Jelqing And Penis Stretching – Combined Beginner’s Routine


So there are a lot questions on how to combine your jelqing and stretching routines to maximize your gains and be efficient with your training.

This post is really meant to help you understand manual exercises and more about how you can use them to fit your goals.

The goal is for you to learn how to create a routine for yourself and the goals you are trying to pursue. This is very important. You need to know what you doing these exercises for.

Why Do Manuel Dick Exercises? Do They Work?

Manual exercises are great for guys who just starting out on this whole penis enhancement journey. They give you a chance to understand how this dick works and what you respond best too.

They also good for newbies who do not have the funds to buy Penis enlargement devices such as Bathmate or an extender device. So if you are broke and want to grow you dick than manual exercises are the way to go.

Manuel exercises are the foundation of penis enlargement. Jelqing and penis stretching work the bodily tissue in your penis. Therefore, forcing the penis grow during recovery.

I come back to the bodybuilding analogy. You work and beat up your muscles in the gym. Your nervous system reads that as a change in outside circumstances and stressors in the body.

Due to these changes, your body must adapt by growing bigger and stronger to adequately deal with these new challenges and stressors on the body.

You would also need to keep lift weight frequently to give your body a reason to keep the muscle and strength.

All of these facts are also true for penis enlargement. Working the penis regularly, forces your dick to adapt and grow. Penis enlargement devices do the same thing but more effectively and efficiently.

Benefits Of Combining Jelqing And Stretching In The Same Routine

There are several benefits to combining jelqing and stretching in the same routine.

For one, it allows you kills multiple birds with one stone or in one session. It allows you to be efficient with your dick enhancement training.

Second, stretching and jelqing in the same routine allows for you to see slightly better and quicker results. It will enhance you recover time. That allows you to get the most out of your training.

Third, it protects you from over training your penis. This is more due to human error.

If you do not jelq and stretch in the same session, the chances of you training when your dick needs to recover is a lot higher. This is more of a mistake among newbies.

How To Build Your Manual PE Routine

This is pretty important. In order for you to build the right routine for yourself, you need to what your goals are. This will determine what exercises you prioritize during during your PE session.

In the beginning, your routines will have one of three objectives. Your will either want to prioritize length, girth, or both. Any of those goals are fine to have in the beginning.

However, it is imperative that you chose a goal. That goal will define how you put together your routine.


Prioritizing girth gains, means you will have to pay extra attention to your jelqing routine and doing more reps to maximize your results.

There is not more to it than that. You can stretch before or after you jelq. I suggest after you stretch after jelqing. Because you can keep you penis extended by stretching.

Girth gains will really make your penis thicker and fuller. It will also make your penis look much bigger.

Do make sure you warm up and cool down though. This is extra important for jelqing because of the blood flow changes in your penis.

Stretching is a good bridge between jelqing and cooling down. I suggest basic penis stretching routine to complement your jelqing. Then wearing a bandage extender for 4 to 6 hours after PE exercises.

You can wear your penis extender (Bandage Extender, Phallosan Forte, or SizeGenetics) and stretch for a less amount of time because girth is the priority, not length.

We are doing length exercises more to complement our jelqing exercises and maximize girth gains.

Make sure to take it slowly and build up the tolerance of your penis to these exercises. Do not overdo it too quickly. Listen to your body and pay attention to how your penis feels.

Increase your jelqing exercises by no more than 5 minutes per week. I would recommend 2.5 minutes per week. That is what I did and it worked for me.

However, it is fine to take a more aggressive approach. Just make sure you get your rest and do not over train.

Check our jelqing common question and answers guide to learn answer some basic questions.

These take time but you can add an inch of girth to your penis under a year if you stay consistent and determined when in it comes to PE training.


Prioritizing length means you will have to dedicate more time to stretching and keeping your penis extended.

You will need to invest in doing manual stretching for in all different directions for extended periods of time. This is too not much fun but you will see results if done consistently.

You will need to do warm up, then do our jelqing exercises. After your jelqing exercises (5 to 10 minutes), then go into a prolonged stretching routines. Then cool down. When starting out, take it easy and work your up.

Once your penis is more conditioned, ramp up the stretching aspect of routine. When you are done, where a bandage extender to keep your penis extended. That will help your limp (not erect) dick length.

You will also need to keep your penis extended for 10 to 14 hours throughout the day. 8 hours minimum to see quality length gains.

