The Perfect HGH Alternative For Broke Guys – Ibutamoren (MK-677) Review

Medical Disclaimer: Just so you know, all the information here is for educational and entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. Please only use these drugs under the supervision of a Doctor or licensed medical professional. None of the advice here is approved by the FDA. Thanks.


What's popping rebels?

Happy New Year! I am sure 2018 has a lot of great things in store us. 

One of my goals for the new year goals is to build upon the fitness success I had last year. 

This also means researching some new anabolic substances that I can add to my arsenal weapons t attack my fitness goals.

One of the of those new substances happens to be Ibutamoren, also known as MK-677.

For those of you who have been around the underground bodybuilding scene for awhile, you might have heard of MK-677.

I have talked about this compound before in previous articles and a bit of research experience with it. 

Since I get questions all the time about it, I thought it would be a good idea to do an individual post on MK-677 to better inform you guys on this research compound.  

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So let's get on with the discussion guys. We have a lot of information to cover. 

What Is MK-677?

MK-677 is not a SARM. It is oral growth hormone secretagogue. This means MK-677 makes pituitary gland release the more growth hormone within the body.

For you science heads, MK-677 mimics the growth hormone stimulating action using ghrelin receptors ("ghrelin" is the hunger hormone) to bind to the secretagogue.

This happens because MK-677 is a non-peptide agonist of the ghrelin receptor.

That means MK-677 increases in the amount of ghrelin in the body which increases the secretion of several other hormones such as growth hormone and IGF-1 (insulin growth factor 1).

MK-677 is non-steroidal, like SARMs, but behaves very differently in the body.

Unlike SARMs, Ibutamoren compound is not androgenic at all. There is no negative or adverse affects within your endocrine system.

There is no suppression with your natural testosterone levels. So no need to worry about conversion to DHT or Estrogen. 

No need to order aromatase inhibitors because you are worried about gyno (bitch tits) and a higher voice. 

There is no need to go through a 4-5 week post cycle therapy phase. 

Plus you get increases growth hormone and IGF-1 within 24 hours. 

Like most anabolic compounds, it was created with the purpose to treat muscle wasting diseases and conditions like osteoporosis. 

Most importantly, MK-677 does suppress or shut down your natural growth hormone levels.

Why Higher GH and IGF-1 Levels Are Important

There are plenty are positive attributes to higher levels of Growth Hormone and IGF-1. 

Human growth hormone increases protein synthesis which is great for muscle growth and anabolic activity. 

HGH also improves REM sleep and overall sleep patterns. This allows you to get a better night's rest and give you more energy throughout the day. 

It also improves bone density which will allow for stronger joints, better healing of bones, and prevents injury.

IGF-1 burns body fat and is used to help researchers stay lean while bulking up. 

This hormone can create new cells in the skeletal muscle via cellular division.

It can also heal bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other old injuries in the body. 

My Research With MK-677

I have researched MK-677 while researching other SARMS in the past. I think it works best with LGD 4033 and RAD 140. 

I have only researched on it's own once. The first thing I noticed was within 24 hours my muscles looked fuller and more dense. 

My joints felt more lubricated and ready to do work in the gym. Within 2 weeks, my strength had shot up significantly in the gym. 

I had added weight on all my major lifts. Because my joints felt more lubricated, I did not feel any higher risk of injury while going up in weight lifted in the gym.

My weight did go up a bit but that was all in muscle because my body fat stayed the same and I was eating just 100-200 calories above my caloric maintenance. 

Overall, my research experience with MK-677 was great!

My only hiccup with it is it did make me extremely hungry for the first few weeks on it. 

I needed to eat a lot veggies to stay full and not go over my caloric limit or use an appetite suppressant to deal with the hunger. 

Can You Cut With MK-677?

The simple answer is "no". The complicated one is "it depends". 

I would not recommend cutting with MK-677 because your appetite is going to go through the roof over the first couple weeks. 

This will make it extremely hard to stick to strict eating plan, at least for the first few weeks of your cut. 

However, some people do not experience increased hunger while on MK-677. 

Those people (very few) might have more success researching MK-677 for cutting. 

Can I Use MK-677 During A PCT To Keep My Gains?

Yes. Remember MK-677 does not affect your endocrine system. You can research it without worrying about your testosterone staying suppressed. 

MK-677 will help your natural testosterone levels recover faster and help maintain your hard earned muscle mass and strength. 

You will completely avoid that catabolic state most researchers are prone to after a steroid or SARM cycle with MK-677.

This compound will help you maintain all your muscle growth and strength post cycle. 

MK-677 Clinical Studies

There are plenty of clinical studies out there that prove MK-677's effectiveness. Here are two studies in particular that I find eye opening. 

This study showed how MK-677 increased the HGH and IGF-1 levels in young men (under 30 years old) with just a standard dosage of 25mg/day.

It only took a week for their GH and IGF-1 to see significant increases in concentration. All muscle wasting completely ceased as well.  

This study also showed that MK-677 has anti-aging effects in older people. Their GH and IGF-1 levels were restored to that of a young person. 

As a result, with over 4 weeks of treatment, their organs saw better quality usage and their cholesterol went don as well. 

Cycle Length And Dosage Protocal

Your GH and IGF-1 levels will increase depending on the dose. The recommended dose is 20-30 mg/day. 

You can take your dose all at once because the half life is 24 hours. You can take it in the morning but you might a bit lethargic in 30-45 minutes when the MK-677 starts metabolizing in the body. 

This is a symptom of high quality GH so do not worry there. But it sucks to have that feeling in the beginning of the day. 

The best way to mitigate this side effect and still get the most out of your dosage is research your dosage before 30 minutes before bed. 

