Jelqing Warm Up Routine

Is Warming Up Important?

To put it bluntly....YES!

Jelqing puts a lot of pressure on your penis. The same can be said for penis stretching too.

Warming up allows blood to travel to penis before you get started with these jelqing routines and other penile exercises like stretching. That is very important to jelqing safely.

Warming up will keep you healthy and prevent injury. No one wants a broken dick. At least, I hope not.

I have heard some horror stories about guys who consistently do not warm up before performing these exercises.

Some guys would get nerve damage on the cocks. Others would get erectile dysfunction or their dicks became very insensitive. There are some poor souls who would get bruises on their shafts.

That sucks. I used to not take warming up that seriously for the first couple weeks I started this stuff.

I was lazy. I thought warming up was a waste of time and that it did not matter in terms of girth and length gains. Luckily, none of this shit I mentioned above happened to me.

I only had a bit of moderate soreness on my dick in which I had to rest more between jelqing sessions which sucked. Once I started warming up properly, my recovered time shortened a lot.

I went on to some creepy forums and asked why I was experiencing prolonged soreness. Some veterans that had been in dick enhancement game for a while took for some time to enlighten me.

This is a common issue for beginners. They simply told me to take the time to do a proper warm up and cool down. They said recovery time would not only go down but I would see penile gains quicker.

I tried it. They were right. Go figure. Sometimes you gotta learn the hard way but it could have been much worse.

I thank the penis enhancement Gods every day for not allowing to fuck up my dick.

Listen guys. Do not make the same mistake I did. I got off easy. You guys can hurt yourselves way more than I did.

Take this stuff seriously.

Proper Jelqing Warm Up

1)Soak Your Towel - You will need a hand towel. Drench the towel in hot or warm towel water. Squeeze or twist the towel to get rid of the excess in the towel.

Keep a little bit of the water in the towel. This will preserve its temperature even after you squeezed out all of the water.

2) Soft Massage - You massage your dick at a 50% to 60% level of a full erection. You can do this in the shower or bathtub while there is hot water running down your body.

You can also perform this part of the routine outside of the shower or bathtub as well. Just make sure you wait five minutes into the shower to start massaging your dick.

This should not take more than two minutes.

3) Wrap Your Dick - Now wrap your penis in the towel. You want to wrap your shaft and penis head (glans) in the towel for maximum effect and benefit. Those parts of your dick should be fully wrapped within the towel.

Do nothing while your penis is wrapped in the towel for about 1 or 2 minutes. Then move on to step 4.

4) Perform Light Stretches - You can perform about 10 kegel exercises if you know what those are and how to perform them. We have not talked about that yet. We will soon though.

For those of you who do not know what a kegel exercises is then light stretch your penis a couple times. The combination of the stretch and heated towel, will increase blood flow to your dick.

5) Get Started - After you have performed a couple stretches with the hot towel around your dick, you can remove it and dry off and get started.

Now you can start you penis enlargement routine.

Does This Warm Up Routine Only Work For Jelqing?

This warm up routine is great for all penile exercises.

Remember the point of warming up is send blood flow to your penis to prepare it for strenuous exercise. This helps prevent injury, delay fatigue, and shortens recovery time.

Basically, warming up allows you to get the most of your work. The warm up guide I mentioned above should take more than 10 minutes for beginners.

Within time and as you get more experienced, you will probably be able to warm up is five minutes. That is how long it takes me now.

Warm Up And Cool Down Alternatives

Okay. For you guys, who just do not have the patience to properly warm up and cool down. Do not worry.

There are alternative options. One primarily that I used while I figuring out this whole "warm up" and "cool down" stuff.

You will need to perform your jelqing routines while taking a hot shower or warm bath. Shower or bath for 5 to 10 minutes and then perform your routine.

It has similar effects to using a warm towel. In my experience, it is not quite as recovery in shortening recovery times but it prevents injury.

If preventing injury is all you care about then a hot shower or bath gets the job done.

However, if you care about your penile gains and recovery time then you might want to try the warm towel approach.

That is my perspective which I have gained through experience and trial and error.


Please take the time to warm up guys. As easy as it this stuff might sound (and it is easy to do this stuff properly), it is much easier to fuck it up.

The easiest way to fuck it up is to ignore crucial steps of the exercise process. Warming up is one of those crucial steps of the process.

Especially in the beginning when you penis is getting used to these exercises and trying to adjust to the strain it is being put under. Make this process as easy for yourself as possible.

Do not complicate things or try to speed up the process. In the beginning, it is more about getting the routine right and performing it the best of your knowledge.

Do worry about how long it takes for now. Just set aside an hour and focus on doing the warm up, exercises, and cool down correctly and you will be good to go.

You can also use this Warm Routine for using any kind of male enhancement routine such as Bathmate and SizeGenetics.

I hope this helps guys. Thanks for reading.

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Ray Kingsman