It is definitely possible to gain 2 inches of length erect and non erect in about 18 to 24 months. It ill take awhile but it is simple to prioritize and implement stretching routines.

Read this post if you have any questions about penis stretching. It will give you more perspective on these exercises.


This is where most guys start out with their goals. They just want to increase their overall penis size. They want to increase both girth and length. This is definitely possible.

This just means you have to be aggressive with both your stretching and jelqing. Meaning you need to pay attention to jelqing and slowly increase your repetition volume.

In addition to jelqing, you will need to stretch and keep your penis extended for long periods of time.

This is the best way to see overall gains in girth and length. Your PE sessions will be slightly and you might need more time to recover but this approach works.

Just make sure you follow a good and safe penis enlargement routine. Be sure to warm up and cool down though.

The Routine I Started With

When I started penis enlargement, I was broke and wanted to increase my length and girth size. Therefore I created a routine where I could get the best of worlds.

I knew I could see as good a gains as if I prioritized just length or size but I was told focusing on a well rounded penis routine is a good place to start and develop your dick.

Therefore I constructed a simple and safe routine that was easy to follow. I did not want complicate things and give myself a reason to quit. This is what my routine looked like in the beginning.

- Warm Up (5 minutes)
- Jelqing (increasing the total jelqing exercise time by 2.5 minutes a week.)
- Manual Penis Stretching (15 minutes)
- Cool Down. (5 to 10 minutes)
- Wear extender for at least 2 hours after PE

This routine was money for me. It worked very well for me. I suggest all PE rookies start with a routine like this. These types of routines are easy and very effective.

Common Issues And Problems For Beginners

Going Too Hard Too Early

I touched on this earlier but it needs to be stressed. It is very important to start out small. Doing to much early in the beginning is almost a sure fire way to get injured.

Slow down and take things one week at a time. Slowly increase the intensity and the volume of the workout week after week. If you do this then you will keep your penis safe and see great gains too.

Erectile Dysfunction

This usually hurts beginners as well. You need to have a partial erection in order to jelq properly. This is usually caused by guys who watch and masturbate to porn frequently.

I have been guilty of this in the past as well. Porn is a boner killer man. The more dependent you are on porn for an erection; the harder it will be to get hard in other situation. Including the bedroom. Not mention it will fuck up your gains.

I would suggest taking a break from masturbating completely for a couple weeks once you are comfortable with your PE exercises.

I do not want you trying to give up porn and implementing a PE routine into your lifestyle at the same time. That is trying to change too much at once. That is a recipe for failure.

If you really cannot get an erection without porn, then I suggest you watrch porn while you jelq. Just try not to jelq on a full boner.

Not Staying Consistent With Training

Listen guys. You do not accomplish anything when you start and stop all the time. You need to train frequently and consistently. That is the only way to accomplish anything.

Are you going to gain muscle if you work workout only 4 or 5 times a month. Probably not. The same thing is true with penis enlargement.

Not Taking Time To Recover

Your penis grows when you rest. Therefore if you do not take time to rest, your dick will not grow. It is that simple. Also you risk of injury goes way up. Take your time and rest your dick when you need to. If you feel any discomfort, take another day off. It is okay.

Penis Is Too Small To Effectively Stretch

If your limp dick is less than two inches in length than it might be too short to stretch effectively.

If this is the case, then you might just need to focus on just jelqing and keeping your dick extended for long periods of time.

After about a couple months to year, you should have added at least an inch to unerect dick length. This will allow you begin stretching your dick.

Having Unrealistic Expectations

This is huge. In my opinion, it is the one of the biggest reasons beginners quit. They do not have realistic expectations when it comes to how much size they can put on.

If you have realistic or low expectations, your chances of success will be so much higher. This is because your results will surpass your expectations. That will motivate you to work harder. It did for me.


Hopefully, this post gave you more perspective on penis enlargement using manual exercises. They can be essential in your quest for a bigger dick.

I suggest all newbies start out with them for a couple months before moving onto Bathmate , SizeGenetics, Phallosan, or other PE devices.

You will understand how PE works and what your dick responds best too.

Also check out our jelqing and penis stretching guides if you have not already. Those guides are the basis for this article. 

Either way, if you define your goals properly and create a routine to meet those goals; then you should have no problem making gains.

Thanks again guys, 

Ray Kingsman