Jelqing Cool Down Routine


The cool down...

This is probably more ignored than the warm up portion.

I know what happens to a lot of you guys.

After properly warming up and going about your jelqing routine, Bathmate routine, or SizeGenetics routine you are probably tired and rightfully so. It takes a decent amount of effort to do these exercises.

A few hundred jelq strokes can be physically and mentally taxing on the individual who wants to make his dick grow.

In the beginning, it is important that we do things right and measure our results appropriately.

As we continue to do this and start seeing some success, we will want to know how to maximize our results through our practices.

Hence why cooling down may be important to you.

Or you just want to avoid injury and fucking your dick up for a while. That is pretty important too and arguably the greater motivator for most young guys.

So Why Is Cooling Down Important?

Many of us penis enlargement creepers agree that warming up is essential to keeping your dick healthy and maximizing results our results from penis enlargement exercises.

Warming up sends blood to your penis and prepares it for strenuous activity.

What about cooling down though?

What does it matter when you are done with the penile exercises? Let me explain young penis padawon.

Cooling down after penis exercise can be equally as important as warming up before your routine.

Cooling down restores blood flow and pressure in your penis back to normal levels. Ideally, the levels you had before you started the exercises.

Like warming up, cooling down shortens recovery time from your exercises and helps prevent common injuries. This is will also help you maximize your results.

Take the time to cool down, jelqing and other penis enlargement exercises will put a lot of pressure on your dick. There is nothing wrong with that.

However, it is important that is you give a chance to lower blood flow and relax.

This is very similar to bodybuilding or doing an intense session of cardio. We know it is important to do a cool to expedite the relaxation of our muscles.

We do this prevent injury and maximize our recovery and strength gainz.

The same is true for penis exercises because it is muscle like your chest, back, legs, and shoulders. It needs to be treated as such.

My Cool Down Routine

1) Wash Your Dick - Take a minute to wash your cock. Use soap, water, and towel to quickly clean off any oils, lotions, or any other forms of lubricant you might have used.

2) Post Exercise Massage - Gather up some lotion and gently massage your penis after cleaning it off. Use your thumb and forefinger to try and get in some deeper strokes. Be gentle though.

Perform this massage slowly for about two minutes. No need to do so any longer given that we are trying to relax the penis.

Remember to use the lotion while massaging. You want to massage the lotion or moisturizing cream on to your skin.

3) Wrap Your Dick - Remember that towel you used to wrap your dick during the warm up? We are going to re soak that towel in hot warm water. Then wrap it around your dick and let it relax.

This should feel good on your dick. If not, the towel should be too hot or rough on your skin. The goal here to help restore blood flow back to normal levels.

Five to six minutes of having your dick wrapped should be enough to relax your penis to a reasonable level.

The Benefits Of Using Vitamin Rich Lotion

Did you ever wonder why girls go crazy over different types of lotion, facial creams, and oils?

Next time you step into a GNC, look to see where all the girls are going or what they looking at.

Chances are they looking oils or creams that contains specific vitamins and minerals.

Why do they care so much about that stuff?

Well. Women are obsessed with skin care and beauty. As they should be. They are conditioned by society and their to believe that proper facial skin care will help maximize their beauty.

In that, they are taught that these facial creams and lotions are filled with the proper nutrients to brighten you skin. That is true to some degree.

Vitamins and minerals are important for our skin to function and recover properly.

Vitamin E in particular is very important for the skin on your penis. It helps knock away any of the irritation while moisturizing the skin. It gives the penis skin a smooth and soft appearance.

Vitamin E also helps combat scar tissue and stretch marks that might develop as penis grows in size.

Vitamin E also has general health traits as well. It promotes blood flow. That is always great for your penis growth and erection hardness. It also promotes speedy recover in all muscles including your penis.

Vitamins A,B5, B6, B12, C, D, and E all promote skin health. Specific amino acids such alpha lipoic acid, L-arginine, and L-carnitine are great for skin improving recovery and improve nerve receptors.

These vitamins, minerals, and amino acids will help keep the skin on your penis intact.

Therefore it is good to can a nutrient rich moisturizing cream. This will go a long way for your dick and give it a more "welcoming" appearance.


There you have it. That is our cool down regime. I think you guys will find it very useful in maintaining and maximizing your gains.

Cooling down is very important aspect of the process. It is as important as warming up.

As mentioned earlier, cooling down helps prevent injury and shortening recovery time by restoring normal levels of blood circulation in the penis.

This is important to keeping your penis healthy. Therefore, please take it seriously.

If you have not checked out our other posts on jelqing and different routines then please check those out.

You will need to absorb all this information to get a deeper understanding of the exercise before you perform the routines.

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Please be safe with this stuff and do not over do it the beginning. 

I hope this helps you guys. If it did please share it with other and subscribe to our newsletter below. 

Thanks Again,

Ray Kingsman