are sleeping or is easier to to have it on during the day.

There a ton of routines you can follow. Here is one for SizeGenetics.

I suggest you wearing your extender for 2-3 hour every other day. Then increase the time used by 15-30 minutes every week or so.

You will need to experiment and figure out which way works for best for you. The is no absolute answer to this stuff.

Remember to pair this usage with Bathmate or Penomet to maximize your growth.

Either way, you will make great length gains if you use your extender consistently. 



That about covers everything. I wanted to do rough breakdown on the essentials when it came to penis growth. 

I did a lot of interlinking in the article so you that you can find more information on the things you want to know about. 

I believe I have covered just about all there is on this topic. The only thing left would to review different penis extenders or pumps. 

Find out which ones are fake and which ones are quality. The report back to you guys. 

Problem is I have tried just about everything there is to try on the market. Seriously. 

Utilize the information above and you start make dick gains soon. 

If you are broke, then start with jelqing and penis stretching. Yes, it is tedious and boring. But you are broke and have no alternatives. So do it.

Once you have money, get Bathmate or Penomet. Then get SizeGenetics or Phallosan Forte to work on length.

Once you add those into your routine, the you can make some serious gains on your size. 

But it is really that simple. You just have to put in the work and manage your expectations. 

Growing your dick will take time. But nowadays, it is simpler then ever to grow a big dick. 

For those who want the least path of resistance; penis growth just requires time and patience. Money helps for those who have it. 

There is not much else to say then that. I hope this helped you guys. 

Please leave any questions or comments down below. I respond to al you guys. 


Ray Kingsman