You still get the most out of your dosage and you get by the lethargic feeling by having it hit you right before bed. Perfect timing. 

Theoretically, your cycle length can be as long as you want given that MK-677 is not androgenic and does not effect your natural GH levels. 

There are no long term side effects reported and there is no need for a PCT. Therefore, you can use it as long as you want. 

Researchers have ran it for a year straight and reported no desensitization to the pituitary gland and no unwanted side effects. 

I would suggest that you research it in 8-12 week cycles though. That is what I have done in the past. That gives your body a break from high levels of GH.

But there are plenty of guys who never come off it and they love their lives. 

What Can You Legitimately Expect From MK-677 Research?

You can expect for your body to release more human growth hormone and IGF-1 within 24 hours of your first research dosage.

Your muscles will begin to look and feel fuller within the first week of MK-677 research.

That is usually intracellular water within the muscle. This allows for your muscles to have more of a pop to their look. 

Over the course of a few weeks, you can expect to put on some serious strength in the gym. You will add a good of weight on all your major lifts within a couple weeks.

As mentioned earlier, you will sleep better and get more out of your night's rest. 

Overall, you can expect a better quality of life. You will have more energy, higher testosterone, better libido, more focus, and higher motivation toward your goals. 

Perfect Candidates For MK 677

This compound is definitely for more experienced researchers in both PEDs and time in the gym.

Usually these guys have been hitting the gym for years on end and have come close to maxing out their genetic potential.

The guys usually have a couple cycles under their belt. They have extreme discipline when it comes to their gym goals.

Those who consider MK 677, have likely had a couple SARM cycles under their belt and want to take things to the next level. 

These are good candidates for MK 677. This compounds opened up a new chemical channel for muscle growth. 

I would suggest most researchers be 24 or older before they consider this compound. 

Make sure to get bloodwork done to verify you are completely healthy before research. 

MK 677 vs Injectable Synthetic HGH

MK-677 is way cheaper then pharmacy grade HGH. Good quality MK-677 will cost $80-$100 for a month's supply.

Pharmaceutical grade HGH can cost anywhere from $500-$1000/per month. That is anywhere from 5-12 times of the cost MK-677. This is absolutely ridiculous in my opinion.

Good HGH is only affordable to men who make a shit load of money or have a ton disposable income sitting around.   

Nonetheless, pharmaceutical grade HGH is not very affordable for guys in their 20s. Hence why MK-677 is great option for us guys in their 20s. 

I would not trust any HGH you find on the black market. A lot of that stuff is bunk and only a little cheaper then the stuff you can find in the pharmacy. Not worth it. 

With MK-677 you can replicate the results of synthetic HGH without breaking the bank. 

stamp side effects in red over white background

Side Effects Of MK-677

As I mentioned, you will definitely experience higher hunger levels over the first couple weeks of researching MK-677. 

Some researchers have experienced some water retention and bloating. This can be combated by eating a cleaner diet or cutting out simple and processed carbs. 

Lethargy can also be experienced. Any mild stimulant combat this. Even 2 cups of coffee per day can go a long way in dealing with this side effect. 

Because of the deeper REM sleep, you will have some intense dreams while researchers MK-677.

What Can I Stack MK-677 With?

MK-677 is best stacked with other androgenic anabolic agents. For those bulking, stacking MK-677 with LGD 4033 or RAD 140 research is a great idea. 

You lab rats can gain over 10 lbs in muscle during a bulking cycle that of consist MK-677 and Ligandrol or Testolone

You can also stack MK-677 with Cardarine to give a fierce cardiovascular edge during your workout and to help you burn off excess body fat.

I also recommend using some type of appetite suppressant while on MK-677. Nootropics (Kratom, Noopept, Phenibut, etc.) and low grade stimulants (yohimbine, caffiene, etc.) work great as appetite suppressants. 

Example MK-677 Research Bulking Cycle

As I mentioned before, I do not think MK-677 is conducive for fat cutting cycles. Simply because your appetite will be through the roof. 

It will be near impossible to stick to a strict caloric restriction and little carb intake. 

Hence I only recommend researching MK-677 for bulking purposes. I have a sample cycle of how to best utilize MK-677 below.

Sample SARM Research Bulking Cycle:

Week 1-12: MK-677 @ 20 mg/day dosed 30 minutes before bed

Week 1-8: LGD 4033 @ 10 mg/day or RAD 140 @ 20 mg/day dosed in the AM before breakfast

Week 1-8: ArimaCare Pro @ 4 tablets taken twice per day. Once with breakfast. Another with lunch

Week 9-12: Super PCT. Spread the 10 tablets throughout your day. 

Week 9-12: Nolvadex 20 mg/day and Clomid 25 mg/day

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Guys following this protocol can definitely put on 8-10 lbs in muscle (sometimes more) in their off season if they are serious about their diet and gym routine. 

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My MK-677 Source

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There you have it. That is an overview of MK 677. This is probably one of the best legal research compounds on the market right now purely because of it's and quality to price ratio. 

My research experience with this compound has been fantastic. So have the research experiences of so many others. 

If you are serious about putting on muscle should definitely consider giving MK 677 a try on their lab rat.  

Remember MK-677 is only for more experienced and disciplined researchers. 

Beginners and really young guys (teenagers) should not mess around with MK 677. Their lack of knowledge could lead to misuse of the product. 

But that is all for now guys. 

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Please let me know if you have any questions or personal thoughts in the comments below. I plan to have more discussions about Mk-677 in the near future.

Talk to you guys soon,

Ray Kingsman

P.S. Medical Disclaimer: Just so you know, all the information here is for educational and entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. Please only use these drugs under the supervision of a Doctor or licensed medical professional. None of the advice here is approved by the FDA. Thanks.